Tuesday, December 19, 2006


3 i just bought my laptop yesturday actually im usuing it now. though i cant seen to figure out how to set up wireless internet connection D:

it took me soo long to decide what i wanted but really i only reasearched for about 2 days in total though spaced out. I decided to get a sony after all. :3 and no my parents didnt pay for it, its all 100% earned by my 8/hr job hahaa. all my summer has gone into this and im pretty proud ^_^ soo im sooooo happy but hopfully i can get the wireless net working D; cuz i really would like to tranfer some files over from my desktop and not have to use a flash stick for it all, also i dont really appriciate pluging and unpluging the wire all the time. =_=

anyway the computer i got is a sony VGN-SZ320CP ^__^ 13 inch very light weight and slim ^__^ i was orginally going to get a 17 or 15 inch computer because i like big screens yet, i doubt id be carrying it cuz of the wieght and size.. so i decided on a 13" though my mom told me to Alot OF reasearch on it i think i did just fine just looking around asking some opinions of computer friends without doing like a million webpage reasearch. ^_^ also the salesman was very helpful. when i went to APower orginally to try to get the lambogini asus comp the guy i spoke to sounded so numnb and cold and BORED. when i went to loundon drugs in brentwood the lady that helped me was OK but she was more like directing me to different places and also, she was treating me as if im stupid or something. then the manager helped me (after deciding not to get lambo due to the fact id have to send it out to ontario i decided to get Macbook) he was really good, yet for some reason i wanst too fond of mac cuz for some reason the 13inch screen didnt look as good as the windows. i dont know why not to mention bootlegs are nearly impossible and im too poor to get everything mac.
so i went back to futureshop {i went their earlier after depositing my cheques at vancity at my free block] and then looked around alot. there i decided hummm hp toshiba or sony.. [was advised not to get sony cuz they load alot of software u dont need in it and its annoying to uninstall.. or somnething] alot of sales ppl trying to help me lol like 6 of them oh wellz maybe i looked like i was going to
buy one which i was lol. anyway this guy named moe really helped me and i finally narrowed it down to hp15 inch and the one i have now. but the 15inch hp only 2 were left display and open box and i wanted brandnew [never trust open boxes or display when it comes to computer] and sony IS lighter and slimer so i chose sony. ^__^

* * *

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Black Out

OMG there was a black out yesturday, my stepdad panicked and we all stayed in a motel for hte night. i didnt go to school because "my alarm clock didnt go off" [which was true by my mom woke me up] but real reason : no hot water to take a bath, no electicity to use hair dryer, and curler, and no light to see to put on my makeup.

Anyway, it was pretty cool i went out side my condo around 2pm and it was all dark like a horror movie. and in the stairwell too [cuz firealarm sounded and i had to get out]

When my parents came back we packed for motel and went. i washed my hair and we ate at asakusas. finding out our power went back on at 9pm. oh wellz, we stayed at the motel... but i couldnt sleep at all~!!!! My stepdad snores like a chainsaw and my mom was breathing soo heavily it was promeniently heard, also even my cat started to yell in his sleep. i was like wtf is this!? i put my mp3 player on and tried to go to sleep. only slightly sucessful... i woke at 8:30 -_p too early and then packed and ate breakfast.. but omg no sleep so i slept for the rest of the day til 2

random quote i came up with : Appearance is your gear, Love is your game and Personality is your skill

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Talkative Weekend

On friday; i met up with clover during school time and we went to crystal mall during b-block and luch and chatted for a long time since i havent seen her in like weeeks XD; it was fun. After school, I met up with elle and went downtown and she picked up some makeup; didnt soem money mart thing, and picked up hair dye from konbinya.

On saturday, i met up with khea and vicky. But before i left my dad's house i was making noodles and put my phone down.. in a puddle of water!. i didnt realize it til later when i went to get my phone and it was all wet~ =[ It was ok, but when i arrived at waterfront; i tried to call khea but it was off. im like ok..... i took out the battery a few times and tried to get it to start but it wouldnt i was starting to panic. Meanwhile this japanese guy was starring at me step closer towards me to try to approch me [prolly maybe to ask if he can help?] but kept stepping back shyly. anyway i was too much in a panic to ease his uneasyness by breaking the ice. Luckly i have the "master phone list" [as khea called it] of vip members phone numbers. I went to a pay phone and phoned khea. she was kinda lost so she was late. but yea, it all worked out fine.

