Monday, December 31, 2007

3 Floor New Year Madness

LOLZ Happy New Year Everyone!!

For new yrs eve i really wanted to spend it with close friends [but NOT family XD] so I asked around and yea things didnt turn out. So i ended up going to a where ever this new bunch of cbc guys i met recently are going. At firs it was planned to be at one of thier houses and yea.. i would be like humm last time it was good cuz i had friends with me that i know more but this time? oh wellz i just dont want to be alone or with family.

I kept on phoning my contact but for some reason there was no pickup. eventually he picked up so im a little frazzled from the possibility that i wouldnt get in contact and i cant go anywhere but the good news was the plans have changed and we're going to a japanese korean party near robson. I waited at Blendz for about 30mins freezing my ass off wondering where are they... >.>. kept calling no answer @__@ i really dislike waiting and not knowing whats going on.

evetually they came =D and we got into the party ^____^ it was in an apartment on Haro st. There were 3 apartments, one on each floor. I stayed mostly on the 3rd floor and partied out talking to alot of people and grabbing contacts. We went to the countdown on robson and then went back for more partying. Then around 2:30am cops came and busted the party and we retreated to the 2nd floor and hid there for a bit and then partied a tiny bit more after mostly just chatting and hanging. Then we went looking for food on robson and couldnt find anything so we ended up at dennys and ate there for a while. We went back to the skytrain but it was still closed so we took the 19th bus at 6:45am. One of the guys i was with walked me home and i went to bed at 7:30am and woke up at 4:30pm today XD so i didnt see daylight.

It was very very fun and prolly the most kickass newyrs ive had so far =D Im glad i went

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas and Boxing Day 2007

Clover is to spend xmas with me since khea is still in japan. I told Clover to come at 11 so she will be on time and sure enough she arrives at 1 XD hahahhaaha soo Clover. We had xmas dinner at my stepdads sisters place and it was a white xmas. We took some pics in teh snow and clover and i caught up on all the stuff we missed out. lonng bunch of details im too lazy to type now..

alot of family styled fun etc etc not too interested in saying much more than that. As well Clover FINALLY gave me my xmas present for last year Haha

26th boxing day. thought u can trust her? NO clover was 2 hrs late! T___T we went to metro then crystal then richmound i bought a shit load of stuff and yea took purikura it was a good 7hr shopping day

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lolita xmas party

We were all late, not much festivities but good food and just chatting having a good time. We later went to guu to eat. It was a long line but whatever the food is good and were all hungery, Takashi happend to be passing by and had nothing to do so he joined us we took some more pictures and ate. Jake, viki, tony, taka, shuuya and I. Shuuya was soo cuuuute and he got his own photoshoot =3 luv ya shuuya

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Party on E Broadway

A guy from facebook invited me to a party i was reluctant to go because i dont know him and yea.. but I went with hideki and his little sis sae. Hideki came early and yea we went to pick up sae after chilling a bit at my house. the party was very good lots of drinks. and note: First time i drank a beer then heavy and was ok =D

We played with shots at rounds of big 2 first with vodka and then with 151. 151 burns like crazy >.<>.<

Kevin was really really really beyond drunk and he tried to drive and we were 0_oll NO. good thing he couldnt find his keys XD so we drove sae home and got lost on our way back hahaha it was very funny. Hideki sucks at directions but at least im not so bad so i finally helped him find our way back [N delta back to E broadway]

When we came back kevin was in a bad condition. He had alcohol poisoning 0_o since we were the only sober ones we had to take him to the hospital. we droped him a couple times ^^;; dead weight is harsh. Then we returned to the party. Everyone was drunk but hideki and myself and yea.. after seeing kevin we dont want to drink anymore. so i got to see everyone speak thier minds bwuahhahaa and did they ever have interesting things to say.

So it goes that one guy logged [ken] onto another's [jas] facebook account looking through people in his school network, thought i was hot so added me. I added him back because i met a whole shit load of ppl and i dont remember everyone i met XD. Then a bunch of friends of his added me. One on a dare [kel] and another randomly [kev]. Since they heard i was going to the party kel, ken and one other came esp to meet me in person.

I got home around 3:30 first time mom let me go out wihtout limits

Monday, December 17, 2007

A disasterous work day

Today the Pantry fridge is working but not up to top performance so i had to take extra time putting back all the stuff at my station + regular set up. Also, i mis-calculated the amount of chips, tomatoes i had so i had to do it right away + everyday i have to make grill cheese crutons T__T. Luckily, my manager sent Issa to help me set up while i cut and fried the tortilla chips.

So the day was set back but maybe it wont be too bad, the reciver prep allan was on the slicer anyway so he did the mozza for me which was great. During the day the chowder wasnt hot enough and heating it up set me behind by 3 bills and things got chaotic so i had to ask for backup and the broil printer wasnt working so i had their copy of the bills spitting out on my side which made me panic because it feels like its 2x more busy than it isl. During the rush i yanked out the drawer too fast and the whole thing came out and droped on my foot [its metal] that hurt like hell, but oh wellz, suck it up and continue. Things started to slow a bit and allan was finished his prep so he offered to look after pantry while i go slice some chicken.... heres where it gets interesting

So slicing chicken i was happy cuz i dont have to be rushing around making salads... a piece fell away and i grabed it. i heard something slice and i was like wtf? i didnt put the chicken through yet.. FUCK it was my finger! so held on tightly to my finger applying pressure with my apron. running around looking for my manager. I said to my manger i sliced my finger and he was like 0_0 lets look at it, i let go for a second and it the blood just gushed out so i had to quickly close again. they got the gauze and had me hold my hand up above my head while they applied pressure.

Everyone around me was panicking while i was emotionless. no tears nothing. So we got a cab and with another emplyee i got sent to the hospital to get stitches. We didnt have to wait too long in the waiting area but i had to fill out a bunch of papers while i held the gauze on with the other 2 fingers. [i got cut on my ring finger on my left hand so i can still write]

They made me lay down on the hospital bed. I wanted to go to sleep cuz i was tierd but then they may think i fainted XD so i didnt. when the doctor came he injected freezing in my finger and then a medical student sewed me up. It was very interesting. Because they cant have a person loose circulation in the fingers they cant stop the bleeding. thus it was bleeding like crazy becuase she had to open it up, thoroughly clean up the wound then stitch. Then pry it open it again to sew it. she had to try a couple times because shes not as experienced as a doctor. so it bled more. Meanwhile i was just watching curiously. The nurse was feeling good that im calm but she was also worried because i was too calm XD;;; here she is stitching me up, im bleeding alot and im talking to her making conversation like a coffee shop asking questions about it. lolz

but yea, >.<

Friday, November 30, 2007

Energy Outburst bandshow

The show was great~ Incura amazing and yea had a good time as usaul. I had a really nice outfit on but i forgot to take a picture T__T. Afterwards we went to #9 resturant and celebrated Tomo's b-day. I knew i should be going home soon after because i have work the next day at 8:30 but i still wanted to hang with everyone so we all went to tomos house. I was the only one who rode in Shu's car and yes... we got lost XD hahaha Tomo, Shu, Saya, Hideki, Harry i must give a shout out to all of you for CRAPPY sense of direction! ahhaa but i love ya all anyway.

While waiting for lemon to come back a random "what color are your panties" started by Ann. My refusal to say it made everyone curious and that was the topic for most of the night =_=;

Tomo was supposed to wake me up in time to get to work but instead the phone woke me up at 8:15!~!!!~~~~ 0_0 and i had to be there at 8:15 to get changed 0_ollll so we quickly left and i made an excuse that im at a friends in coq. and its snowing thus i couldnt get there on time XDD

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Guu show me party

Sho booked the entire guu resturant for a party. It was 30 dollars each japanese buffet style. Nice to see everyone and and chill. I got to meet some new people and apparently a group from kits secondary same one that the 1st 2 guys i dated went to. they were all friends with them hahahaha it was very interesting.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 8th~

Novemeber 8th of 2005 marked the end of my previous relationship and was one of the saddest days I've ever had and the beginning of a long emotional drive that wasn't going to soften until 1.5years buffered its effect.

