Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Date with Hiroyuki Tokunaga

First i went to richmound to get fake lashes for homecoming. I dont really need them but with my really high black liner, you cant see the top lashes much. it was pouring rain. I got it and looked around a bit for a winter coat. found a really nice one, yet... i didnt like the buttons and it was 368 T_Tl but yea its a good price but i cant afford. When i was heading down, i saw eric ex drummer from embryos. at first i saw him from behind and i was like hey cool guy. wait.. maybe its a girl... then i went down and i foudn it out it was him, i sed hi talked a bit and exchanged email. then i headed for the bus.

I waited for hte bline for 45mins! Omg I think there was some sort of accident... I saw like 10 blines go by on the opp side and none on my side, IT was pouring rain and i was SOO cold.. i was like getting frozen. This girl beside me was driving me nutz. She was a plain azn with no sigficant redeeming features on body or face [not thin, but not fat] dried out looking skin, black frizzy hair in a ponytial, no fashion sense, SHe buged hte hell out of me cuz she kept leaning over to see if the bus have arrived and each time it would get my hopes up but it wasnt =_l; so annoying

I finally go on the bus at 6:53. and then i rode it to downtown. At first i ALMOST thought i missed my stop cuz hte windows are foggy and i fell asleep but i didnt. By the time i got to robson and granville it was 7 something. i was late. [7:20?] but i called hiro earlier saying i was going to be late. So he wasnt there yet. I waited for 10mins for him to arrive. He appolgized for being soo late. But it was really me who was late. He noticed i was VERY cold so he lent me his scarf. He put his arm around my sholder as we walked,. We went to a japanese resturant Sakae. IT was near the karaoke place i went to with clover and some japanese guys.

It was kinda awlkward we were both quite shy. Eventually He ordered the stuff. He was friends with the waitresses and they were really surprized to find out i wasnt japanese. LOL they keptd looking at me all night trying to figure out what nationality i was. We ate california roll, chicken karrage, rainbow roll, gyoza, and green tea icecream

As we ate we talked and i found out that he used ot work at a night club named Loop in Shibuya. amnd lots of other random stuff. When we finished he walked me to burrard. he liked my hair he said it feels like silk and likes to stroke his fingers through it alot. He likes to put his head on mine and kiss the top of my head short and sweetly [only 2x through out the date] when we got to burrard we huged and then we stared at each other like we were going to kiss then i smiled and said goodbye. LOL he gave a smile like he was thinking what i was thinking and he understood and sweetly smiled and said goodbye as well.

My thoughts: Hes a really sweet guy, very gentlemen like and a great fashion sense. Only problem is that hes going back to japan on Dec7th T_T;; otherwise since we both like eachother it would have probally turned into something more. just that 2-3 weeks just isnt enough time.. Dammit my timing is off once again

Also.. i think i lost my go card T___Tl;

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