Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Part-8 VIP at Wings

Friday was pretty dead, we were going to go watch james bond but my stupid stepdad isnt used to movies selling out etc. so we went to asakusa and ate sushi

Saturday;during the day was hella boring but oh wells around 8ish i head to vip party at wings
I was wearing my silver stelletos :3 anyway i missed the bus so i walked to joyce, then when i got to granville i realized that the section is still blocked and had no clue how to bus down to davie.. so i walked.... it was a long walk.,.. LOL

I finally got there and i saw megan there~ whee! the first hr was just casual catching up etc. We were SUPPOSED to have food... but we were the only table who didnt T_Tl oh wellz. After awhile we all got up and everyone was drinking beer and socailizing. i got to meet a bunch of ppl.

Around 10:30ish a couple japanese guys came in. they seem a little excluded (or rather not really reaching out) so i started talking ot one of them. Hiro, 24yrs old japanese.

He seemed like a very cool guy his past job was dj in japan and he told me that his fave rock band is Diru ^___^ so we talked a bunch. But the floor was starting to get empty... so we went upstairs to find everyone else i tried to get him involved with talking to others but it wasnt so successful.

Then i met Albert who was alreayd drunk from a previous party and his friend Sherman and his girlfriend ami who are my group leaders. Albert kept whining for me to drink more. LOL he wanted more ppl to be drunk so he would be alone. He told me i look like a strong drinker. ( i was like.. humm i think im not bad now but i dont drink often) so yea i drank some of his beer and half his smirnof? i cant spell.. T_T; anyway then he bought me mina and yuri caronas and YAY i finally found something i like ~ ^__^.

Some funny random notes to mention
KJ took off his shirt to taught Sherman to do so as well but Ami stoped him
Masa HAHA... soft grinded with Levi for 3 seconds and then gave a WTF look and pushed away. LOL it was a joke but it was soo funnY~ haha "ne.. masa.. i didnt know you liked guys " "SHUTUP!"

Soon after that we all travelled to KJs
I talked to Hiro alot and we got to know each other better. He started to play wiht my hair. about 2:30ish Meg and Maiko and i had to catch the bus to UBC. Hiro came along. The wind was cold so he put his arm around me to keep me warm. Some guys were whistling at meg maiko and i and he went closer to make it more discouranging. When we got to the bus stop i wave goodbye when i got on the bus.

Humm hes a very nice guy and hes cool too. But the main problem is that hes leaving to go back to japan on Dec7th.. not long enough for me.. also long distance relationships are a pain.. so i guess i will have to wait once again.. T___Tll

We got to UBC around 3:30ish and then we had to walk awhile =_= by this time my feet were is soo much pain! THen Jun phoned me but i was very breif and cold. He later texted me to ask me what was wrong did he do something ot upset me cuz i sounded very cold. I shall have to call later to explain " my feet hurt, it was cold, and i was hungery" LOL

When we go to maikos we got changed and took off our makeup and then we sat down to eat gyoza ^__^ maikos gyoza is AWESOME! then we went to bed and i slept on the couch. When we got up in the mornign Maiko made us toast and then Me and Meg went off cuz we both have work. Meg's dad picked us up and he drove me to skytrain.

Orignal: Clover and Shannon go to Wings. Clover and Shannon leave at 12. Clover and Shannon Arrive at her house 20ish mins later. Shannon then calls when she wakes up and head home by 98 bline and phone when she gets to broadway.

What really happend: Clover went to church and never came. Shannon phoned mom to say she was "leaving" Then 20mins later went to a quiet place and said that she "arrived" Actually left Vip at 2:30am. Went to Maikos. Got driven by Megs dad, Phoned when she got to broadway and then when home

LOL yea.. it was pretty funny Meg also had to lie to say why i was there. LOL. We met Shannon on our way to safeway and she invited us to this party and we ate pizza ^_^.

So that was my little adventure

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