November 8th of 2006 was an unexpectedly chaotic and nostalgic day where a ladder nearly collapsed and fell on me and i almost slipped on the wet floor as i mopped it at work. As well, i started crying for a reminent reason from the previous year.

November 8th of 2007 three days ago loneliness got the best of me, and i was still crying [would have never thought I'd be a crybaby after my childhood past because i rarely cried.. i didn't even cry when i flipped over a chain and hit my head the cement at full force] BUT today, in which the previous years had been "negative" started out predictable.. i lost my pencil case but lucky i got it back and though i felt happy, someone said i still looked sad 0_o. When i arrived home my parents said a big box came in today for me...

I opened the box excitedly well aware of what it was. Its my dollfie whom was scheduled to arrive on the 12th so this caught me right off guard. XD Today Marks the Day of his arrival into my life... the ironically perfect day to come while i was at my weakest. Thank you to the man upstairs~ You defiantly have a sense of humor as my mother would say.

I actually bought 2 wigs for him one black and one blond. Also the eye color was random and I'm happy to say i got a neat blueish grey color =D

I'm thinking of a name, So far I think I'll name him Shuuya but I'll think just a little further and figure it out for sure when i have some more time.[Im open to suggestions] Just one picture for now since i really have to get going on my Document Analysis. X3 Soo happy ill have someone to keep me company while i do my studies <3 <3

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I wish I had the luxery of time again

ahh~ being booked up with school work is tiering and boring and sad. T__T I really wanna party and widen my social network again. but its getting near impossible... not that im really complaining and no you cant say i told you so cuz i saw it coming and im accepting it in return of a better school enviroment.

Dispite the papers mid-terms n such.. i really do wish would just pass by. I went out today just because i was feeling a little caged in by my school work. Studying for 2 days is ok, 3 days even is fine, but a entire week is really going against the grain of my nature. Im a fun-loving girl at heart. all this work and no play doenst make a me a dull person but makes me feel like im going insane LOL..

Anyway, at Tsunami everyone wore a costume =D I wore lolita because i didnt wanna get my more elaborate costumes dirty nor did i wanna wear a wig. Afterwards i met up with viki. We went to cactus club and ate alfredo, calimari, and had a drink. Then we wandered around robson [just like old times eh? [fun nights with khea and clover.. i miss them dearly]

Yea it was a good breather from all this studying. I really wanna go to the gal meet, but halloween... >.> not only do i rather wear a costume than my norm clothes.. but the main reason my stupid midterm is the day after *growls* this midterm beeing changing dates on me costantly and its pissing me off, i wanted it to be over with but NOooo it has to land on hte worst day possible... the day after halloween T___Tl

Maybe next year will be better.. well it will be clubbing~~ yahoo~

Aside from that Im acutally particularly happy lately. =D

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Weekday Weekend

Like living through the stages of my life again in one day.

Well not completely more like living through it without the down parts. haha I went out with my mom yesturday. It was quite fun although we had a bit of an arguement in the morning on how i cant seem to wake up early enough lol. but who can blame me i walked soo much on monday my legs were like limp. hahaa

So when we finally got out of the house we decided to go the aquarium. I havent been there since i was a little kid [science feild trips dont count] I used to go every weekend when i was young because we had a family membership... and being the type of kid i was if i liked something i do it over and over and over and over again. [eg watching peterpan like EVERYDAY for a long time] They did some renovations and it was soo fun to go from tank to tank. The new renovations are great~ the jellyfish section is soo pretty~ Although i knew they were already gone, i still missed the killer whales. T__T but watching the dolphin show was quite nostalgic. unfortunately it was actually canceled but the dolphins still put on a show for us. too bad no fish T_T

I think they got a new seaotter i havent seen before, i knew there were always 2 and no matter how old they are theyre still soo playful~! but i saw a new one too~ omg i felt like i was 8yrs old again lol.

Afterwards we went to paramount to watch Harry Potter 5. It was a good movie hahaha and WOW i actally watched a movie when it didnt like fade away yet hahaha. -_-ll damn work makes things hard. now this feels kinda like more around gr10ish when i used to watch a lot of movies in theaters.

After that we ate dinner at Guu. which brings us to my most recent life of around humm less than a week ago LOL~~ she really likes the food and atmosphere there :3

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Van Elegance Anniversary... Marathon!

OMG we walked SOO MUCH! it was something like this:

starting from after hightea at stanley park fish house: we walked from staleypark to robson and burrard. and from there down to granville and then to holt renfrew around pacific centre a bit, then through sears and then to robson square, then back to granville station to drop off a friend then to robson and took the #5 bus to a korean place, then the bus back and then to vikis house from the bus stop and then for me back from vikis house to the bus stop [6blocks? 12 in total?]

Hair: i was a bit late but it was ok, viki did my hair and we [tracy, viki and i in one bathroom] got ready hahaha it was a bit crowded. And... we also lost track of time and realizing viki's wording got a few ppl confused. we had to go to waterfront then to burrard to gather all teh people we were nearly an hr late. then... SHANE saw me i was like shit soo embarasseed -__ll he was laughing at me. >.<>

Fishhouse: I liked the hotel much better and the food was ok, but too little... tracy viki and i sat on one side and on the otherside in order of left to right was shannon, hilary, elle, martin and eric. Afterwards we met up with tony and then walked to blue ruby... my heel wore through...

We kinda went window shopping around downtown, and we made a trip to holtrenfrew its soo nice in there, and alot of hte store clerks gave us nice comments, espeically one makeup consultant. When describing it later my mom says she probally knows her LOL.

then we went to robson square and took alot of pictures. after that we walked eric to graville station and went to a korean resturant to eat dinner. martin and i couldnt take spicey food so we skiped on the kimichi hotpot...

after that i had to go back to vikis to retrive my stuff. at the bus stop some person asked if i needed a ride but i was like no. and i finally got home around 12... hahah

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Purikura with my bro


Today i met up with my bro vince hes only here for a few days, and we went to richmound for purikura and then to bubble world. and just chilled and he came over for dinner and it was just a good relaxing sunday. Tommorrow i plan to attend a bbq and then go to work... the first of a 5 day stretch YAY~~ >.> but then after that its Seattle!~ woot!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lolita Locked Out

On saturday i went to teh maid cafe with viki, martin, hilary? [dotn know how to spell ^^;] and our new photographer tony. It was kinda took me awhile to get used to the new photographer. Hes a little introverted so a bit harder to get used to. Also, he specializes in candids, i myself prefer still shots.

The maid cafe's food was ok. drinks were good, and the maids.. a bit dissappointing... Afterwards we took lots of puirkura but i forogot my planner at dads so i cant post them yet. then walked around a lot then went back to viki's after eating korean food. we just hung out on her front yard talking and play fighting it was fun~ cept i was in loli so i couldnt do much haha. and i got 5 misqutoe bites T__Tl

after that martin and i went to the bus and i went home.. Dad had a banquet that night, so i wasnt sure if he was home or not. but it was 12 SHOULD be. I kept ringing the buzzer and his phone but nothing worked, while waiting a really cute cat came along and rubed it self on me and i petted it, and it even rolled over and let me rub its stomache soo cute~ i was going to ask it its name but i was like.. oh yea~ it cant tell me hahahaa so generically i called it kitty~ but i wanted to call it kyo it was soo cute.

eventually a guy came and he let me in to the apartment building. i kept knocking and calling but no answer so i talked to adrian for a bit while i waited, and then after than kept doing it over and over, and i got tierd so i tried to sleep, so i slept infront of the door for about 20 minutes but it realy hurts to sleep in a door frame so i woke up and knocked agian and again, then tried to sleep again... i started to worry what if something happend to him~ while i was half sleeping i heard the toliet flush and then i knocked really really really loud and he opend up XDDDD~~~~~ YAY~~~ he was soo sorry XD; but i wasnt angery i was just happy nothing happend to him and i finally get to sleep on something thats not soo hard. XDD btw, by then it was 2:00am. >.<>

