Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lolita Locked Out

On saturday i went to teh maid cafe with viki, martin, hilary? [dotn know how to spell ^^;] and our new photographer tony. It was kinda took me awhile to get used to the new photographer. Hes a little introverted so a bit harder to get used to. Also, he specializes in candids, i myself prefer still shots.

The maid cafe's food was ok. drinks were good, and the maids.. a bit dissappointing... Afterwards we took lots of puirkura but i forogot my planner at dads so i cant post them yet. then walked around a lot then went back to viki's after eating korean food. we just hung out on her front yard talking and play fighting it was fun~ cept i was in loli so i couldnt do much haha. and i got 5 misqutoe bites T__Tl

after that martin and i went to the bus and i went home.. Dad had a banquet that night, so i wasnt sure if he was home or not. but it was 12 SHOULD be. I kept ringing the buzzer and his phone but nothing worked, while waiting a really cute cat came along and rubed it self on me and i petted it, and it even rolled over and let me rub its stomache soo cute~ i was going to ask it its name but i was like.. oh yea~ it cant tell me hahahaa so generically i called it kitty~ but i wanted to call it kyo it was soo cute.

eventually a guy came and he let me in to the apartment building. i kept knocking and calling but no answer so i talked to adrian for a bit while i waited, and then after than kept doing it over and over, and i got tierd so i tried to sleep, so i slept infront of the door for about 20 minutes but it realy hurts to sleep in a door frame so i woke up and knocked agian and again, then tried to sleep again... i started to worry what if something happend to him~ while i was half sleeping i heard the toliet flush and then i knocked really really really loud and he opend up XDDDD~~~~~ YAY~~~ he was soo sorry XD; but i wasnt angery i was just happy nothing happend to him and i finally get to sleep on something thats not soo hard. XDD btw, by then it was 2:00am. >.<>

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lick it Again

ow~ i havent had a good weekend for awhile~ especially after a really dull rainy sad thursday, it was soo refreshing to feel like my life hasnt died. :3

It started out me waking at around 1pm. I wasnt sure what i was going to wear so i used some new white shoe polish to make my really high platform sandles white again. then i went off to decide what to wear. by the time eveyrthing was done, it was getting really late and i barely got the house chores done on time ~

So i went to Tsunami first to pick up a co-worker and So and Saeko went to Lick it Again together, which there i met a whole bunch of friends. The show was great~ I liked it all :3 cept Moove played WAAAAAY to many Larku songs for my liking >.<

but other than that it was great. after the show, i went with takumi, yuiko and friends to downtown to eat something~ we had 2 pitchers of beer and really good food~