Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Dramatic Week

Monday- Pretty normal cept the fact i lost keys.... anyway aside from that i told my mom im going out on tuesday and she blew up at me etc (read feb5th for more detail)

Tuesday- Went grocery shopping with Shane (read feb6th for more detail) droped my mp3 player and the screen went blank and i cant find the warranty T__Tl

Wednesday- I went to richmound to buy fabric, the bus didnt come for a long time so i just walked to the 410 stop, by the time i got home and finished eating and doing house chores it was 10:30 then my mom came home and yelled at me for nothing. =_=;; then we sat down and talked about auras for a bit, and then i got back to finishing my drama ep

Thurs- Work, it was pretty easy mostly packaging, got a work out on the icecream, got home and packed for the weekend

Friday- I had to carry a HUGE bag + my school bag. what was in it? work: pants, shirt, shoes Rock; pants, 2 ties, bow, skirt, 4.5 inch platform shoes, shirt, Lolita: dress, hair band, hair ties, bow. Etc: makeup, curling iron, and my girl drama. = VERY heavey
my school bag had drawing book, dinner, lunch, fabric for sewing class, bunny doll, and gothic loli bible. and chinese binder and text. of course i only kept the dinner, bunny, and drawing book +essentails.

After lunch the school started a new thng where the admins would gather all the late students lechture them in the cafe and get us all to write our names and they will report them to our parents if it becomes a consistent thing. =_=;;; we were cournered.... so of course we got caught. upon looking for my go-card i noticed my bus pass was missing~!!!!! i told my mom when i got to art class, she yelled at me and i spent my time kinda crying behind my school bag... then i fell asleep.

On my way to work i was sleeping and kept checking the time to make sure i get off on time, i was killing some time cuz i didnt wanna wonder outside cuz it was cold, so i stayed on skytrain, i dont have a watch so i kepted my phone out. On my way out a stupid old bag was blocking my way..... =_= this is when i droped my phone and evidently lost it. Devastated i asked to use this young woman's phone. "MOM~~~~ i lost my phone!!!!" after my mom sounding like shes going to faint fone call, the women sympathized with me...

At work it was pretty hectic and busy. but apparently i was scheduled only til 11.. anyway. while scooping out icecream i saw a cute Taiwanese guy and i sed "i like ur hair" [in a not hitting on way] "oh.. thanks! I LOVE U TOO!" i nearly fell off the icecream stand when he said that. it was soo loud and sudden LOL. we talked for a bit. >.<>

Saturday- slept all day. went to tomelee went to bandshow. then went to eat at a taiwanese noodle house afterwards, got back my magazine from jake. I got to talk to toshi a bit. its hard to talk to toshi when mei is around because i always feel like i cant. Jay eats REALLY SLOW!!! hahahaa we all got our food at teh same time except for tim. but by the time tim got it jay was still eatng and the rest of us were finished. and by the time tim finished jay ALMOST finished. LOL>>>~~ so we all piled in Toshi's car and hamu had to sit on top of anderson. it was pretty funny. On our way to his car we went up to jay's car and shook it. and we laughed, and then when we headed to toshis car, jay backed up a bit and toshi got scared. hahaha

little tid bits= toshi stole jins hat a few times it was kinda fun to watch jin cover her head as she ran after toshi to get it back. and Toshi tried to light hamu's hair on fire a few times,, hamu;s hair is deflate proof, we hold it down and it bounced back up. in hte parkard we had a car music war. toshi's anime rock got beaten out by tims diru.

anyway, so we drove everyone to near joyce, were everyone else took thier cars. yet... i kept trying to tell toshi that my dads place is closer if u drove me home first, but he didnt listen and i had to make up drive me all the way back there T__Tl oh wells, this gave me some time to get to know him a bit more. Toshi is a pretty cool guy, i had some fun talking to him.

anyway i got home at 3

Sunday- found out the loli party is at 7. i went to vicky's after dropping off my bag at moms. we hanged out at her house for a bit and achieved hime gal hair~! yay~ and we went to the part at cheesecake, went downtown and took purikura and i went home. now im typing in my journal.

in conclusion; this week had elements of fighting with parents, [oh yea i managed to get a raise in my allowance] loosing ALOT of essential things, meeting and getting to know ppl better, carrying extremely heavy bags, and dressing in many different types of clothing...

