Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Rocky Mountain Death Trap

yesturday was my 2nd day back at work. OMG i think i got 2 strained arms, a bruised finger and a cut arm hahahaa. the icecream was rock hard! i got to work with the new manager shes soo cool~! even though shes strict i happily do as she says. shes soo charismatic and cool. she used to live well all over the world, but where she lived in london was where all the movie stars did (ex. 3 blocks down from jude law). the only reason why shes in van is because her mom is sick so she came back to see her. She has a cool british accent.

Anyway as i sed the icecream is ROCKHARD no joke. My manager sprained her wrist on it! and it took like 10mins to scoop out a litre of icecream for the customer. and omg. the back bench on which u stand on to get leverage... there never used to be a gap in between the sections soo as i slid over to the yogurt/sorbet side... the costumer watches as the suddenly the worker dissappears. aka: i just fell off teh bench kinda comical but i bruised my finger in teh process. After teh manager decided to close the icecream for the day because of her injury and hazard, i was flattening the icecreams and in the process i got a cut on my arm from the bucket >.<... not to mention my arm is definatly strained from all that work~ XD

Well at least i dont have to think about v-day, ill get to hold LOTS of heart boxes and choclate roses and such ^______^........ for the costumers who are buying them for other ppl =_=l hahaha in anycase means im working. LOL

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