Monday, November 6, 2006

Weekend Part-6

Slowly getting calmer as we settle down.

On friday; I went to Simons b-day party. T_T Jake couldnt make it. It was really fun and i got ot meet lots of new people. LOL i was the only girl til Lin showed up and this other girl about a couple hours later. I actually knew about half the table. And for those i didnt know i sat with them so i got to know them LOL.

There was SOO Much food~ but Korean BBQ is soo damn tasty i eat WAYY over my being full. AHHAA. I like how i get to cook the meat just the way i like. It was pretty funny, beacuse we kinda split into 2 groups each on the each end of the table. and simon in the middle. left alone HAHA. soon after he joined us. Dont you just hate it when ppl split into groups at parties? (but it cant be helped it happens all the time, -_-ll its just hard on the host)

Ugh, acutally i forgot alot of stuff that went on on that party lol, i just remember that i was being extreemly sarcastic. though i think simon gets that out of me haha. when we sang happy b-day it was like happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday... whats his name? HAHAA i was joking of course but made everyone laugh. haha.

Saturday.. Dammit, i was soo pissed on Sat. I had to stay home and clear out my room for renovations. its like a full day of cleaning! i hate that soo much so at teh end of hte day i NEEDED to go out. But Khea had to work, Clover went to church, and Masa was tierd. -_-ll so after waiting around Khea phoned me on her break and told me to just go anyway. So i went

As i approched Stadium my parents offered to drive me (they were around there). but theres 3 exits on staduim. one up, and another near GM place, and another at TnT.Again with stupid parents not understanding my directions. STUPID lindsay told me to wait at TnT and when they arrived all mad at ME for not standing at hte right place, he denied it! FUCKER. they kept saying UR the one who kept saying TnT. gawd. stupid. anyway i got to KJ's and funy enough he just phoned me when i got to the door. HAHA so i went up. I met a bunch of new ppl and some people i knew before as well

This one guy Moon Moon was pretty funny. Hes 26 yrs old. and so when he found out that im 17 he ws like aww. but then found out that 18 it doenst matter whome you date its legal. and so hes like have a date with me when ur 18 lol im like 0_o;;; er..

As the night went on more drinking but light drinking. I can tell hes getting a bit buzzed. hes soo funny he really reminded me of GTO. just his gestures and "aura" So when we sat in a circle i peaked in to see whats up and he rested his elbow on my shoulder and told Jay " this is my girlfried" i shook my head. haha and then he said" well not really, but my future girlfriend so no one touch her" im like 0_o.ll ok...

So i had to leave at 11:00pm because my mom came to pick me up. 4 guys walked me out! 0_0 wow i was like whoa.. and moon moon was like "im her body guard no one touch her shes my future wife!" im like haha 0_o and Jay i guess gave me a bit of support as i looked like i was going to fall while putting on my boots in the dark. Moon Moon was like "ah ah ah dont touch her~ " HAHAAA

But i left my umbrella, cept it already took me soo long to put on my boots! 5 guys went and looked for it. 0_0 it became kinda like a competition. Moon Moon won. He ran out with it like a happy guy with a gold metal it was soo funny! and gave me my umbrella. KJ and Tony walked me to the elevator. and then Tony walked me all the way down. (he also wanted a cig) and that was that. Glad i went Thx khea!

Sunday- Working
I was supposed to help dad with some chinatown event but i needed sleep i really did and i got it, You dont know how GOOD it feels not to be fatigued! but i dont think it will last long lol. At work it was a pretty easy day. well not really but normal i guess. The icecream was ROCK solid! and i strained my arms getting customers icecream T_Tl. Appearently some TV star came in that day. all the girls were like omg hes soo hot. im like i guess so if i was into white guys. But they were soo entertaining~ haha the customers after that had roses and ordered alot of hedgehogs, we thought aww cute gift for girlfriend. and he said no, its for my moms b-day XDD omg how sweet

so i got home around 10ish and i kinda chilled. and so ended my not SOO interesiting weekend compared to the rest but intresting enough to write about ^__^

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