Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hiro goodbye date

Hiro arrived and we went to chq and took purikura. Afterwards we walked around a bit. he wanted to see some asssorie store so i took him to mimosa. But we didnt actually get to go because i ran into... SAYA~ wtf. i thought he went oh and CINDY! haha goood good i have never taken puris with them so this was my chance! so we went to chq again. On our way i saw matt and his gf.i got to meet her and shake her hand shes just as beautiful in real as in photo. but before that cindy had to go washroom and so i went with her and talked. yea.. and she understood my situation n such. We ended off with hey did you know clover got the job in mexx~ today is her first day~. And cindy was like OOh really she got in~?!

and so we went and took purikura. While we were there we also met up wiht jessica and anderson, yet there is enough room for 6 ppl in a puribooth.. haha. afterwards we split even though i would have much liked ot celebrate saya b-day, today was my last day.

so we walked around for awhile. he bought me a mango pudding cake, and he bought himself a slice of cake as well. we sat and ate. we looked around somemore we visited clover. alot of peopel i know walked by they were all starring to see who i was with but thats not really new and then it was time for him to go home. i walked to skytrain. my mother phoned and told me i should turn back and buy a bus pass. but i was like no not now, i have something i need to do.

we went up the esculator, and we went into the skytrain. between metro and joyced we huged firmly. when the annocement came "next sation is joyce" we kissed. then huged and then i left and watched as the doors closed and i sed "sayonara.." i waved goodbye as tears started to form. but managed to still smile because he loves my smile. and i wanted this image to be perfect. because...

Goodbye.. Hiroyuki Tokunaga

[afterwards i listend to mushi by dir en grey as i bussed home, im clear now, i finished and this is the end. goodbye goodbye goodbye]

2009 update-> [kept in contact all this time going to meet again soon ^_^]

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yuki to Ame

Fond memories and expriences tend to link with rain and snow... i dont know why but my very cherished memories have to do with rain or snow....

Yesturday i went to Hiroyuki's Farewell party. To my surprize i acutally knew a few people there. for the first bit i was mostly just talking to girls. later on Hiro came around and talked to me a bit. He brought me to his room where he huged me. i started to cry. he calmed me down and eventually we sat down and talked.

He told me he loved me. I told him though weve known each other for only a week we only saw each other 3x including the first day we met. then he told me that he fell in love with me at first sight. obviosly a logical "red flag" stuck up. but i looked into his eyes and nothing could have been more sincere.. then i told him that there isnt enough time... you will be leaving and i wont be going to japan for 6yrs. he told me he will wait for me. As much as that soulds sweet again logical mind says thats unreasonable... but he was sincere. It made me very sad.... because i really like him too. but.. its cruel to keep him but its sad to let him go.. yet.... it appeared as much as i tried to let him go he was willing to give soo much with out any garentee of having anything in return.....

"I love you, ill never forget you... i will wait for you it doesnt matter your decision ill wait for you" made me cry again.. "aww... dont cry.... your smile is the most beautiful thing.. please smile for me" it took me awhile to pull myself together again [5tissues later]i explained to him that i was very confused cuz on one hand i want to keep him but on another hand i know how i move on quickly... but that was the same thing that i thought when harry and i broke up.. its nothing ill move on... it took me a year to do so.. then again.. the time is shorter, and the length of time apart is longer... and.. yea... with all this thought out now... i think i will move on.. but when i see his face i really felt such a strong connection.. almost as if i can acutally see me staying with him in the future...

