Monday, January 22, 2007

Double Weekend Update

hings that happend since last weekend

friday; did alot of my moms stuff and boring boring boring
sat; i went to richmound as misa misa and vicky and i took lots of pictures, then we split off and i went to VIP. I phoned kai earlier because i know he lives downtown and i was very early. But he didnt answer. I think there wasnt many people? or i cant really remember. later he phoned me and apparently he was still working up at the mountain. He was telling me how cold it was etc. it was a nice convo. i ended up staying at khea's because she felt lonely because tetsu went back to japan for a bit.

I was SUPPOSED to go home early and finish my contest entry for AMG. but i felt bad that khea couldnt contact someone to hang out. So i decided to hang for a bit. I ended up being the bag lady because i was like bringing soo much stuff along with me. [because it was my dads weekend and he just droped off my stuff. i had another dress on top of one he just bought me] We watched the sunset at english bay while drinking coffee. ^_^

I did end up finishing my entry... at 4am in the mourning!!!!!!. OMG i skiped my mourning classes because i was WAAAAAAAy too tierd to function. then i found out i actually had til friday to hand it in =_=;; sux.

lets just skip the boring school days. and on to friday. I met up with khea and metro station and we walked around a bit after taking purikura. we drank some coffee and khea spoted a guy with really nice hair. we kinda looked at him a little and commented on how happy he looked while eating fries LOL. then he left. we continued talking for a bit and she filled me in on some funny stories that happened over the week. at around 6ish we decided to head back to get back home in time for dinner. We decided not to take the bus so khea doesnt have to pay fro transit. on our way out i saw a sillohette of a guy with nice hair in the next section of the skytrain. when we got off he got off too! it was the same guy! and then he was walking the same way as us. but he started to cross the street. i was contemplating wheather or not i should ask for msn. In the end i ran after him and taped him on the shoulder [he walks very fast] he jumped back like really drastically. i think i really really scared him. =_=;;; i asked very shyly for his msn contact. i was explaining that it wasnt just random and i dont normally do this. but his hair was really cool! anyway i rejoined with khea and she was laughing. she thought i pulled his arm or something the way he reacted LOL. anyway we got to my house and ate chiken for dinner. we FINALLY watched silent hill after wanting to for soo long. it was SOOOO GOOODDD.. afterwards we were going to watch more but we ended up chatting about stuff.

the next day we wokeup pretty late. we ate lunch and headed over to kheas, i kinda feel asleep cuz i cant seem to sleep in that much so i had lack of sleep. when i wokeup she was doing her hair. i couched her through how to use the curling iron. it turned out SOOO NICE!!!!! then she cooked some chicken and rice. now normally i dont like white meat but the way khea cooks i like anything she makes :3. we headed to the party. She wore a green sparkly dress with jesus diamante shoes and white JD coat. I wore white lace tanktop short black skirt with 4.5inch stellotoes[with sliver ribbons] and a black fur coat. we matched soo well.

the karaoke party was kinda fun, but i think it could hve been better, i got to meet lots of people and alot more chinese than usaul. it was pretty good. i also got to meet ena and M... i forgot her name but i remember she had the estique of toshiya it was soo cool~ i hope to hang with them more. clover forgot to give us the presents and so by the time she delivers them after khea gets back from japan shed have to get us both b-day presents too HAHHAAA~

afterwards everyone headed to joons, but before we went moonmoon, new hiroyuki, nozumi and akane khea and i went to eat mcDs. akane got a phone call and appearently 2 friends of hers are geting married but we were expecting someone died or something she made a even more surprizing loud noise than clover [yelling at parents] everyone at mcd stared.

we stayed at joons for a bit but everyone was tierd, so around 2ish we left. khea and i soon went to sleep woke up at around 1ish, we ate lunch and packed up. this time khea became the bag lady hahaha~ we walked down robson, and she bought some stuff for her hosts in japan at one of the suvenier stores there was a japanese guy with nice hair, he asked me "where are you going" i sed oh., i was at a party last night. "oh very beautiful" i think he ment mostly the shoes, but i guess its the whole ens amble of the coat and shoes and classy hair-do.

