Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend-part 4

SOo bored for the first part of saturday! so i hanged around hte house for a long time and ate dinner before I left for the first party of the night in downtown. When i was on the skytrain a group of overweight white ppl and some overweight naitives were SOO loud and obviuously drunk. They started to piss me off alot. But then i definatly wasnt the only one. Everyone around them were either laughing at them or showing a look of distaste. When a bunch of people left the train on broadway, they sat around me -_ll I thought they would leave at mainstreet but they didnt. ok. but then maybe at staduim.. nope.. damn.. haha well they did get off. but guess what? same station -_-ll so i just walked faster to avoid them.

When I met up with Khea and Clover; we went to Masa's house and then we walked to the liquor store. On our way, Khea took Tetsu's wallet because it looked soo easy to pick pocket it. When we were waiting for Masa at the atm we asked of Tetsu had a bank card and he looked for his wallet. Oh-no, its not there! So we were acting as if we didnt know and when he was deciding to walk back to Masa's to check Khea brought it out and told him to be more careful because if she can take it anyone pretty much can. While we were walking we saw a school bus of japanese schoolboys! and we were looking at them and i guess the teacher heard me say "theyre kidna cute" and he said theyre too young for you guys~ (im like wtf, im in highschool too! ) When we got to the Liquor store, khea and i waited outside and clover masa and tetsu went in to buy some champane and beer. Appearently someone thought Clover was 24!! hahaha.After that we got a cab and went over to KJ's. We were REALLY early and there wasnt anyone there. SO we waited outside by the water. While we were there, to pass time we arm wrestled. I beat clover, and khea, and both of them at the same time. Masa beat me after a bit of a struggle and Tetsu beat me.

When we got into Kj's place, there werent anyone but us there for a bit, then they started to trickle in. But about 30-40mins later than usaul. Clover and Khea drank some champane and i had some too but my cup was leaking so i was like -_-ll i give up and clover too it. She started to get drunk @_@; I looked out the window to see my way to the skytrain from where we are. I saw Gm place so i was like YES i can figure out my way from just looking out the window! Anyway to make it easier for mom, (earlier i called and gave number and address ) at 9:37 i told her that im leaving kj's. We ACTUALLY left at 10:26pm. I took clover and we headed to the skytrain. She was tispy but i kept a good hold of her. As we walked we talked about stuff and YES unlike most of my friends im not directionally challenged( i only realized this quite recently; ) and i found my way to staduim station without much problem. Just asked directions 2x just to make sure but i already knew.

Along the way at 10:20 i called mom and said im at Jackies. (address and number given beforehand). On the skytrain I saw a bunch of my old English 12 honnors classmates. They had alot of left over food which was great! because clover was starving and i was like hey a little more food will help my tolorence~ so yea ^__^ we ate on the skytrain.

We arrived at 29th and Jackie picked us up this was around close to 11:00. We ended up going to someone elses house at kingsway and Victoria. Jackie went to pick up some other girl so we waited as the rest of them were playing warcraft. I called mom at 11:28 saying we're going leaving party, then called at 11:52 saying we got to clover's house. When Jackie came back we started to play some drinking games. They were pretty fun. One was a hand predicting game that i learned abuot 2weeks earlier, another one was pick a card and put it on ur head, and add how acohol to the cups and when theyre done who ever has the lowest card has to drink (you dont know how high your card is ), then clover and jackie played 10 rounds of highest card. then we played this very interesting game. We spred out the deck and each card represents something. A-5 is drawer has to drink, 6 is make a new rule, 7 is nothing, 8 is put ur thumb on the table and last to do it has to drink, 9 is bathroom break, 10 is.. i forgot i think its if you swear you have to drink, J- is you ask someone a question and if they answer they have to drink, Q- is pick someone to drink, K- is everyone drinks. That was pretty interesting~

Since clover was already kind of buzzed, she required me to stay sober so she kept taking my drinks. (-_-ll though i wanted SOME~~ T_T i know my limit and its not as bad as it was when i was drinking the first time; increased quite a bit, but she wasnt around for the last one so she didnt know) so in the end she got drunk and i took care of her... no matter how many times she hit me in the head with hers, (its as hard as harry's guitar! ) and how many times she spilled drinks on me, and how many times she asked if she could kiss me haha. It was all fun. Around 3:30ish Clover's friend Benson picked us up. Clover didnt want to go home because she was still quite drunk so we went to Bensons for awhile to sober up; then we went home (clovers home). Her mom was quite mad so clover was best not to go to richmound with me.

Today i kept calling Cindy but she wasnt picking up T__Tl so i ended up staying at clovers and I didnt go to richmound to find a coat. Maybe me and clover go tmr ^_^. and we sat and talked alot ^_^ restful sunday.. So it was a sandwich of boringness/relaxing, hardpartying, then ended off with a soft ending.

Await next week, for weekend part-5 ^__^

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