I then went on to tell my story of my last bf [yes i know its not good to talk about ur ex but this was realivent] and why i feel the way i do. After a long talk he walked me to 98bline to catch the last bus.. i missed it.. T_Tl; so walking back in the wet snow, i stayed at his house. I was very hungery and i cooked him and myself some eggs. he really liked it. 2 other girls along with shogo were there too. It was about 4am when we went to bed.

there was a bed and a mattress on the floor. we slept separately.. but there was only one blanket. so we draped it over both of us but with the height differnce between the bed and mattress on the floor it was quite separeted. I couldnt sleep. I felt hot when the blanket was on me, cold when it wasnt. i felt light headed and hiro gave me some pills. i felt better after that. but of course medicine usaully takes about 30mins to kick in meanwhile i layed my head on his lap and slept. lol.. i wonder how unconfortable it was for him to sleep like that his leg must have been loosing circulation 0-Ol

the next morning i took a shower put on makeup and then watched a bit of live action deathnote on shogos computer and hiro made breakfast/lunch. afterwards he then walked me to skytrain. it was snowing. This next scene reminded me a bit like nana but less dramatic. when we lined up for the 98bline we got on and then he steped off last minute. As the bus drove i watched him as i waved goodbye.

i looked out the window and starred at teh falling snow...

[conclusion: as much as i felt like he was like the one.. i shall have to wait for mr right that comes at the right time... maybe ill let hiro go after i recive his first tegami from japan... hopfully it will make it easier for him to let me go for his own good. I know this is a bit chessy,,,, but these are my real thoughts and i can tell the difference between fraud and sincerity.. and everything he said he said wiht his heart.. which is why this short lived love story has a sad ending... just like the last... rain and snow.. the formula for cherished memories..]

* * *

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Homecoming Yeah BABY~

Homecoming was SOOO AWESOME~!!!

What we wore
Clover= Red Dress tight fitting, dips down low on the chest area, med-short length flowly material. epire waist white shoes w/ 2.5 inch? heel
Soh jung- Dark red lace long dress tight fitting sandles w/heel
Me- Gold and Black chinese style dress med length, with rose [western] pattern, shiny purple 4inch stelleto sandles

As soon as i got home from school i washed my hair, did my makeup, and my nails. I went ot soh-jungs first and we all went to homecoming together. it was cold waiting outside for them to let us in, but at least it wasnt raining ^__^. when they let us in they took our bags and checked them then took our cellphone and go-card and put em all in a bucket.As we waited in line for coat check, clover ran off and started to dance and soh jung brought her back.

When we entered the dance, clover danced alot. ^__^ soh jung and i were pretty much standing still. [i take awhile to warm up]. Later i started to dance alot more. Im not going ot tell you all the details step by step but here are the highlights:
-i got to dance around matt and friends for 2/3 of the dance
-clover danced with about 5 guys that i saw? and she went into the middle of the circle once
-i got ot slow dance with matt
-last song i danced with matt
- i danced with larrisa im sure that made her happy
-i also danced with clover

There were free drinks and some brownies.

Who won mr. & ms rebel?
Mr. Derek.- Hes a really cool black guy whos one really good dancer hes such a cool guy im glad he won~
Ms. Angela? - i didnt want her to win.,. i wanted hee young to win but oh wells, i didnt like her much because she reminded me of tiffany tam (someone i hate) Loud and Canadain style. A bit on the chubby side

THe dance was soo cool,. with everyone in such beautiful semi formal outfits, girls in stelleto sandals, guys in dress shirt tie and pants it was soo cool. As the night went on some girls took off thier shoes and all teh guys took thier ties off. and opend thier shirt a bit [it was really hot] It was sooo sweet i looked into the crowed and it looked like a asian nightclub. I was soo happy

afterwards matt and jojo walked me to the back entrance of the school. and helped me walk [ i was like limping] and then my mom picked me up about 30mins later. While waiting i saw this guy waiting for a girl named vivian. And when his friend came, He looked at me very intrested on who i was but the girl came soon, so he and i never got each other names' he was kinda cute

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Date with Hiroyuki Tokunaga

First i went to richmound to get fake lashes for homecoming. I dont really need them but with my really high black liner, you cant see the top lashes much. it was pouring rain. I got it and looked around a bit for a winter coat. found a really nice one, yet... i didnt like the buttons and it was 368 T_Tl but yea its a good price but i cant afford. When i was heading down, i saw eric ex drummer from embryos. at first i saw him from behind and i was like hey cool guy. wait.. maybe its a girl... then i went down and i foudn it out it was him, i sed hi talked a bit and exchanged email. then i headed for the bus.

