Sunday, October 28, 2007

I wish I had the luxery of time again

ahh~ being booked up with school work is tiering and boring and sad. T__T I really wanna party and widen my social network again. but its getting near impossible... not that im really complaining and no you cant say i told you so cuz i saw it coming and im accepting it in return of a better school enviroment.

Dispite the papers mid-terms n such.. i really do wish would just pass by. I went out today just because i was feeling a little caged in by my school work. Studying for 2 days is ok, 3 days even is fine, but a entire week is really going against the grain of my nature. Im a fun-loving girl at heart. all this work and no play doenst make a me a dull person but makes me feel like im going insane LOL..

Anyway, at Tsunami everyone wore a costume =D I wore lolita because i didnt wanna get my more elaborate costumes dirty nor did i wanna wear a wig. Afterwards i met up with viki. We went to cactus club and ate alfredo, calimari, and had a drink. Then we wandered around robson [just like old times eh? [fun nights with khea and clover.. i miss them dearly]

Yea it was a good breather from all this studying. I really wanna go to the gal meet, but halloween... >.> not only do i rather wear a costume than my norm clothes.. but the main reason my stupid midterm is the day after *growls* this midterm beeing changing dates on me costantly and its pissing me off, i wanted it to be over with but NOooo it has to land on hte worst day possible... the day after halloween T___Tl

Maybe next year will be better.. well it will be clubbing~~ yahoo~

Aside from that Im acutally particularly happy lately. =D