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lick it Again

ow~ i havent had a good weekend for awhile~ especially after a really dull rainy sad thursday, it was soo refreshing to feel like my life hasnt died. :3

It started out me waking at around 1pm. I wasnt sure what i was going to wear so i used some new white shoe polish to make my really high platform sandles white again. then i went off to decide what to wear. by the time eveyrthing was done, it was getting really late and i barely got the house chores done on time ~

So i went to Tsunami first to pick up a co-worker and So and Saeko went to Lick it Again together, which there i met a whole bunch of friends. The show was great~ I liked it all :3 cept Moove played WAAAAAY to many Larku songs for my liking >.<

but other than that it was great. after the show, i went with takumi, yuiko and friends to downtown to eat something~ we had 2 pitchers of beer and really good food~

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grad Week

ell continuing on with this hectic 4 weeks, i want to begin with saying that im pulling memories triggered by notes in my planner XD. but what i forgot to mention while this was all happening i was scrambling getting my slides done for AP art, and getting everything prepared which took alot longer than expected due to the fact that my teacher is a bit of a nut case and i have to constantly push her to keep her on track >.<>anyway lets continue

May 7-13

7 I skipped school becuase i was waaayyy to tired to go to school XD. i woke up at around 10:30 and i looked online to see what kind of hair i wanted etc, so i can plan accordingly what hair accessories to buy that took me until 12pm. then i ate lunch, and went groccery shopping with my stepdad, i needed to get ingredients for my chinese project. which is cook a chinese dish and present it with poster and give samples to class. I was going to make Tofu-fa. We spent literally all day looking for calcium sulphate T__Tl but couldnt find it so i made teh more solid style of tofu pudding instead of the nice silky one. I also spent alot of time hand gratting all that ginger and made the sauces myself.

8th day of the presentation, i used dolls as props. everyone loved my cooking. afters chool i went to costco to pick up a print of my miyavi picture, this is the ap
version so it wasnt pre-signed. I was 30mins late because my stupid class was held back a bit cuz they are immature and stupid [intro mandarin= mostly gr9s] so Kai was already there [burrard station] I gave him the print that had
Happy be-lated b-day Kai, i know you like this picture so turn over -> (also i wrote on the top special limited non-presigned version only 2 copies] i had it signed by hand with a gold pen. He opened and said he will frame it.

We walked to Robson and Thurlow, and ordered frappacinos, but couldn't find a place to sit, so we walked further down on thurlow closer to the water to another starbucks location. On our way the wind blew and i got leaves stuck in my hair =_=l i got most of them out though :3.

We sat down outside and i took out an extra container that i poured the rest of the tofu-pudding mixture into. it was in a lizlisa cloth bag with a pink ribbon tieing it together. and then i took out another tupperware container that had 2 sections to it with 2 spoons neatly wraped with a napkin each resturant style plus a knife. I cut it in half and put each half on each side and we ate it :3. He said it was really good.

While we were eating, we talked about hair and how he cant get his to stay up. "i cant see why, your hair texture should hold it together, i know mine cant because its quite fine/thin" "yea, if you dont mind, can i touch it?" "sure" he touched my hair and took a leaf out if it LOL!

After we finished eating, we went to rexals drug store. He was asking me about which eyemakeup remover he should buy. basically i went on to talk about removers, basic skin care and discussing makeup styles and whats suitable how to do it etc. then on to hair care conditioner,shampoo, hairdryer etc. then we went to a card section where he bought a mothers day card and a b-day card for his friend. and i bought a card for my mom too.

Then he walked me to skytrain. "Im glad you like my cooking" "I love your cooking~ " lol maybe i should learn how to cook more stuff. :3

may 9th- last preparations for ap and worked
may10th- Day of the exam, and worked

may11th PROM DAY!~~~!!!!~~!!
Starting off, no gr12 went to school that day. I woke up at 9:30 chatted for a bit, and then started to wash up at around 11ish? spent ALOT of time on my makeup, i put on 4x more foundation [used 2 dif types] eye makeup is hte same but more extra care and put on fake lashes, and added another shadow to it making it a total of 4 shadows used, then i glued on my fake nails that i took 1hr to make the previous day, also painted my toes

then i went to the hairdresser and the tw, hairdresser guy really liked my dress. my hair dresser took 40mins to do my hair. it turned out really really nice.

then we went to star photos to take my grad photos, and then off to chq to take a set of purikura with my mom

then after we picked out the ones we liked we headed off to prom.

I was the only one with a chines-ish styled dress and a full tiara. XD my dress was quite unique and alot of ppl commented esp my chinese teacher, textiles and art teacher loved it alot.

the first hr was everyone taking pictures and they had a hard time getting everyone inside to start the prom LOL. alot of different styled dresses, alot of short dresses this yr. some people came in limos and others came in limo vans with music pumped up soo loud the bass was vibrating the car.

When we walked up the stairs i kept stepping on my dress and my stelletors kept getting caught on it -_-ll LOL, when we got to the top, we took more pictures and eventually trikled into the ballroom. We found our tables and people gave shouts for thier friends as the grad slideshow showed each student of grad07 one by one.

They drew out table numbers for the order we went in for our food. As we were lining up there was this brown guy who was wearing a vest on top of his shirt and Pelle said "hey waiter!~ get me some food LOL" then he said "hey he look like a waiter eh?" and the guy said "shutup at least im the one with the food while you're still waiting in line" "true that"

At the table i felt a bit alkward becuase its all guys and they were toasting bros for life and im like er... LOL when we finished eating the dance started. It was really difficult for me to dance because of my dress was soo long.

It kinda went like so for the whole night dance-> cooled down ->dance etc. and one of the times i was cooling off, i met some other people. its funny, i didnt know most of the people there and i dont even think ive even seen half the people there LOL. I danced with some girls and didnt have anyone to dance with for the slow dance, but thats ok.

When it ended it was 12:30, we were all deciding on the after party but i wasnt prepared to sleep over anywhere. So i decided to go home. Matt also had to go home because hes sick and needs to sleep. On our way to the skytrain, some guys yelled out "congratulations on your new marraige!" it was pretty funny lol.

It was pretty fun, and it was really nice for it to be finally my turn to dress up. I defiantly made up for the lack of a prom dress at my last grad with this one :3. Thought it could have been more fun if i knew more people and if i didnt THINK my camera was running out of batteries.

12-13 i worked. And i found out that one of the cooks likes me. Hes kinda cute but i dont think we would have anything in common.

14 mom and i went to pick out frames after i got back my grad photos
15- moms b-day but i had to work
16- went out for moms celebration for her b-day we ate king crab and lots of other deliecious chinese seafood dishes. Also, during the day i fell asleep in the cafe on my free block. and i was woken up like so.. someone sat beside me and put his arm around me and spoke into my ear "whats up baby?" i slowly awoke and i saw my friend's face and of course not expecting such a thing to happen i kinda jumped LOL. then he ran off to another table with his other friend [one guy and one girl]

the girl told me to come over. and to sit next to my friend. and she kept teasing him saying that he likes me. and he was being really shy and keep denying it. This is a guy i found kinda cute at the beginning of the year, but i didn't think about it much after becuase i heard that the type of girl he likes is cbc but im not really a cbc styled girl even though i am one. Also at the grad dinner dance i kinda wanted to dance with him and the girl kept trying to get him to dance with me but i was a bit shy and he kept dodging it so i didnt think he liked me. so this was kind of unexpected. Also through-out the year, hes been trying to get a gf and hes a true "leo" and kept saying ok shes my new target sort of thing. i would have thought if he likes someone he would be more obvious. but out of everyone im the only one whom he never did that to.

Well ill will wait and see, because neither guys i really have stuff in common with. unless the honger guy asks me out directly, i wont do anything.