I waited for hte bline for 45mins! Omg I think there was some sort of accident... I saw like 10 blines go by on the opp side and none on my side, IT was pouring rain and i was SOO cold.. i was like getting frozen. This girl beside me was driving me nutz. She was a plain azn with no sigficant redeeming features on body or face [not thin, but not fat] dried out looking skin, black frizzy hair in a ponytial, no fashion sense, SHe buged hte hell out of me cuz she kept leaning over to see if the bus have arrived and each time it would get my hopes up but it wasnt =_l; so annoying

I finally go on the bus at 6:53. and then i rode it to downtown. At first i ALMOST thought i missed my stop cuz hte windows are foggy and i fell asleep but i didnt. By the time i got to robson and granville it was 7 something. i was late. [7:20?] but i called hiro earlier saying i was going to be late. So he wasnt there yet. I waited for 10mins for him to arrive. He appolgized for being soo late. But it was really me who was late. He noticed i was VERY cold so he lent me his scarf. He put his arm around my sholder as we walked,. We went to a japanese resturant Sakae. IT was near the karaoke place i went to with clover and some japanese guys.

It was kinda awlkward we were both quite shy. Eventually He ordered the stuff. He was friends with the waitresses and they were really surprized to find out i wasnt japanese. LOL they keptd looking at me all night trying to figure out what nationality i was. We ate california roll, chicken karrage, rainbow roll, gyoza, and green tea icecream

As we ate we talked and i found out that he used ot work at a night club named Loop in Shibuya. amnd lots of other random stuff. When we finished he walked me to burrard. he liked my hair he said it feels like silk and likes to stroke his fingers through it alot. He likes to put his head on mine and kiss the top of my head short and sweetly [only 2x through out the date] when we got to burrard we huged and then we stared at each other like we were going to kiss then i smiled and said goodbye. LOL he gave a smile like he was thinking what i was thinking and he understood and sweetly smiled and said goodbye as well.

My thoughts: Hes a really sweet guy, very gentlemen like and a great fashion sense. Only problem is that hes going back to japan on Dec7th T_T;; otherwise since we both like eachother it would have probally turned into something more. just that 2-3 weeks just isnt enough time.. Dammit my timing is off once again

Also.. i think i lost my go card T___Tl;

Monday, November 20, 2006

One Fucking Awesome Concert

Today i didnt have school. So i went with my mom to go shopping for some stuff. I met up with mike and molly at around 4ish and we went to eat pizza at joyce. Then we took the transit down to croatian centre.

The line up already started for the 30 seconds to mars concert. [5:00] the doors finally opend at 6:30 and i rushed to the washroom XD haha. at 7:30 the opening band Croba Starship played. Thier musical skills were not bad thier showmanship was good but i just didnt like thier style LOL. anyway, after that i started to make my way to the front. it was really difficult cuz it was jamed packed.

This other band came on before tsm but they really got us hyped up. At this point i was about 10-12 from teh front and off to the side a bit. by the time tsm came on stage i was 7-8th from the front and right in the middle. IT was damn awsome but i really coudnt breath and if i didnt stick my arms out to create a mini box for myself i would have probally really suffocated. LOL but im strong ^_^; Some ppl around me were kinda worried about me because of my small size. [being one of the few azns there i was pretty much one of hte smallest and shortest. lets just say i was about 1foot shorter than everyone]

While i was there i kept getting elbows in my face and throat, blond frizzy hair in my face, hair and body completely drenched in sweat of mine own and others around me. It was soo packed if i managed to jump up i could stay up with out my feet touching the ground lol. I got kicked in the head a few times by surfers, and one time a surfer fell down and then another fell on top of her, and then another fell on top of him and took me down too. we helped them up and i jumped 3 spaces in teh comfusion. Now i was around 4th from the front.

