Tuesday, December 19, 2006


3 i just bought my laptop yesturday actually im usuing it now. though i cant seen to figure out how to set up wireless internet connection D:

it took me soo long to decide what i wanted but really i only reasearched for about 2 days in total though spaced out. I decided to get a sony after all. :3 and no my parents didnt pay for it, its all 100% earned by my 8/hr job hahaa. all my summer has gone into this and im pretty proud ^_^ soo im sooooo happy but hopfully i can get the wireless net working D; cuz i really would like to tranfer some files over from my desktop and not have to use a flash stick for it all, also i dont really appriciate pluging and unpluging the wire all the time. =_=

anyway the computer i got is a sony VGN-SZ320CP ^__^ 13 inch very light weight and slim ^__^ i was orginally going to get a 17 or 15 inch computer because i like big screens yet, i doubt id be carrying it cuz of the wieght and size.. so i decided on a 13" though my mom told me to Alot OF reasearch on it i think i did just fine just looking around asking some opinions of computer friends without doing like a million webpage reasearch. ^_^ also the salesman was very helpful. when i went to APower orginally to try to get the lambogini asus comp the guy i spoke to sounded so numnb and cold and BORED. when i went to loundon drugs in brentwood the lady that helped me was OK but she was more like directing me to different places and also, she was treating me as if im stupid or something. then the manager helped me (after deciding not to get lambo due to the fact id have to send it out to ontario i decided to get Macbook) he was really good, yet for some reason i wanst too fond of mac cuz for some reason the 13inch screen didnt look as good as the windows. i dont know why not to mention bootlegs are nearly impossible and im too poor to get everything mac.
so i went back to futureshop {i went their earlier after depositing my cheques at vancity at my free block] and then looked around alot. there i decided hummm hp toshiba or sony.. [was advised not to get sony cuz they load alot of software u dont need in it and its annoying to uninstall.. or somnething] alot of sales ppl trying to help me lol like 6 of them oh wellz maybe i looked like i was going to
buy one which i was lol. anyway this guy named moe really helped me and i finally narrowed it down to hp15 inch and the one i have now. but the 15inch hp only 2 were left display and open box and i wanted brandnew [never trust open boxes or display when it comes to computer] and sony IS lighter and slimer so i chose sony. ^__^

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