We passed by bebe on our way to skytrain and those fur protestors were giving us bad looks and shouting almost directly at us and trying to shove the pamphlets at us. i got a bit pissed off so when i was starting to cross the street i shouted at them "PEOPLE BEEN WEARING FUR FOR YEARS TO KEEP WARM SO SHUUUUTTUPP!!" khea was giggling, and i saw that i got mixed expressions, some were nodding thier heads some others were giving a 0_0 omg look and others were glaring. LOL i didnt care, i wanted to say it before cept unlike this time i wasnt wearing a nice fur coat. and to add to the effect i looked especially classy.

today i didnt go to school, i was very exuasted and tierd and i had a bad cold... sorry wendy ^^;;;. but i added a bunch of ppl that i met over the weekend. apparently the cool hair guy JUST broke up with his gf, and he went to metro to shop and get his hair cut by kingsway. apparently i made his day yay~ lol

oh yea i kinda chiped my tooth T_T its not very noticeable.... but still T__T i cant believe it happened. i was drinking beer and a person bumped into me and the beer bottle hit and chiped my tooth

Saturday, January 6, 2007

First Clover Then Me....

OL the foot curse finally got me this time it 95% succeeded LOL [inside joke khea should get it]. In other words i twisted my ankle -_-lll. Well the day started off like "shannon its snowing!!!" mmm?? [bah i must be dreaming, snowing? absurd....] when i woke up i went on comp for awhile and chatted then i got ready. I looked out the window and i was WOH~ whats that white stuff... holy shit it wasnt a dream it really IS snowing!!!

I went to metro to meet up with taka and yuri. Since it was snowing i decided to wear jeans... except im not confident with my legs... so i have to wear high shoes... so i wore my white platform sandals in which i thought where high enough NOT to get wet from snow.. apparently not. but oh wellz. As i was going down the steps of Metrotown station, i was untangling all the stuff i was holding [mp3 player and stuff] and my foot got caught on the rim of my jeans and i triped and stumbled down about 5 steps not acutally falling but i landed on my right ankle pretty hard and wrong. Im like SHIT! everyone around me is asking if im alright of course i sed im ok. But really i was cursing under my breath cuz i KNOW i twisted it. I walked it off trying to convince myself its OK.

So carrying on, I met up with Taka and Yuri and we took sticker photos. Afterwards we went to shu sha ya to eat lunch. Taka ordered gyoza, and Unagi Don, Yuri ordered Nabeyaki Udon [acutaly thats one of my faves too] and i ordered Tempura Udon. We chatted about random stuff having fun and such. Taka went to the washroom and Yuri and i talked some more. When he came back we were talking about Yuris goodbye party at Shananigans. She invited us along and we were YAY lets go kind of thing. Then we said Oh we should leave soon. where do we pay? and taka said.. yea.. about that.. he took out the recipt EH!? Yuri and i were kinda confused for a couple seconds but then realized that Taka acutally paid for our food when he went to teh washroom

We all went to downtown Yuri had to meet another friend of hers so we split off and taka and i chilled at blendz for a bit. We got to S--- whatever on time but then realized damn.. theres a guy whos like checking EVERYONES ID. theres NO WAY taka and i can get in T__T we waited for Yuri and Taka gave her her going away presents [a stuff toy, a pen and a box of chocolates]

Then taka and i went home. When i got home my family was watching ICEAGE 2 cool i never acutally watched that movie yet. We ate pizza and watched the movie it was pretty entertaining. Yet.. i realize now i only ate one slice of pizza... no wonder im hungery =_=; I went to bed early [10:45ish] but.. i woke up at like 12 because i couldnt sleep. i watched some Nobuta wo Produce til about 4ish and then tried to sleep.. No... its not working. this i why im up now typing a journal entry. Im hungery i have a headache and my ankle sorta hurts...