Jared jumped off stage and body surfed a little bit i got to hold his hand for a second and then held up his leg a bit. that was soo cool! i then got hit by a rose and then another surfer. Now i moved up the 3rd and i stayed there for awhile, i got about half way to 2nd but then i started to feel light headed and almost like i was going ot faint from lack of oxygen and water. I started to fall back. Good thing was people are pretty much more than happy to let you go backwards haha. i got my hair caught on some guy's sleeve and then i made my way to the food counter and ordered a bottle of 7up. i drank it down as i watched the rest of hte show 1/4 left sitting in the back on top of a table. I was happy i got to touch jared so good i didnt have to fight anymore i was satisfied. After they finished we lined up for autographs. I got them all to sign my cd and jared to write my name on the cover ^____^.

Bruise count so far: ok i know bruises take awhile to show up but some have already emerged or hurt so that i can tell it will turn into a bruise
left shoulder one big one, right elbow 2 small ones
right theigh really big one.. some kicked me.

and i think i have a tender spot on my eyebrow now but good circulation so it wont bruise thankfully.

sore throat and sore neck, and sore legs.

But you know what it was all worth it. I got my cd signed and im damn happy~

side note Hiro phoned me 2x. first time it was when the opening band was playing and i shouted im at the concert. 3rd time was after i left the maush pit? and i told him im STILL at the concert and held up my phoned to let him hear. LOL yea.. haha

* * *

Weekend Part-8 VIP at Wings

Friday was pretty dead, we were going to go watch james bond but my stupid stepdad isnt used to movies selling out etc. so we went to asakusa and ate sushi

Saturday;during the day was hella boring but oh wells around 8ish i head to vip party at wings
I was wearing my silver stelletos :3 anyway i missed the bus so i walked to joyce, then when i got to granville i realized that the section is still blocked and had no clue how to bus down to davie.. so i walked.... it was a long walk.,.. LOL

I finally got there and i saw megan there~ whee! the first hr was just casual catching up etc. We were SUPPOSED to have food... but we were the only table who didnt T_Tl oh wellz. After awhile we all got up and everyone was drinking beer and socailizing. i got to meet a bunch of ppl.

Around 10:30ish a couple japanese guys came in. they seem a little excluded (or rather not really reaching out) so i started talking ot one of them. Hiro, 24yrs old japanese.

He seemed like a very cool guy his past job was dj in japan and he told me that his fave rock band is Diru ^___^ so we talked a bunch. But the floor was starting to get empty... so we went upstairs to find everyone else i tried to get him involved with talking to others but it wasnt so successful.

Then i met Albert who was alreayd drunk from a previous party and his friend Sherman and his girlfriend ami who are my group leaders. Albert kept whining for me to drink more. LOL he wanted more ppl to be drunk so he would be alone. He told me i look like a strong drinker. ( i was like.. humm i think im not bad now but i dont drink often) so yea i drank some of his beer and half his smirnof? i cant spell.. T_T; anyway then he bought me mina and yuri caronas and YAY i finally found something i like ~ ^__^.

Some funny random notes to mention
KJ took off his shirt to taught Sherman to do so as well but Ami stoped him
Masa HAHA... soft grinded with Levi for 3 seconds and then gave a WTF look and pushed away. LOL it was a joke but it was soo funnY~ haha "ne.. masa.. i didnt know you liked guys " "SHUTUP!"

Soon after that we all travelled to KJs
I talked to Hiro alot and we got to know each other better. He started to play wiht my hair. about 2:30ish Meg and Maiko and i had to catch the bus to UBC. Hiro came along. The wind was cold so he put his arm around me to keep me warm. Some guys were whistling at meg maiko and i and he went closer to make it more discouranging. When we got to the bus stop i wave goodbye when i got on the bus.

Humm hes a very nice guy and hes cool too. But the main problem is that hes leaving to go back to japan on Dec7th.. not long enough for me.. also long distance relationships are a pain.. so i guess i will have to wait once again.. T___Tll

We got to UBC around 3:30ish and then we had to walk awhile =_= by this time my feet were is soo much pain! THen Jun phoned me but i was very breif and cold. He later texted me to ask me what was wrong did he do something ot upset me cuz i sounded very cold. I shall have to call later to explain " my feet hurt, it was cold, and i was hungery" LOL

When we go to maikos we got changed and took off our makeup and then we sat down to eat gyoza ^__^ maikos gyoza is AWESOME! then we went to bed and i slept on the couch. When we got up in the mornign Maiko made us toast and then Me and Meg went off cuz we both have work. Meg's dad picked us up and he drove me to skytrain.