ToDAY- finally up to date. Today was a really nice day, so i went to the mall LOL in search of a photo album and memory note book. i just bought the book, im going to buy the photo album this weekend. After that i was bored so i phoned up my friend Justin and i hanged with him. listend to alot of music and talked alot, then played naruto abit and watched him play naruto. we started to tickle each other it was really funny only one other person could tickle me LOL it was really funny, i was at a bit of a disadvantage though, becuase i was wearing a short jean skirt, i had to use one hand to keep it down haha. [which i was successful in doing but not soo successful in tickling back] it was like a battle LOL soo childish but fun. and now im home and theres a spider next to me and it fell.. and i dont know where it is T___Tl

ALso today i found out the guy i like just got a gf 2 weeks ago. im happy for him yet, it means game over for me. Oh wellz, im a bit busy anyway, so its fine~

WOW guess what? now we are finally on TODAY hahahahaaa that just took a very long time lol

* * *

Monday, May 14, 2007

Racing Through 4 weeks of my life

o much has happened i don't even know where to begin. Sadly i probally forget alot of it.

I think ill just go chronologically according from my planner.

From the April 16th-22nd

16- After school AP exam filling out sheets in preparation for the exam

17th- my last day at Rocky Mountain chocolate factory and the interview in which i got a new job at Tsunami. I was allowed to leave on that day instead of the 2 weeks notice.

18th- Afterschool fashion show and first day of work at Tsunami. I was nearly late cuz of the stupid rehersal...

19th- Meet up with mom to meet accountant, but skytrain was held up. also she wanted to meet me at 3:30 and i was off early that day so i took the skytrain to sleep on it til it was my time to go. i decided to take the other way and loop around which took a lot longer than expected. -_-ll so i was late and yelled at and the same old "you could have.." stuff

20th-22nd worked

April 23rd-29th

23rd- Dance recital, i was reall nervous and i didnt tell anyone but mom about this, cuz i dont want ppl to watch me make a fool of myself lol, we had to sit through all the proformances the little kids were adorable one of them looked like a chibi version of cham LOL!~~

25th- wished kai a happy b-day and another rehearsal for fashion show

26th- taste of asia performance, got to see my friends Peng and John perform for the first time, it was not bad~ cuz of the pooring rain, my hair was ruined and the stupid women pushed us all out til the acutal time even after we got our tickets T__Tll i hate rain SO MUCH. XD but i got to hang out and get to know Peng's gf, shes acutally quite kind when you get to know her.

27th-went to costco to pick up prints for art ap

28- Read April 29th Entry [dental appnt., missed meet up and changed plans and last meeting with khea before she goes to japan]

29th- forgot i had work, but had to finish last piece for art ap

April 31st-may 6th

31st hanged with justin again cuz i was bored and i got to meet loretta that i already knew from jakie LOL small world we hanged in crystal n stuff and then i went home.

2nd-fashion show and art show at the same time. after school i set up the art show, then went home quickly ate dinner and headed to the shows at 6. stepdad worked on conciel stuff and didnt come -_-ll but thats alright i didnt care if he came or not. what was really great was both my parents were there. and my dad was really proud of me. that made me really happy. his smile of approvement is one of the most cherish able things. i took some photos and such :3 it was a very special day for me. also i saw elle there LOL it was surprising to see her on in teh audience cuz again i didnt tell anyone LOL im a bit shy.

3rd-6th i worked

ALSO on the 5th bought grad assessories and bought fabric
ALSO on the 6th got my grad dress and my purse dad had 2 new young boys as his students i really got to see a softer side to him. He was teaching them that whatever he teaches is thiers only if they can remember it. unless they remember, its still his, like if he swiped money in thier face have its yours unless they take it its not thiers. it was quite cute

May 7th-13th I will save for later to write about because my time is up LOL

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sakura Con 2007

Over the easter weekend i went to sakura con. Mei Elle and I left on thurday night at 8 and arrived at 12. we were stuck in a traffic jam LOL. None of us got any sleep. I had 2 hrs and Mei and Elle had 1. Jesse and I went to get our badges at 6am in the morning.

Main Costumes: Toshiya, Misa Misa and Kadaj

Friday Cosplay schedule: Misa Misa Deathnote, Toshiya DeG, Maya Natsume Tenjo Tenge, Lolita
Sat " " : Kadaj FFAC, Misa Misa Deathnote
Sunday " " : BBTSB Lolita Dress, Misa Misa Deathnote

We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel it was convient because it was right across the street from the CON

We were on the 20th Floor

And my Card Key was soo cuute~

The Convention Hall looked soo beautiful~

I was misamisa on the first day cuz i was tired and that was the easiest to wakeup and put on then changed into Toshiya for the photoshoot and then into maya for comfort.

Heres how it looked

wow I acutally look somewhat manly here


I met this really Cool Toshiya there XD we were instant friends. At first she didn't recognize my cosplay because its a rare costume :3 but yea XD; it was really fun. the masquerade ball wasn't that fun though.. it was kinda boring. We went to bed early because of exhaustion.

On Saturday Mei had to dye her scarf for Riku and it got all over the floor looked like suicide
so we took a picture of it :

While i headed to the con as Kadaj. But i had to quickly make it to the MOVE concert, it was great cept my binding hurt like hell~!! afterwards i changed into misamisa for the sakura club rave:

but before that we took some silly pics in the bathroom *snickers* we look like the average jrock dork band [it starts here... lots more on the next page]

Basically only eating one scranny meal a day to save i didnt have much to eat thus i didntreally feel like drinking at the room party after

this is my breakfast/lunch/dinner LOL

afterwards i took some pics of the nightscape and headed to bed at 4 XD; Sunday we packed and got our stuff ready and pushed our luggage in:

In that section of the hotel looked soo enchanting XD look my dreams came true GASP~

Toshiya proposed to me!~~ OMFG lol jkjk haha at least it felt real XD

at the end we just ended up hanging around n stuff. and look what Riku/kadaj/neko caught~!


but he seemed to enjoy the ride

LOL all in all i made lots of new friends and i got back home on Sunday around 10ish. XD

heres what i bought for those who are curious
[the magazine was free and the Miyavi poster is a gift from my lovely new friend Cha~ ]

If you want to see all the pictures in depth theres little captions in the titles and its in order from start to finish.

Go to Sakura con through Haru eyes -->>

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dumpster Diving

OMG... It's almost too stupid to be true~

Normally when i take out garbage id swing it in with my right arm. Well today's happens to be a large black garbage bag full thus it was heavy... So i had to use two hands. BUT on my left i had my keys on a wrist band around my wrist, the garbage brushed up against it and flew in along with the garbage!!!!

after it happend i just stood there looking at my wrist and looking at the dumpster. I went like... FUCK! OMFG!!! shit shit shit i cant believe that happened!! of course i dont bring my cellphone while i take out garbage, so the first problem is trying to get back home. i thought of knocking on someones door to use the phone, but i was in an alley way its really wierd to be knocking on someones backdoor. Then i thought of the intercom~ so i went back from where i came but... there were alot of bushes and i cnat cut across. SO i ran up the the alley way and circled back to teh front of the complex. i intercomed in. thankgawd someone picked up cuz knowing my parents they dont usually pick up the phone unless theyre expecting someone or the caller id is someone they recognized. [plus mom was watching her only tv show that she watches once a week]

They were soo mad at me and mom gave me another lecture and guilt trip. -_-lll anyway equiped with pants from tomboy days work shoes with plastic bags on them, black t-shirt, and tied up hair, i went dumpster diving. i had to move about 3 bags of garbage and a bunch of stirofoam and fish through really dirty gross water to to get it.. =_=lll

Kinda ironic that the same day a really cute guy said i looked like a princess is the day i go dumpster diving. LOL!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I want to be loved for me... that INCLUDES my makeup and stylish clothes.

ho is to say the Natural "you" without makeup and nice clothes is the REAL you... I don't think this is so. This is just what you are born with, some people just aren't born LOOKING like who they themselves think they are. I think the way one chooses to dress and present themselves in general tells a little about their personality, In the aspect that that image is what they want others to preacive them as.