So here i am typing away on my laptop and eating an orange... im still hungery... LOL

But dont worry for those whom ive made plans with tmr... Things will still go as planned im not missing out cuz of a stupid injury! Yet... i dont think i can get away with wearing high shoes T___Tll dammit i got a date with a cute taiwanese guy tmr.. Haha. =_= i cant walk without a limp.... oh welllz i guess im going to have to explain.. [BUT NO WAY AM I CANCELING!!! >.<]

* * *

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Celebrations Update

OW its been awhile ne? sorry for my xmas entry being the only one that sounded like such a downer [as elle put it] haha, alot has happened but if i were to write in full detail like usuaul this will be like 3 pages long HAHA

Lets start where i left off.
Xmas Eve. Yes Me sitting in my room for most of the night cuz i was pissed at my mom for being a fucking clean freak and deducting 5 dollars for pens on the floor. [she also trailed off again, feel free to move out and went as far as u should consider moving out in January.] I did eventually was forced out to greet my cousin that came over and i talked to them for a bit and then ate dinner. After everyone went to bed i chatted with friends all night

Xmas day. Well i didnt get much sleep but oh wellz, we ate some breakfast and opened our presents.
What i got from Mom and stepdad:
-150 dollars in cash
-the tradition of xmas chocolate thats been going on since i was a kid toberon? [cant spell and too lazy to get up for it], ferrirocia? [dammit foreign eurpoean names], belgium sea shell chocolates. Normally we sometimes get terry's cocolate orange and lindor, but this year has been tight.
- My Hero My Boss drama

What i got from friends/work:
-Gals Manga #6 from candy
-Gals Manga #7 from Wendy
-Cellphone Key chain from Cindy [LOL i needed on, im still not used to my cell phone jingling when i take it out now because it has a bell on it
-Lolita Sewing patterns and a LOVELY cherisable written card by Elle OMG when i read the message i was so touched~ thankyou soo much~
-Chocolate Fondue set from my managers at work
-Backpack from Head office

Extended Family
Guess purse [nice but doesnt fit anything >.< ] Elf movie [which ill return for something else] 100 from uncle 100 from grandma

My Best friends:
Still yet to receive, we've been busy ne? too bad we weren't able to unwrap together` maybe next yr

We then got ready for xmas dinner; my mom yelled at me for not putting in the dishes facing the right way [confusing the hell out me they keep telling me different ways each time] then trailed into my house my rules u can move out whenever

Christmas dinner was at my uncles, I got to see my cousins and my extended cousin which i havent seen for awhile. It was pretty funny because theres 3 girls in total including myself which all have different asian mainstream styles. Natatasha age19; Canadian style [American Eagle etc], Vanessa age17: sporty azn canadian style [like TnA lulu Lemon BeBe] Me: azn style from asia. well mind isnt really mainstream all the time, but generally on the normal day it is.

We chatted alot got caught up sang kareoke, and opend presents. My grandma acutally forgot the token male cousins name OMG hahahaha we were like laughing like crazy because its like how can you forget the only male? hes like the prince [in terms of traditional values the son of the only son is like the precious one of the family] and then she remembered my older cousins name and Barely remembered my name.

We returned home and i talked to friends online some more but not too late because i had a big shopping day ahead of me.

Boxing day: Martin and i went shopping all day it was soo fun we also took some purikura

My finds: [where my xmas money went well i normally stash it away and save, but fuck that i want some stuff dammit~ ]
-2 party tanktops 23 dollars each reg 59dollars made in italy
-1 white blazer 45 reg 89
-1 white fuzzy fury jacket with crowns in the lining 39 reg100
-Dior crystal necklace 45 reg89
-boots 65 reg100
-leg warmers 10 reg12
-Hello Kitty bag that i can use for school and carry laptop 39 reg 80
-Dramas Nobuta wo produce, My girl, Princess hours
-Gals Manga #8 only one more left to go~
-King and clown movie

Martin got
-figurine of some sort
-White jacket from le chateau i helped him pick out 23dollars reg i cant remember
-black t-shirt
-and i think one more item which i forgot

Martin ate dinner at my place and we watched King and Clown. Martin made omlettes. My mom later yelled at me for not putting in the spatchula right. but i wasnt the one who put in it in. and ALMOST went into the move out if you want thing but martin was there

afterward, i went to my bedroom and chatted more online

Next day wasnt bad i stayed home and watched my hero my boss all day and my parents watched it
too. they liked it. At night i chatted til 6am with tim about random stuff

Thursday, I woke up really groggy and i got ready for lolita party, just when i was rushing to get stuff done mom pops in and gets me to do more housechores, >.<

