Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dumpster Diving

OMG... It's almost too stupid to be true~

Normally when i take out garbage id swing it in with my right arm. Well today's happens to be a large black garbage bag full thus it was heavy... So i had to use two hands. BUT on my left i had my keys on a wrist band around my wrist, the garbage brushed up against it and flew in along with the garbage!!!!

after it happend i just stood there looking at my wrist and looking at the dumpster. I went like... FUCK! OMFG!!! shit shit shit i cant believe that happened!! of course i dont bring my cellphone while i take out garbage, so the first problem is trying to get back home. i thought of knocking on someones door to use the phone, but i was in an alley way its really wierd to be knocking on someones backdoor. Then i thought of the intercom~ so i went back from where i came but... there were alot of bushes and i cnat cut across. SO i ran up the the alley way and circled back to teh front of the complex. i intercomed in. thankgawd someone picked up cuz knowing my parents they dont usually pick up the phone unless theyre expecting someone or the caller id is someone they recognized. [plus mom was watching her only tv show that she watches once a week]

They were soo mad at me and mom gave me another lecture and guilt trip. -_-lll anyway equiped with pants from tomboy days work shoes with plastic bags on them, black t-shirt, and tied up hair, i went dumpster diving. i had to move about 3 bags of garbage and a bunch of stirofoam and fish through really dirty gross water to to get it.. =_=lll

Kinda ironic that the same day a really cute guy said i looked like a princess is the day i go dumpster diving. LOL!!

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