So those of you guys out there thinking its rare and a favor to happen to like girls without makeup and plain shitty look, well fine, but just think of this, those who do put on makeup doesn't mean they are fake, and that what you are looking at isn't the real them. girls put alot of effort into it, not JUST for impressing guys, but for some of us its just for personal standards and preferences. some of us just don't wanna look at the mirror and see some plain bitch looking back ok? the idea "oh i dont need all this makeup and stuff to love you, or be attracted to you just your personality and the natural you is great, i think its better when you dont wear makeup." yah, well if you truly liked the person for their personality NOTE that their makeup and style is part of it too dumbass! when one gets this line, its not really a compliment, its fucking insult. [for those who prefer to wear makeup everyday]

Part two: It's not new that i lost my bus pass and my umbrella on this very delicate weekend. Losing items don't only go back to when I started highschool but back to ever since I could remember, loosing jackets etc. And attending a school such as Strathcona or even Gladstone, the chances of getting things back are next to nothing. So slowly i try my best to do things so that they wont go missing, to the extent that i start attaching things on to my back chaining them to my bag etc, but even then, i lost my bus pass, -_-ll so then i put it in the big compartment of my school back yet... its soo difficult to find so every once in a while i put it on the outside, and sure enough anytime i let it slip it gets lost. I'm really sick of loosing things, but its not a matter of being more aware or going through more precautions, its just that things really do just disappear on me.

Something Slightly More Objective: Other than the stream of bad luck that happened this weekend it was over all pretty fun.

On friday i thought i was scheduled for work, but when i went there i found out i wasn't... humm.. ok, so i phoned my dad to tell him that i don't have work, but he was trying to clean his house so not having til 11 to do it was a bit of a problem so i tried my best to find some friends to do stuff with. Phoned them all but none of them seemed to be free. I even phoned shane to see what he was up to. He was snowboarding and he was going downtown with friends or something for food. I guess it would be weird to go, so he said sorry and that was it.

*sigh* phoning more people getting no answer, a little bit later, shane phoned me and asked "im going to eat dinner downtown, want to come?" "sure" "really?" "sure where are we going to eat? "this japanese resturant downtown, its kinda undergroud" "you mean on thurlow and robson? beside macdoanalds? " yea" "ok" "meet you there at 6:45" "ok"

He phoned me again and told me that he will be there at 6:30 but i told him, that i couldnt make it there til 45, and he said ok,. when i got downtown, it was 6:37 he phoned me again, and told me that he will go inside already. When i finally arrived i wasnt sure which one he ment, theres two down there. One Hiroyuki took me on a date before. But it was the other one :3

He told me "you're late~" "no you are early, and its only 6:39 so im acutally early for 5mins~ :P" "yea whatever im hungry" So we sat down and i just chatted apparently his date for his highschool grad dinner dance was sitting on the table 2 away from us LOL!! funny. She gave me a bit of a look but not didnt look too much. I asked him if he liked her. He explained that his friend kinda set them together, and that she is sorta his type in a sense that shes "pure" well in like.. what do u mean by pure he told me in a sense of no makeup and simple style. in my mind im like damn, just like every other guy out there sheessh. then he said OH~ i just noiticed you still have baby fat on ur face. =_=ll is that a bad thing? lol no~

we ordered alot of stuff thier house cali roll had REAL crab and it wasnt mushed up and with mayo it was real chunks it was great~~~ the dinner came to 54 dollars, and he took it and paid for it i was like 0_0 wow. lol afterards i walked him to the bus stop because had to go play b-bal with his friends, he told me that when we walk down the street most ppl will think im like his little sister. =_=;; after he left i was.. well im sorta stuck in a situation, where i dont know what to do to kill time. oh yea i forgot to mention that i saw howard and his gf. lol~ that was a nice surprize. [at the resturant]

i ended up sitting in the rain wiht an umbrella near burrad station phoning more people, derek finally picked up but hes playing b-ball to =_=ll but at least he kept me company for 30mins. i ended up wandering around downtown for a few hrs, in teh rain... i ventured into pacific center and into hold renfrew, and i wandered into 4seasons hotel, it was soo glamorous. i was soo happy, then i decided to find toshi's coffee house, but i found out from kai its on georgia and cordero? its really far i was like forget it. and i eventually went to the b-line and went home, but i forgot my umbrella and so i cirlced back but then it wasnt there. Sometime, i lost my bus pass.....

AND i overshot the bus stop and walked from kinged to 15th... =_=lll i finally made it home~ haha another one of those days of walking endlessly in stelletos~

A filled Sat:
I woke up late because i was soo tierd from my workout XD; but i managed to meet up with vicky lili and khea. but i forgot the money beucase i took some stuff out of my bag also this is when i realized that i lost my bus pass.. so i went back home to look for it and also grab khea's money. when i came back eric was there with the equipment taking photos and stuff, we took alot of photos :3 it was fun, then i went down to 711 to get a new buspass... but they didnt have any so i bought a 15 bunch of faresavers. anyway, when i was walking to granville 'from laurel' some guy came up to me.

"can you spare me a smoke?"
"im sorry i dont smoke"
"aww CMON! just one smoke will it kill ya?"
"i told you i dont smoke..."
"well do u do blowjobs?"
"what? NO"
"oh you look like you do"

that was soo insulting.!!! i made it to richmound by 8 and we went to espot, and we played pool. [met up with kenneth and friends. who is a friend of barry's friend's gf that i met last week] then he drove me around just chatting. i had a bit of a feeling he sorta likes me.
we eventaully ate at a taiwanese cafe with angel, lj, and amy and then we decided to head over to vip too bad most ppl left by the time we got there. but it was still fun i met this new guy. hes a korean model at6'2 he was pretty interesting. i drank sake mixed with apple juice, vodka mixed with coke, and i think it was 1 or maybe a bit over 1 carona, but i mixed in the middle cuz khea kept making me drink vodka. =_=ll so i ended off wiht a realy bad hangover. =_=lll

we decided to sleep over. kennieth and i slept on teh big couch, khea on the floor cuz hte small one was to small, and jimmy on the med size one.

kenneth left at 7, and he left his smokes n intal d card. khea left around 8 and jimmy kj and i helped cleaned up.

they were watching some shitty drama, i didnt wanna watch it was too ordinary and too close to real life, its about a broken family that struggles with money, well as i sed too close to life. SO i decided to leave, it was of course really rainy, and when i got to seymore, i saw the hastings bus.. i thought it'd loop over, but when i got on, i was no it wasnt.. eww.. east hastngs... i got off and got on teh first bus back to downtown. i got alot of comments by ppl on teh street -_-ll oh wells. anyway i made it home and i was tierd so i went to my moms early. and slept.

I cried today, just in realization, of 2 things, a i loose things, and no matter what i do i cant seem to prevent it. b, my makeup and clothes lately been a bit of a disadvantage also age as well. -_-ll but who cares, at least im at disadvantage stylishly. lets just pick it up and see how life turns out~ im happy to have my baby the stars shine bright jumper and metamorphose blouse :3 im not ready to grow up so bleh~ :P

and thinking of it positivly, the money i saved on food was prety good this weekend. fri dinner save 54/2, and sat, i didnt drink tea that means save 3.00, little snack at 11 kenneth paid so save 5.00, i slept through lunch.. 5.00, pizza at kjs save i dont know how much id say mayhbe 5.00 conservativly, sunday at at home save another 5.00 and couldnt find toshi's coffee house so save another 3.00, and since i was driven to kjs save 1.50

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Dramatic Week

Monday- Pretty normal cept the fact i lost keys.... anyway aside from that i told my mom im going out on tuesday and she blew up at me etc (read feb5th for more detail)

Tuesday- Went grocery shopping with Shane (read feb6th for more detail) droped my mp3 player and the screen went blank and i cant find the warranty T__Tl

Wednesday- I went to richmound to buy fabric, the bus didnt come for a long time so i just walked to the 410 stop, by the time i got home and finished eating and doing house chores it was 10:30 then my mom came home and yelled at me for nothing. =_=;; then we sat down and talked about auras for a bit, and then i got back to finishing my drama ep

Thurs- Work, it was pretty easy mostly packaging, got a work out on the icecream, got home and packed for the weekend

Friday- I had to carry a HUGE bag + my school bag. what was in it? work: pants, shirt, shoes Rock; pants, 2 ties, bow, skirt, 4.5 inch platform shoes, shirt, Lolita: dress, hair band, hair ties, bow. Etc: makeup, curling iron, and my girl drama. = VERY heavey
my school bag had drawing book, dinner, lunch, fabric for sewing class, bunny doll, and gothic loli bible. and chinese binder and text. of course i only kept the dinner, bunny, and drawing book +essentails.

