Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend- part 7

After school on friday it was pouring rain. (just like everyday of this weekend) i went to some girls appartment rect room to watch them learn dance with Jason He. I watched for a bit but i got bored quickly not to mention everything was in mandarin so i didnt understand a thing. So i went home. Jason walked me to the skytrain and then took it to joyce with me and waited for the bus with me and then went back. On my way to skytrain Chris Le from Gladstone phoned me to ask if i would like to go to his b-day party. I declined because my friends were working, and i dare not go to a nammer party alone.

Friday nite, i went over to dads and watched a couple movies. Cruel Intentions, and the Cruel Intentions 2. It was such a good movie but about half way through i realized. HEY! this is exactly like Dangerous Liassions that i watched in Liturature 12 class last yr. And guess what? it is a remake mondern adaption to it. LOL cool it was a very good story

Saturday. The first part of saturday mainly was sleeping OMG i cant believe i slept til 2:30pm.. The rest was towards searching for my homecoming dress. (OMG i cant believe i forgot to hand in that stupid application form for prom queen. oh wellz. too bad for me) i wont say waht it looks like until after homecoming ^_~. then my dad and i went to richmound and ate dinner.

Clover phoned me and told me the news of getting fired. She seemd kinda loopy so i guess she was kinda drunk lol. She was contemplating weather she sould go to VIP or not but decided in the end to stay with her brothers in richmound.

So my dad drove me to Downtown but it was still quite early so we went into HMV. I bought 30secs to mars cd becaues im going to thier concert so yea, i want it to be signed. ^_^ I also WANTED my chemical romance cds but thatd bring my bill to like 50 dollars haha.

I got to KJs around 9ish. not many people came til 10. I met some new ppl and talked alot to many differnt people. This guy name HY did my fortune with a deck of cards. after the process my result was the King card. He said " you want a boyfriend. i think you will find one soon" it was soo damn true. 0_0 he also did someone elses fortune and it came out with differnt stuff it was veyr interesting i dont know how it all worked. and he did alot more tricks amazed me alot. I know thers some way of doing it but i was impress nevertheless.

Masa finally came and it was quite fun "shes my sister" "hes my brother" haha and tetsu joined in too. At around 1:30am Yuichi and Howard (masa's friends) and i left the party. We went to eat viet noodles and talked alot. At around near to 3:00am Chris foned again askoing where i was and he wanted to meet me , we waited for a bit but then i was like er.. i dont really wanna meet him so i told chris that i had to go home and i did. Yuichi drove me home and i was exausted so i went straight to bed.

Today pouring rain agian but luckly i phoned Alex to find out if OH SNAP thing is on or not. IT was but changed locations to SFU. GOOD this gave me a chance to drop off my stuff at my moms and then go to photoshoot wihtout a gaint bag. I was sad to see no raito T_T; and well no deathnote at all. BUT what made up for it was angel sacutuary~~~~~~ OMG SENTSUNA!!!!!!!!!!! *cough* >.> yea. my inner fangirl came out to play today. haha so we took alot of good pictures. My favorite set is with clover in the bathroom 0_o; haha also i like the last set with sentsuna ^__^ <3>.> \

So i nice wholesome fun weekend ^__^

* * *

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