Orignal: Clover and Shannon go to Wings. Clover and Shannon leave at 12. Clover and Shannon Arrive at her house 20ish mins later. Shannon then calls when she wakes up and head home by 98 bline and phone when she gets to broadway.

What really happend: Clover went to church and never came. Shannon phoned mom to say she was "leaving" Then 20mins later went to a quiet place and said that she "arrived" Actually left Vip at 2:30am. Went to Maikos. Got driven by Megs dad, Phoned when she got to broadway and then when home

LOL yea.. it was pretty funny Meg also had to lie to say why i was there. LOL. We met Shannon on our way to safeway and she invited us to this party and we ate pizza ^_^.

So that was my little adventure

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend- part 7

After school on friday it was pouring rain. (just like everyday of this weekend) i went to some girls appartment rect room to watch them learn dance with Jason He. I watched for a bit but i got bored quickly not to mention everything was in mandarin so i didnt understand a thing. So i went home. Jason walked me to the skytrain and then took it to joyce with me and waited for the bus with me and then went back. On my way to skytrain Chris Le from Gladstone phoned me to ask if i would like to go to his b-day party. I declined because my friends were working, and i dare not go to a nammer party alone.

Friday nite, i went over to dads and watched a couple movies. Cruel Intentions, and the Cruel Intentions 2. It was such a good movie but about half way through i realized. HEY! this is exactly like Dangerous Liassions that i watched in Liturature 12 class last yr. And guess what? it is a remake mondern adaption to it. LOL cool it was a very good story

Saturday. The first part of saturday mainly was sleeping OMG i cant believe i slept til 2:30pm.. The rest was towards searching for my homecoming dress. (OMG i cant believe i forgot to hand in that stupid application form for prom queen. oh wellz. too bad for me) i wont say waht it looks like until after homecoming ^_~. then my dad and i went to richmound and ate dinner.

Clover phoned me and told me the news of getting fired. She seemd kinda loopy so i guess she was kinda drunk lol. She was contemplating weather she sould go to VIP or not but decided in the end to stay with her brothers in richmound.

So my dad drove me to Downtown but it was still quite early so we went into HMV. I bought 30secs to mars cd becaues im going to thier concert so yea, i want it to be signed. ^_^ I also WANTED my chemical romance cds but thatd bring my bill to like 50 dollars haha.

I got to KJs around 9ish. not many people came til 10. I met some new ppl and talked alot to many differnt people. This guy name HY did my fortune with a deck of cards. after the process my result was the King card. He said " you want a boyfriend. i think you will find one soon" it was soo damn true. 0_0 he also did someone elses fortune and it came out with differnt stuff it was veyr interesting i dont know how it all worked. and he did alot more tricks amazed me alot. I know thers some way of doing it but i was impress nevertheless.

Masa finally came and it was quite fun "shes my sister" "hes my brother" haha and tetsu joined in too. At around 1:30am Yuichi and Howard (masa's friends) and i left the party. We went to eat viet noodles and talked alot. At around near to 3:00am Chris foned again askoing where i was and he wanted to meet me , we waited for a bit but then i was like er.. i dont really wanna meet him so i told chris that i had to go home and i did. Yuichi drove me home and i was exausted so i went straight to bed.

Today pouring rain agian but luckly i phoned Alex to find out if OH SNAP thing is on or not. IT was but changed locations to SFU. GOOD this gave me a chance to drop off my stuff at my moms and then go to photoshoot wihtout a gaint bag. I was sad to see no raito T_T; and well no deathnote at all. BUT what made up for it was angel sacutuary~~~~~~ OMG SENTSUNA!!!!!!!!!!! *cough* >.> yea. my inner fangirl came out to play today. haha so we took alot of good pictures. My favorite set is with clover in the bathroom 0_o; haha also i like the last set with sentsuna ^__^ <3>.> \

So i nice wholesome fun weekend ^__^

* * *

Monday, November 6, 2006

Weekend Part-6

Slowly getting calmer as we settle down.