After lunch the school started a new thng where the admins would gather all the late students lechture them in the cafe and get us all to write our names and they will report them to our parents if it becomes a consistent thing. =_=;;; we were cournered.... so of course we got caught. upon looking for my go-card i noticed my bus pass was missing~!!!!! i told my mom when i got to art class, she yelled at me and i spent my time kinda crying behind my school bag... then i fell asleep.

On my way to work i was sleeping and kept checking the time to make sure i get off on time, i was killing some time cuz i didnt wanna wonder outside cuz it was cold, so i stayed on skytrain, i dont have a watch so i kepted my phone out. On my way out a stupid old bag was blocking my way..... =_= this is when i droped my phone and evidently lost it. Devastated i asked to use this young woman's phone. "MOM~~~~ i lost my phone!!!!" after my mom sounding like shes going to faint fone call, the women sympathized with me...

At work it was pretty hectic and busy. but apparently i was scheduled only til 11.. anyway. while scooping out icecream i saw a cute Taiwanese guy and i sed "i like ur hair" [in a not hitting on way] "oh.. thanks! I LOVE U TOO!" i nearly fell off the icecream stand when he said that. it was soo loud and sudden LOL. we talked for a bit. >.<>

Saturday- slept all day. went to tomelee went to bandshow. then went to eat at a taiwanese noodle house afterwards, got back my magazine from jake. I got to talk to toshi a bit. its hard to talk to toshi when mei is around because i always feel like i cant. Jay eats REALLY SLOW!!! hahahaa we all got our food at teh same time except for tim. but by the time tim got it jay was still eatng and the rest of us were finished. and by the time tim finished jay ALMOST finished. LOL>>>~~ so we all piled in Toshi's car and hamu had to sit on top of anderson. it was pretty funny. On our way to his car we went up to jay's car and shook it. and we laughed, and then when we headed to toshis car, jay backed up a bit and toshi got scared. hahaha

little tid bits= toshi stole jins hat a few times it was kinda fun to watch jin cover her head as she ran after toshi to get it back. and Toshi tried to light hamu's hair on fire a few times,, hamu;s hair is deflate proof, we hold it down and it bounced back up. in hte parkard we had a car music war. toshi's anime rock got beaten out by tims diru.

anyway, so we drove everyone to near joyce, were everyone else took thier cars. yet... i kept trying to tell toshi that my dads place is closer if u drove me home first, but he didnt listen and i had to make up drive me all the way back there T__Tl oh wells, this gave me some time to get to know him a bit more. Toshi is a pretty cool guy, i had some fun talking to him.

anyway i got home at 3

Sunday- found out the loli party is at 7. i went to vicky's after dropping off my bag at moms. we hanged out at her house for a bit and achieved hime gal hair~! yay~ and we went to the part at cheesecake, went downtown and took purikura and i went home. now im typing in my journal.

in conclusion; this week had elements of fighting with parents, [oh yea i managed to get a raise in my allowance] loosing ALOT of essential things, meeting and getting to know ppl better, carrying extremely heavy bags, and dressing in many different types of clothing...

Tommorrow i have work, and then i plan to apply for college on tuesday.. im soo tired out but its good type of tierd. ^_^

* * *

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Rocky Mountain Death Trap

yesturday was my 2nd day back at work. OMG i think i got 2 strained arms, a bruised finger and a cut arm hahahaa. the icecream was rock hard! i got to work with the new manager shes soo cool~! even though shes strict i happily do as she says. shes soo charismatic and cool. she used to live well all over the world, but where she lived in london was where all the movie stars did (ex. 3 blocks down from jude law). the only reason why shes in van is because her mom is sick so she came back to see her. She has a cool british accent.

Anyway as i sed the icecream is ROCKHARD no joke. My manager sprained her wrist on it! and it took like 10mins to scoop out a litre of icecream for the customer. and omg. the back bench on which u stand on to get leverage... there never used to be a gap in between the sections soo as i slid over to the yogurt/sorbet side... the costumer watches as the suddenly the worker dissappears. aka: i just fell off teh bench kinda comical but i bruised my finger in teh process. After teh manager decided to close the icecream for the day because of her injury and hazard, i was flattening the icecreams and in the process i got a cut on my arm from the bucket >.<... not to mention my arm is definatly strained from all that work~ XD

Well at least i dont have to think about v-day, ill get to hold LOTS of heart boxes and choclate roses and such ^______^........ for the costumers who are buying them for other ppl =_=l hahaha in anycase means im working. LOL

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My fun Groccery Experience

I never thought grocery shopping would be fun, but i guess if u throw in a hot guy and a shoping cart that glides smoothly across wide iles, and hes buy 144 dollars worth of snacks it was fun hahha.

So last night i got into an argument about going out today. but whatever i ended up doing so :p. During the day, alot of my lunch group was missing probably due to provs. Pelle [the entertaining hyperactive guy ] lined up 3 pieces of garbage and weaved through it like a soccer drill LOL. but then after he finished a teacher got mad at him and told him to pick it up or who ever put it out. Pelle of course refused to admit its his. but when asked everyone pointed at pelle LOL. he walked over to another secion and sat down still refusing. Eveutally Eric picked up 2 mian pieces and said since im a nice guy but there was still some more left, pelle still refusing.. after a long while i just stood up and picked it up. the teacher was like "now u got ur women picking up after u" "yea yea~ thats thier job" [of course this is sarcasm everyone] "thats not thier job, hey thanks for picking up, but its not ur job" hahahaa

after school i met up with Shane who was right on the dot on time. Hes acutally not as unconsiderate as he puts himself to be. he always answers calls, always on time, never let a lady carry his stuff or anything like that. hes actually gentleman 0_0. So after quick browsing, we went to TnT for him to buy his snacks for 3months HAHA.

but since i was there, and its boring just watching up put stuff in the chart and pushing it, i took the chart and pushed it for him, it was acutally very fun because it glided on the floor soo smoothly it was like driving. XD [not that i really know how driving feels] but basically i lean on it and walk. haha and talk to him while he puts stuff in which all happend to be things i love to eat too 0_oll again how scary is it to have to same taste even in food.

he told me i remind him of his housekeeper and i was doing such a great job lol~!~ anyway today nothing really special happened, just that it was fun ^_^l

My mp3 dropped and the screen went blank, i ask my mom where the warentee thing is for it, she said she gave it to me. i told her why would u do that???!~ id prolly give it abck to u cuz i don't trust i can keep it safe =_=;;; now i have to find gawd.... and we got into another argument.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Double Weekend Update

hings that happend since last weekend

friday; did alot of my moms stuff and boring boring boring
sat; i went to richmound as misa misa and vicky and i took lots of pictures, then we split off and i went to VIP. I phoned kai earlier because i know he lives downtown and i was very early. But he didnt answer. I think there wasnt many people? or i cant really remember. later he phoned me and apparently he was still working up at the mountain. He was telling me how cold it was etc. it was a nice convo. i ended up staying at khea's because she felt lonely because tetsu went back to japan for a bit.