Tommorrow i have work, and then i plan to apply for college on tuesday.. im soo tired out but its good type of tierd. ^_^

* * *

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Rocky Mountain Death Trap

yesturday was my 2nd day back at work. OMG i think i got 2 strained arms, a bruised finger and a cut arm hahahaa. the icecream was rock hard! i got to work with the new manager shes soo cool~! even though shes strict i happily do as she says. shes soo charismatic and cool. she used to live well all over the world, but where she lived in london was where all the movie stars did (ex. 3 blocks down from jude law). the only reason why shes in van is because her mom is sick so she came back to see her. She has a cool british accent.

Anyway as i sed the icecream is ROCKHARD no joke. My manager sprained her wrist on it! and it took like 10mins to scoop out a litre of icecream for the customer. and omg. the back bench on which u stand on to get leverage... there never used to be a gap in between the sections soo as i slid over to the yogurt/sorbet side... the costumer watches as the suddenly the worker dissappears. aka: i just fell off teh bench kinda comical but i bruised my finger in teh process. After teh manager decided to close the icecream for the day because of her injury and hazard, i was flattening the icecreams and in the process i got a cut on my arm from the bucket >.<... not to mention my arm is definatly strained from all that work~ XD

Well at least i dont have to think about v-day, ill get to hold LOTS of heart boxes and choclate roses and such ^______^........ for the costumers who are buying them for other ppl =_=l hahaha in anycase means im working. LOL

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My fun Groccery Experience

I never thought grocery shopping would be fun, but i guess if u throw in a hot guy and a shoping cart that glides smoothly across wide iles, and hes buy 144 dollars worth of snacks it was fun hahha.

So last night i got into an argument about going out today. but whatever i ended up doing so :p. During the day, alot of my lunch group was missing probably due to provs. Pelle [the entertaining hyperactive guy ] lined up 3 pieces of garbage and weaved through it like a soccer drill LOL. but then after he finished a teacher got mad at him and told him to pick it up or who ever put it out. Pelle of course refused to admit its his. but when asked everyone pointed at pelle LOL. he walked over to another secion and sat down still refusing. Eveutally Eric picked up 2 mian pieces and said since im a nice guy but there was still some more left, pelle still refusing.. after a long while i just stood up and picked it up. the teacher was like "now u got ur women picking up after u" "yea yea~ thats thier job" [of course this is sarcasm everyone] "thats not thier job, hey thanks for picking up, but its not ur job" hahahaa

after school i met up with Shane who was right on the dot on time. Hes acutally not as unconsiderate as he puts himself to be. he always answers calls, always on time, never let a lady carry his stuff or anything like that. hes actually gentleman 0_0. So after quick browsing, we went to TnT for him to buy his snacks for 3months HAHA.

but since i was there, and its boring just watching up put stuff in the chart and pushing it, i took the chart and pushed it for him, it was acutally very fun because it glided on the floor soo smoothly it was like driving. XD [not that i really know how driving feels] but basically i lean on it and walk. haha and talk to him while he puts stuff in which all happend to be things i love to eat too 0_oll again how scary is it to have to same taste even in food.

he told me i remind him of his housekeeper and i was doing such a great job lol~!~ anyway today nothing really special happened, just that it was fun ^_^l

My mp3 dropped and the screen went blank, i ask my mom where the warentee thing is for it, she said she gave it to me. i told her why would u do that???!~ id prolly give it abck to u cuz i don't trust i can keep it safe =_=;;; now i have to find gawd.... and we got into another argument.