Saturday, December 16, 2006

Black Out

OMG there was a black out yesturday, my stepdad panicked and we all stayed in a motel for hte night. i didnt go to school because "my alarm clock didnt go off" [which was true by my mom woke me up] but real reason : no hot water to take a bath, no electicity to use hair dryer, and curler, and no light to see to put on my makeup.

Anyway, it was pretty cool i went out side my condo around 2pm and it was all dark like a horror movie. and in the stairwell too [cuz firealarm sounded and i had to get out]

When my parents came back we packed for motel and went. i washed my hair and we ate at asakusas. finding out our power went back on at 9pm. oh wellz, we stayed at the motel... but i couldnt sleep at all~!!!! My stepdad snores like a chainsaw and my mom was breathing soo heavily it was promeniently heard, also even my cat started to yell in his sleep. i was like wtf is this!? i put my mp3 player on and tried to go to sleep. only slightly sucessful... i woke at 8:30 -_p too early and then packed and ate breakfast.. but omg no sleep so i slept for the rest of the day til 2

random quote i came up with : Appearance is your gear, Love is your game and Personality is your skill

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