I was SUPPOSED to go home early and finish my contest entry for AMG. but i felt bad that khea couldnt contact someone to hang out. So i decided to hang for a bit. I ended up being the bag lady because i was like bringing soo much stuff along with me. [because it was my dads weekend and he just droped off my stuff. i had another dress on top of one he just bought me] We watched the sunset at english bay while drinking coffee. ^_^

I did end up finishing my entry... at 4am in the mourning!!!!!!. OMG i skiped my mourning classes because i was WAAAAAAAy too tierd to function. then i found out i actually had til friday to hand it in =_=;; sux.

lets just skip the boring school days. and on to friday. I met up with khea and metro station and we walked around a bit after taking purikura. we drank some coffee and khea spoted a guy with really nice hair. we kinda looked at him a little and commented on how happy he looked while eating fries LOL. then he left. we continued talking for a bit and she filled me in on some funny stories that happened over the week. at around 6ish we decided to head back to get back home in time for dinner. We decided not to take the bus so khea doesnt have to pay fro transit. on our way out i saw a sillohette of a guy with nice hair in the next section of the skytrain. when we got off he got off too! it was the same guy! and then he was walking the same way as us. but he started to cross the street. i was contemplating wheather or not i should ask for msn. In the end i ran after him and taped him on the shoulder [he walks very fast] he jumped back like really drastically. i think i really really scared him. =_=;;; i asked very shyly for his msn contact. i was explaining that it wasnt just random and i dont normally do this. but his hair was really cool! anyway i rejoined with khea and she was laughing. she thought i pulled his arm or something the way he reacted LOL. anyway we got to my house and ate chiken for dinner. we FINALLY watched silent hill after wanting to for soo long. it was SOOOO GOOODDD.. afterwards we were going to watch more but we ended up chatting about stuff.

the next day we wokeup pretty late. we ate lunch and headed over to kheas, i kinda feel asleep cuz i cant seem to sleep in that much so i had lack of sleep. when i wokeup she was doing her hair. i couched her through how to use the curling iron. it turned out SOOO NICE!!!!! then she cooked some chicken and rice. now normally i dont like white meat but the way khea cooks i like anything she makes :3. we headed to the party. She wore a green sparkly dress with jesus diamante shoes and white JD coat. I wore white lace tanktop short black skirt with 4.5inch stellotoes[with sliver ribbons] and a black fur coat. we matched soo well.

the karaoke party was kinda fun, but i think it could hve been better, i got to meet lots of people and alot more chinese than usaul. it was pretty good. i also got to meet ena and M... i forgot her name but i remember she had the estique of toshiya it was soo cool~ i hope to hang with them more. clover forgot to give us the presents and so by the time she delivers them after khea gets back from japan shed have to get us both b-day presents too HAHHAAA~

afterwards everyone headed to joons, but before we went moonmoon, new hiroyuki, nozumi and akane khea and i went to eat mcDs. akane got a phone call and appearently 2 friends of hers are geting married but we were expecting someone died or something she made a even more surprizing loud noise than clover [yelling at parents] everyone at mcd stared.

we stayed at joons for a bit but everyone was tierd, so around 2ish we left. khea and i soon went to sleep woke up at around 1ish, we ate lunch and packed up. this time khea became the bag lady hahaha~ we walked down robson, and she bought some stuff for her hosts in japan at one of the suvenier stores there was a japanese guy with nice hair, he asked me "where are you going" i sed oh., i was at a party last night. "oh very beautiful" i think he ment mostly the shoes, but i guess its the whole ens amble of the coat and shoes and classy hair-do.

We passed by bebe on our way to skytrain and those fur protestors were giving us bad looks and shouting almost directly at us and trying to shove the pamphlets at us. i got a bit pissed off so when i was starting to cross the street i shouted at them "PEOPLE BEEN WEARING FUR FOR YEARS TO KEEP WARM SO SHUUUUTTUPP!!" khea was giggling, and i saw that i got mixed expressions, some were nodding thier heads some others were giving a 0_0 omg look and others were glaring. LOL i didnt care, i wanted to say it before cept unlike this time i wasnt wearing a nice fur coat. and to add to the effect i looked especially classy.

today i didnt go to school, i was very exuasted and tierd and i had a bad cold... sorry wendy ^^;;;. but i added a bunch of ppl that i met over the weekend. apparently the cool hair guy JUST broke up with his gf, and he went to metro to shop and get his hair cut by kingsway. apparently i made his day yay~ lol

oh yea i kinda chiped my tooth T_T its not very noticeable.... but still T__T i cant believe it happened. i was drinking beer and a person bumped into me and the beer bottle hit and chiped my tooth

Saturday, January 6, 2007

First Clover Then Me....

OL the foot curse finally got me this time it 95% succeeded LOL [inside joke khea should get it]. In other words i twisted my ankle -_-lll. Well the day started off like "shannon its snowing!!!" mmm?? [bah i must be dreaming, snowing? absurd....] when i woke up i went on comp for awhile and chatted then i got ready. I looked out the window and i was WOH~ whats that white stuff... holy shit it wasnt a dream it really IS snowing!!!

I went to metro to meet up with taka and yuri. Since it was snowing i decided to wear jeans... except im not confident with my legs... so i have to wear high shoes... so i wore my white platform sandals in which i thought where high enough NOT to get wet from snow.. apparently not. but oh wellz. As i was going down the steps of Metrotown station, i was untangling all the stuff i was holding [mp3 player and stuff] and my foot got caught on the rim of my jeans and i triped and stumbled down about 5 steps not acutally falling but i landed on my right ankle pretty hard and wrong. Im like SHIT! everyone around me is asking if im alright of course i sed im ok. But really i was cursing under my breath cuz i KNOW i twisted it. I walked it off trying to convince myself its OK.

So carrying on, I met up with Taka and Yuri and we took sticker photos. Afterwards we went to shu sha ya to eat lunch. Taka ordered gyoza, and Unagi Don, Yuri ordered Nabeyaki Udon [acutaly thats one of my faves too] and i ordered Tempura Udon. We chatted about random stuff having fun and such. Taka went to the washroom and Yuri and i talked some more. When he came back we were talking about Yuris goodbye party at Shananigans. She invited us along and we were YAY lets go kind of thing. Then we said Oh we should leave soon. where do we pay? and taka said.. yea.. about that.. he took out the recipt EH!? Yuri and i were kinda confused for a couple seconds but then realized that Taka acutally paid for our food when he went to teh washroom

We all went to downtown Yuri had to meet another friend of hers so we split off and taka and i chilled at blendz for a bit. We got to S--- whatever on time but then realized damn.. theres a guy whos like checking EVERYONES ID. theres NO WAY taka and i can get in T__T we waited for Yuri and Taka gave her her going away presents [a stuff toy, a pen and a box of chocolates]

Then taka and i went home. When i got home my family was watching ICEAGE 2 cool i never acutally watched that movie yet. We ate pizza and watched the movie it was pretty entertaining. Yet.. i realize now i only ate one slice of pizza... no wonder im hungery =_=; I went to bed early [10:45ish] but.. i woke up at like 12 because i couldnt sleep. i watched some Nobuta wo Produce til about 4ish and then tried to sleep.. No... its not working. this i why im up now typing a journal entry. Im hungery i have a headache and my ankle sorta hurts...