Lolita party we ate lots of sweet things. and took some photos. Clover elle and i were co-ordinating and shadow, vicky, cupcake and megan were also co-ordinating. and we were sitting on opposite couches.

it was lolita picture war between the black and whites and the white and beiges. haha that was fun, then We left for the VIP party. Shadow, cupcake and elle went home and eric vicky clover, megan and i went to tinsle town to eat and met up with martin, then we met up with takashi on our way.

we got into the party and OMG khea was wearing the prettiest sexy blue dress. The usuaul talking to lots of ppl. martin wasnt really talking much he was kinda shy. Vince, and taka was having a hell of a time and socializing like crazy. Eric and Vicky socialized a bit. CLover was also socializing alot with me. As the night went on, Clover got really drunk and started crying Khea tetsu and i stood by her and tried our best to comfort her. Khea was the most involved. Such a great best friend. Tetsu was standing by showing his support. and I was kneeling down and doing hte best i can too. [but im not a type of person to show very much emotion. i got clover some more water. i wanted hug too, but i figure khea was doing a much better job and id be crowding. so i stoodby. ]

Yuiko, Megan, Khea, Clover, Tetsu and i went to Tetsus place by car. [tetsu just got a new car~] clover sobered up and she met up with her mom at 711 and she was driven home. Megan, Yuiko and khea was talking alnite, i was kinda sleeping due that i had like no sleep during the night before. Sometime during that, khea shoved crackers in my mouth and woke me up. Surprized me soo mcuh. we eveutally all went to bed at 4am. Khea made us breakfast and we talked some more. Yuiko and i exchanged purikura.

Yuiko and I walked Khea to london drugs to meet her friend Yuri. Then Yuiko met up with Taka at HMV. and i went to Kjs place to meet up with Kevin about some graphics stuff. He did a whole presentation to Steve and i about Parradoxx and such i was falling asleep SORRY i lacked sleep nowadays. sometimes i have difficulty with what kevin is saying. maybe im just not used to his kind of speaking style or his mind style? i went home for dinner. but before dinner i slept OMG i needed sleep. then after dinner i chatted with friends til 4

I met up with Willy and his friend Tony at 3:30. But the thing is that the first half of my day went to housework and i guess i wasnt really doing it all right and mom again with the move out when u want thing.

Anyway i met with them at CHQ, Willy is sooo good at intial d i was impressed. anyway we went to richmound i they went shopping [i finished mine already] i saw the victorian maiden dress vicky was talkign about. and Willy bought a sweatshirt and tony bought a sweatshirt and t-shirt. I bought some pants golden color and boots

on our way back we were talking finally in english so i can understand. Tony used to work at old work place. lol anyway we went back to metro ate dinner at Taisho. They were going to see a movie and invited me along but i didnt wanna see rocky. Anyway i sed goodbye and went to Kjs for Vip party. Taka was taking it up with Mina and Yuri, apparently Yuri has to go back on Jan 7th OMG

Sunday, Newyrs eve. i phoend everyone up but they were all busy so kjs party got cancelled. i worked from 4-9. clover was supposed to wait for me but she went home because she walked around downtown for 4hrs -_ll. vince picked me up and picked up clover. kj phoned me up and told me theres some ppl now. and then we went there but no parking so we didnt actually go in and the rest of the ppl went clubbing.

Then we went to option two, but wen we got there OMG that was so wierd i thought i was watching a movie or i was having a nightmare, we went in and it was 2 pot heads sitting on a couch like blobs. the guy who invited me looked like he wanna leave too. Vince told him we are getting beerr and we bouced. We were like we dont wanna spend newyrs in a car. so we raced to jeanies. good they were there and we counted down with Jordan and his gf mimi. we drank some rum and were happy. Clover got drunk again. and when we left she ran out and vince had to chase her. when we got her back she told me i cant stay over. anyway we drove her home and vince drove me home.

That was a wierd Newyrs eve...
Last yr i spent with jrock friends and my old band
the yr before i spent with anime ppl
an the yr before i spent with family

New Years Resolutions:
Apply for College
Get a better job
Reach ideal weight [100lbs]

Not much more, my outside life is perfect, my love life doesnt mater so much cuz really im having soo much fun. and my family life is shit, but screw them, ill be leaving sooner or later.

Anyway Happy New Year Everyone~