Thursday, November 23, 2006

Homecoming Yeah BABY~

Homecoming was SOOO AWESOME~!!!

What we wore
Clover= Red Dress tight fitting, dips down low on the chest area, med-short length flowly material. epire waist white shoes w/ 2.5 inch? heel
Soh jung- Dark red lace long dress tight fitting sandles w/heel
Me- Gold and Black chinese style dress med length, with rose [western] pattern, shiny purple 4inch stelleto sandles

As soon as i got home from school i washed my hair, did my makeup, and my nails. I went ot soh-jungs first and we all went to homecoming together. it was cold waiting outside for them to let us in, but at least it wasnt raining ^__^. when they let us in they took our bags and checked them then took our cellphone and go-card and put em all in a bucket.As we waited in line for coat check, clover ran off and started to dance and soh jung brought her back.

When we entered the dance, clover danced alot. ^__^ soh jung and i were pretty much standing still. [i take awhile to warm up]. Later i started to dance alot more. Im not going ot tell you all the details step by step but here are the highlights:
-i got to dance around matt and friends for 2/3 of the dance
-clover danced with about 5 guys that i saw? and she went into the middle of the circle once
-i got ot slow dance with matt
-last song i danced with matt
- i danced with larrisa im sure that made her happy
-i also danced with clover

There were free drinks and some brownies.

Who won mr. & ms rebel?
Mr. Derek.- Hes a really cool black guy whos one really good dancer hes such a cool guy im glad he won~
Ms. Angela? - i didnt want her to win.,. i wanted hee young to win but oh wells, i didnt like her much because she reminded me of tiffany tam (someone i hate) Loud and Canadain style. A bit on the chubby side

THe dance was soo cool,. with everyone in such beautiful semi formal outfits, girls in stelleto sandals, guys in dress shirt tie and pants it was soo cool. As the night went on some girls took off thier shoes and all teh guys took thier ties off. and opend thier shirt a bit [it was really hot] It was sooo sweet i looked into the crowed and it looked like a asian nightclub. I was soo happy

afterwards matt and jojo walked me to the back entrance of the school. and helped me walk [ i was like limping] and then my mom picked me up about 30mins later. While waiting i saw this guy waiting for a girl named vivian. And when his friend came, He looked at me very intrested on who i was but the girl came soon, so he and i never got each other names' he was kinda cute

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