So here i am typing away on my laptop and eating an orange... im still hungery... LOL

But dont worry for those whom ive made plans with tmr... Things will still go as planned im not missing out cuz of a stupid injury! Yet... i dont think i can get away with wearing high shoes T___Tll dammit i got a date with a cute taiwanese guy tmr.. Haha. =_= i cant walk without a limp.... oh welllz i guess im going to have to explain.. [BUT NO WAY AM I CANCELING!!! >.<]

* * *

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Celebrations Update

OW its been awhile ne? sorry for my xmas entry being the only one that sounded like such a downer [as elle put it] haha, alot has happened but if i were to write in full detail like usuaul this will be like 3 pages long HAHA

Lets start where i left off.
Xmas Eve. Yes Me sitting in my room for most of the night cuz i was pissed at my mom for being a fucking clean freak and deducting 5 dollars for pens on the floor. [she also trailed off again, feel free to move out and went as far as u should consider moving out in January.] I did eventually was forced out to greet my cousin that came over and i talked to them for a bit and then ate dinner. After everyone went to bed i chatted with friends all night

Xmas day. Well i didnt get much sleep but oh wellz, we ate some breakfast and opened our presents.
What i got from Mom and stepdad:
-150 dollars in cash
-the tradition of xmas chocolate thats been going on since i was a kid toberon? [cant spell and too lazy to get up for it], ferrirocia? [dammit foreign eurpoean names], belgium sea shell chocolates. Normally we sometimes get terry's cocolate orange and lindor, but this year has been tight.
- My Hero My Boss drama

What i got from friends/work:
-Gals Manga #6 from candy
-Gals Manga #7 from Wendy
-Cellphone Key chain from Cindy [LOL i needed on, im still not used to my cell phone jingling when i take it out now because it has a bell on it
-Lolita Sewing patterns and a LOVELY cherisable written card by Elle OMG when i read the message i was so touched~ thankyou soo much~
-Chocolate Fondue set from my managers at work
-Backpack from Head office

Extended Family
Guess purse [nice but doesnt fit anything >.< ] Elf movie [which ill return for something else] 100 from uncle 100 from grandma

My Best friends:
Still yet to receive, we've been busy ne? too bad we weren't able to unwrap together` maybe next yr

We then got ready for xmas dinner; my mom yelled at me for not putting in the dishes facing the right way [confusing the hell out me they keep telling me different ways each time] then trailed into my house my rules u can move out whenever

Christmas dinner was at my uncles, I got to see my cousins and my extended cousin which i havent seen for awhile. It was pretty funny because theres 3 girls in total including myself which all have different asian mainstream styles. Natatasha age19; Canadian style [American Eagle etc], Vanessa age17: sporty azn canadian style [like TnA lulu Lemon BeBe] Me: azn style from asia. well mind isnt really mainstream all the time, but generally on the normal day it is.

We chatted alot got caught up sang kareoke, and opend presents. My grandma acutally forgot the token male cousins name OMG hahahaha we were like laughing like crazy because its like how can you forget the only male? hes like the prince [in terms of traditional values the son of the only son is like the precious one of the family] and then she remembered my older cousins name and Barely remembered my name.

We returned home and i talked to friends online some more but not too late because i had a big shopping day ahead of me.

Boxing day: Martin and i went shopping all day it was soo fun we also took some purikura

My finds: [where my xmas money went well i normally stash it away and save, but fuck that i want some stuff dammit~ ]
-2 party tanktops 23 dollars each reg 59dollars made in italy
-1 white blazer 45 reg 89
-1 white fuzzy fury jacket with crowns in the lining 39 reg100
-Dior crystal necklace 45 reg89
-boots 65 reg100
-leg warmers 10 reg12
-Hello Kitty bag that i can use for school and carry laptop 39 reg 80
-Dramas Nobuta wo produce, My girl, Princess hours
-Gals Manga #8 only one more left to go~
-King and clown movie

Martin got
-figurine of some sort
-White jacket from le chateau i helped him pick out 23dollars reg i cant remember
-black t-shirt
-and i think one more item which i forgot

Martin ate dinner at my place and we watched King and Clown. Martin made omlettes. My mom later yelled at me for not putting in the spatchula right. but i wasnt the one who put in it in. and ALMOST went into the move out if you want thing but martin was there

afterward, i went to my bedroom and chatted more online

Next day wasnt bad i stayed home and watched my hero my boss all day and my parents watched it
too. they liked it. At night i chatted til 6am with tim about random stuff

Thursday, I woke up really groggy and i got ready for lolita party, just when i was rushing to get stuff done mom pops in and gets me to do more housechores, >.<

Lolita party we ate lots of sweet things. and took some photos. Clover elle and i were co-ordinating and shadow, vicky, cupcake and megan were also co-ordinating. and we were sitting on opposite couches.

it was lolita picture war between the black and whites and the white and beiges. haha that was fun, then We left for the VIP party. Shadow, cupcake and elle went home and eric vicky clover, megan and i went to tinsle town to eat and met up with martin, then we met up with takashi on our way.

we got into the party and OMG khea was wearing the prettiest sexy blue dress. The usuaul talking to lots of ppl. martin wasnt really talking much he was kinda shy. Vince, and taka was having a hell of a time and socializing like crazy. Eric and Vicky socialized a bit. CLover was also socializing alot with me. As the night went on, Clover got really drunk and started crying Khea tetsu and i stood by her and tried our best to comfort her. Khea was the most involved. Such a great best friend. Tetsu was standing by showing his support. and I was kneeling down and doing hte best i can too. [but im not a type of person to show very much emotion. i got clover some more water. i wanted hug too, but i figure khea was doing a much better job and id be crowding. so i stoodby. ]

Yuiko, Megan, Khea, Clover, Tetsu and i went to Tetsus place by car. [tetsu just got a new car~] clover sobered up and she met up with her mom at 711 and she was driven home. Megan, Yuiko and khea was talking alnite, i was kinda sleeping due that i had like no sleep during the night before. Sometime during that, khea shoved crackers in my mouth and woke me up. Surprized me soo mcuh. we eveutally all went to bed at 4am. Khea made us breakfast and we talked some more. Yuiko and i exchanged purikura.

Yuiko and I walked Khea to london drugs to meet her friend Yuri. Then Yuiko met up with Taka at HMV. and i went to Kjs place to meet up with Kevin about some graphics stuff. He did a whole presentation to Steve and i about Parradoxx and such i was falling asleep SORRY i lacked sleep nowadays. sometimes i have difficulty with what kevin is saying. maybe im just not used to his kind of speaking style or his mind style? i went home for dinner. but before dinner i slept OMG i needed sleep. then after dinner i chatted with friends til 4

I met up with Willy and his friend Tony at 3:30. But the thing is that the first half of my day went to housework and i guess i wasnt really doing it all right and mom again with the move out when u want thing.

Anyway i met with them at CHQ, Willy is sooo good at intial d i was impressed. anyway we went to richmound i they went shopping [i finished mine already] i saw the victorian maiden dress vicky was talkign about. and Willy bought a sweatshirt and tony bought a sweatshirt and t-shirt. I bought some pants golden color and boots

on our way back we were talking finally in english so i can understand. Tony used to work at old work place. lol anyway we went back to metro ate dinner at Taisho. They were going to see a movie and invited me along but i didnt wanna see rocky. Anyway i sed goodbye and went to Kjs for Vip party. Taka was taking it up with Mina and Yuri, apparently Yuri has to go back on Jan 7th OMG

Sunday, Newyrs eve. i phoend everyone up but they were all busy so kjs party got cancelled. i worked from 4-9. clover was supposed to wait for me but she went home because she walked around downtown for 4hrs -_ll. vince picked me up and picked up clover. kj phoned me up and told me theres some ppl now. and then we went there but no parking so we didnt actually go in and the rest of the ppl went clubbing.

Then we went to option two, but wen we got there OMG that was so wierd i thought i was watching a movie or i was having a nightmare, we went in and it was 2 pot heads sitting on a couch like blobs. the guy who invited me looked like he wanna leave too. Vince told him we are getting beerr and we bouced. We were like we dont wanna spend newyrs in a car. so we raced to jeanies. good they were there and we counted down with Jordan and his gf mimi. we drank some rum and were happy. Clover got drunk again. and when we left she ran out and vince had to chase her. when we got her back she told me i cant stay over. anyway we drove her home and vince drove me home.

That was a wierd Newyrs eve...
Last yr i spent with jrock friends and my old band
the yr before i spent with anime ppl
an the yr before i spent with family

New Years Resolutions:
Apply for College
Get a better job
Reach ideal weight [100lbs]

Not much more, my outside life is perfect, my love life doesnt mater so much cuz really im having soo much fun. and my family life is shit, but screw them, ill be leaving sooner or later.

Anyway Happy New Year Everyone~