Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My fun Groccery Experience

I never thought grocery shopping would be fun, but i guess if u throw in a hot guy and a shoping cart that glides smoothly across wide iles, and hes buy 144 dollars worth of snacks it was fun hahha.

So last night i got into an argument about going out today. but whatever i ended up doing so :p. During the day, alot of my lunch group was missing probably due to provs. Pelle [the entertaining hyperactive guy ] lined up 3 pieces of garbage and weaved through it like a soccer drill LOL. but then after he finished a teacher got mad at him and told him to pick it up or who ever put it out. Pelle of course refused to admit its his. but when asked everyone pointed at pelle LOL. he walked over to another secion and sat down still refusing. Eveutally Eric picked up 2 mian pieces and said since im a nice guy but there was still some more left, pelle still refusing.. after a long while i just stood up and picked it up. the teacher was like "now u got ur women picking up after u" "yea yea~ thats thier job" [of course this is sarcasm everyone] "thats not thier job, hey thanks for picking up, but its not ur job" hahahaa

after school i met up with Shane who was right on the dot on time. Hes acutally not as unconsiderate as he puts himself to be. he always answers calls, always on time, never let a lady carry his stuff or anything like that. hes actually gentleman 0_0. So after quick browsing, we went to TnT for him to buy his snacks for 3months HAHA.

but since i was there, and its boring just watching up put stuff in the chart and pushing it, i took the chart and pushed it for him, it was acutally very fun because it glided on the floor soo smoothly it was like driving. XD [not that i really know how driving feels] but basically i lean on it and walk. haha and talk to him while he puts stuff in which all happend to be things i love to eat too 0_oll again how scary is it to have to same taste even in food.

he told me i remind him of his housekeeper and i was doing such a great job lol~!~ anyway today nothing really special happened, just that it was fun ^_^l

My mp3 dropped and the screen went blank, i ask my mom where the warentee thing is for it, she said she gave it to me. i told her why would u do that???!~ id prolly give it abck to u cuz i don't trust i can keep it safe =_=;;; now i have to find gawd.... and we got into another argument.

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