So Vicky Khea and i walked around a bit and then ate crepes at crepe cafe. Afterwards Vicky went home and khea and i were phoning everyone to see if they are free and if they are going to vip. NONE of them were OR they were going to vip but busy at the moment. -_-ll

So starts Khea and my wandering around like last time before we phoned masa [masa couldnt save us from bordom this time] eventually we decided to go to tetsus and chill before vip there we looked through some stuff and ate noodles and chatted alot :3 it was fun

When we arrived at vip there was just kj and 2 korean girls there -_-ll oh no.. this isnt going to be like last time >.>.... anyway i drank some cider and THEN kj brought out some differnt german liqour 40%? and gave us shots. i was like... ah.. but that'd be mixing not good.. but i wanted to try it anyway because im always in search for alchol that i acutally like. it tasted like chinese cough medicine haha. a bit after i got a major headache. -_-ll yep i knew it. mixign for me. i get a head ache loose balace and get dizzy. but with only one cider and one shot i wasnt to the point that (i throw up too) just a bad headache. so kj gave me some tylenol and i was ok.

I chatted for awhile with cbc sherman and cbc wannabe albert haha we spoke some canto :3. And then i was talking to Ami who was telling us about her new workplace and shes giving 20% discount. It then led on to the conversation about how she worked at AIR in aberdeen. i was like OMG do you know Shu Takagi? and she was like YEA he plays in a band right? yea! omg small world! and she told me about this other girl who said that and i was like is that ICEY? YEA!! LOL that was soo funny.

Later, Moon Moon, Julian, and a new guy named Junpei showed up. When i saw Junpei i was like OMG hes fucking cute! he didnt even enter the main room before khea and i started talking to him. [the narrow hallway where the kitchen is] anyway, Junpei Yamashita, 22yrs old, japanese, Osaka, used to be a vocal in band, likes many types of music. We talked to him for a bit. And i talked to him for the rest of my duration at vip.

I left with Moon Moon, Julian, and Junpei becaues i didnt wanna go to skytrain alone. We talked some more. but nothign really worth remembering. we got to the skytrain RIGHT before the last train came. BUT i didnt know how to get home by broadway. MoonMoon showed me to the right bus that will take me to granville and then i can transfer to 98; he then gave me 20 for a cab if i so happen to miss it [aww sweet of him]

As i rode on the bus i saw a familer face. later i approched the guy and asked if he worked at a camp and he said YES. camp douglas! i was like OMG i went there! really? i was tuck!OH OH i remember u! my name is shannon. OH!!!!! i remember you. we talked a bit about camp douglas and stuff, and then about alchol. anyway when we went of the bus he told me hes going to walk because there isnt enough ppl standing for the bus so it will take too long. well it wouldnt take very long with pot. but oh shoot i dont have any rollies. do you have any? i told him that i dont smoke pot. and we huged and went our separate ways.

guess what? the 9 bus took me where the 98 would have taken me anyway! so i walked up towards dads house, and not having moon moon's number i phoned junpei and talked to him while i walked. then i talked to moon moon telling him about where the 9 bus took me and ill give him back the 20 and he told me to keep it. a date is better. i laughed and said ur not serious right? and he was like yea! IM SERIOUS hahaahaa. [o_0 i like moonmoon but not in that way.. acutally i think i sorta like junpei] then he passed the phone to junpei because junpei's stop was there. and junpei talked to me til i reached my dads. :3

a little note. when junpei heard i worked at rockymountain he told me he pass by that shop ALOT. and i remembered a small snapshot of a guy who walked by who was cute that i starred at and he starred at me and it was him! but he didnt remember haha. lol.

I woke up at 11 and phoned Khea. Khea told me that Megumi hasnt gotten back to her yet and she decided to hang wiht her dad. i phoned Megumi later, and she didnt answer but i continued to get ready. I told my dad that ill be hanging with him since megu didnt reply. but then he told me to phone her again and she DID answer. We met up at 2 at burrad and went to metro to take purikura.

We walked a bit and talked a bunch. then we went to my place and she looked through some magazines watched ayu live, and i showed her some music and pictures and some interesting clothes i have [cosplay and lolita] we talked some more and we traded some purikura. :3 it was fun. she stayed over for dinner and my family liked her. :3 which is GOOD image for VIP. i told my mom that alot of ppl at vip are like her. :3

Aferwards we droped her off at skytrain, and lindsay jr at home and i helped mom do grocceries. -_-ll and this is why i dont have enough time to finish the stuff i wanted to do.. oh wellz. at least i was able to write this all down but now im too lazy to say more. haha