On friday; I went to Simons b-day party. T_T Jake couldnt make it. It was really fun and i got ot meet lots of new people. LOL i was the only girl til Lin showed up and this other girl about a couple hours later. I actually knew about half the table. And for those i didnt know i sat with them so i got to know them LOL.

There was SOO Much food~ but Korean BBQ is soo damn tasty i eat WAYY over my being full. AHHAA. I like how i get to cook the meat just the way i like. It was pretty funny, beacuse we kinda split into 2 groups each on the each end of the table. and simon in the middle. left alone HAHA. soon after he joined us. Dont you just hate it when ppl split into groups at parties? (but it cant be helped it happens all the time, -_-ll its just hard on the host)

Ugh, acutally i forgot alot of stuff that went on on that party lol, i just remember that i was being extreemly sarcastic. though i think simon gets that out of me haha. when we sang happy b-day it was like happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday... whats his name? HAHAA i was joking of course but made everyone laugh. haha.

Saturday.. Dammit, i was soo pissed on Sat. I had to stay home and clear out my room for renovations. its like a full day of cleaning! i hate that soo much so at teh end of hte day i NEEDED to go out. But Khea had to work, Clover went to church, and Masa was tierd. -_-ll so after waiting around Khea phoned me on her break and told me to just go anyway. So i went

As i approched Stadium my parents offered to drive me (they were around there). but theres 3 exits on staduim. one up, and another near GM place, and another at TnT.Again with stupid parents not understanding my directions. STUPID lindsay told me to wait at TnT and when they arrived all mad at ME for not standing at hte right place, he denied it! FUCKER. they kept saying UR the one who kept saying TnT. gawd. stupid. anyway i got to KJ's and funy enough he just phoned me when i got to the door. HAHA so i went up. I met a bunch of new ppl and some people i knew before as well

This one guy Moon Moon was pretty funny. Hes 26 yrs old. and so when he found out that im 17 he ws like aww. but then found out that 18 it doenst matter whome you date its legal. and so hes like have a date with me when ur 18 lol im like 0_o;;; er..

As the night went on more drinking but light drinking. I can tell hes getting a bit buzzed. hes soo funny he really reminded me of GTO. just his gestures and "aura" So when we sat in a circle i peaked in to see whats up and he rested his elbow on my shoulder and told Jay " this is my girlfried" i shook my head. haha and then he said" well not really, but my future girlfriend so no one touch her" im like 0_o.ll ok...

So i had to leave at 11:00pm because my mom came to pick me up. 4 guys walked me out! 0_0 wow i was like whoa.. and moon moon was like "im her body guard no one touch her shes my future wife!" im like haha 0_o and Jay i guess gave me a bit of support as i looked like i was going to fall while putting on my boots in the dark. Moon Moon was like "ah ah ah dont touch her~ " HAHAAA

But i left my umbrella, cept it already took me soo long to put on my boots! 5 guys went and looked for it. 0_0 it became kinda like a competition. Moon Moon won. He ran out with it like a happy guy with a gold metal it was soo funny! and gave me my umbrella. KJ and Tony walked me to the elevator. and then Tony walked me all the way down. (he also wanted a cig) and that was that. Glad i went Thx khea!

Sunday- Working
I was supposed to help dad with some chinatown event but i needed sleep i really did and i got it, You dont know how GOOD it feels not to be fatigued! but i dont think it will last long lol. At work it was a pretty easy day. well not really but normal i guess. The icecream was ROCK solid! and i strained my arms getting customers icecream T_Tl. Appearently some TV star came in that day. all the girls were like omg hes soo hot. im like i guess so if i was into white guys. But they were soo entertaining~ haha the customers after that had roses and ordered alot of hedgehogs, we thought aww cute gift for girlfriend. and he said no, its for my moms b-day XDD omg how sweet

so i got home around 10ish and i kinda chilled. and so ended my not SOO interesiting weekend compared to the rest but intresting enough to write about ^__^