Saturday, January 6, 2007

First Clover Then Me....

OL the foot curse finally got me this time it 95% succeeded LOL [inside joke khea should get it]. In other words i twisted my ankle -_-lll. Well the day started off like "shannon its snowing!!!" mmm?? [bah i must be dreaming, snowing? absurd....] when i woke up i went on comp for awhile and chatted then i got ready. I looked out the window and i was WOH~ whats that white stuff... holy shit it wasnt a dream it really IS snowing!!!

I went to metro to meet up with taka and yuri. Since it was snowing i decided to wear jeans... except im not confident with my legs... so i have to wear high shoes... so i wore my white platform sandals in which i thought where high enough NOT to get wet from snow.. apparently not. but oh wellz. As i was going down the steps of Metrotown station, i was untangling all the stuff i was holding [mp3 player and stuff] and my foot got caught on the rim of my jeans and i triped and stumbled down about 5 steps not acutally falling but i landed on my right ankle pretty hard and wrong. Im like SHIT! everyone around me is asking if im alright of course i sed im ok. But really i was cursing under my breath cuz i KNOW i twisted it. I walked it off trying to convince myself its OK.

So carrying on, I met up with Taka and Yuri and we took sticker photos. Afterwards we went to shu sha ya to eat lunch. Taka ordered gyoza, and Unagi Don, Yuri ordered Nabeyaki Udon [acutaly thats one of my faves too] and i ordered Tempura Udon. We chatted about random stuff having fun and such. Taka went to the washroom and Yuri and i talked some more. When he came back we were talking about Yuris goodbye party at Shananigans. She invited us along and we were YAY lets go kind of thing. Then we said Oh we should leave soon. where do we pay? and taka said.. yea.. about that.. he took out the recipt EH!? Yuri and i were kinda confused for a couple seconds but then realized that Taka acutally paid for our food when he went to teh washroom

We all went to downtown Yuri had to meet another friend of hers so we split off and taka and i chilled at blendz for a bit. We got to S--- whatever on time but then realized damn.. theres a guy whos like checking EVERYONES ID. theres NO WAY taka and i can get in T__T we waited for Yuri and Taka gave her her going away presents [a stuff toy, a pen and a box of chocolates]

Then taka and i went home. When i got home my family was watching ICEAGE 2 cool i never acutally watched that movie yet. We ate pizza and watched the movie it was pretty entertaining. Yet.. i realize now i only ate one slice of pizza... no wonder im hungery =_=; I went to bed early [10:45ish] but.. i woke up at like 12 because i couldnt sleep. i watched some Nobuta wo Produce til about 4ish and then tried to sleep.. No... its not working. this i why im up now typing a journal entry. Im hungery i have a headache and my ankle sorta hurts...

So here i am typing away on my laptop and eating an orange... im still hungery... LOL

But dont worry for those whom ive made plans with tmr... Things will still go as planned im not missing out cuz of a stupid injury! Yet... i dont think i can get away with wearing high shoes T___Tll dammit i got a date with a cute taiwanese guy tmr.. Haha. =_= i cant walk without a limp.... oh welllz i guess im going to have to explain.. [BUT NO WAY AM I CANCELING!!! >.<]

* * *

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