Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend part-3

3rd eventful weekend in a row~

Friday just didnt seem like one of those days that would work out but i guess we tried? After school Soh-jung, clover and i went to Robson with Ryan (korean guy i met at joyce) we got really bored nothing to do and it being so cold, we sat at starbucks looking at people.

Afterwards Clover had to go to her friends house for a (really weird reason), and Soh-jung had to go home to prep for her grad photos. I got a call from Rocky Moutain and HMV to shedual in a interview so i had to go home and get some interview clothes. When i was walking to the skytrain, I cant remember if i phoned clover or clover phoned me, but anyway i got to talk to this famous Jenny that ive been hearing soo much about. Then i got to talk to this guy named David who claimed to be Clovers bf, and then i sed to him, no, your lying because IM clover's bf. HE told me that i sounded like a girl and i replied "I find that quite insulting, just because i sound feminine doesnt make me a girl" he asked my name and i sed AKira adn he asked me how to spell it -_-ll and of course i spelt it very casually becuase its an easy one. HAHA this went on for awhile. total nonsese but it kepted me busy while i was walking. When i got to Metro i looked around and i saw this gruop of nammers, i think theyre all younger than me like gr10 or something. But one was SOO CUUTE! lol but just admireing he looks too young, but yea; he'd prolly grow up to be very handsome.I was SUPPOSED to watch grudge2 with Jackie and his friends, but i got to metro they werent showing up. and i kept trying to get through to him on his phone but he wasnt picking up.

So i went to CHQ to kill some time, and i met this guy named Masa playing ddr; He was SOO Good. He was talking to me keeping me company while i was thinking of how im going to kill those guys. LOL just joking. after a while i started to get worried and less mad. I hope they didnt get into a car accident, its not like them not to call... At around 10:30; Masa, asked for my email; and i went to the movie theater to see if MAYBE there was something wrong with thier phone; and that they were waiting there. But as soon as i got up there they annouced that grudge has been sold out so i was like ok... and i went home

On saturday; i met up with clover and khea, and we hanged out for a bit before my first interview with rocky mountain. The inteview lasted 30mins; and i really liked the manager he was soo kind. After the interview he offered me the job. I asked if i could have a day to decide. and yea, i left off really happy. ^___^ so then i called Khea and Clover to see where they are at. They said Zara "near aritzia clover says; but that'd throw ppl off, because thats on the next block..." So when i got there, Clover was kinda hugging the wall... i was like wha? Then i found out that Clover twisted her ankle on the incline at the entrance/exit.

So she called some friends to get her home, and khea and i were talking to her at the same time, trying to say that we have to get her out of zara's store front because we cant stay there, and we'd have to move to kazu's house or something. It got really hectic til Clover told me to shutup in the same tone she yells at her parents. Khea and i exchanged glaces kind of like wtf? I crossed my arms, in a kind of pissed given up kind of feel. After some more logical reasoning we convinced Clover we have to relocate her at least SOMEWHERE. So we took to a bus stop to wait for her friend (her friend is going through great lenghts to come get her) We waited with her. I went to starbucks and got her a bag of ice. Too bad we didnt have a bottle of fragrance because nearby someone threw up =_-;;.

Around 3:45, i went to my second interview at HMV. This interview didnt go too well... first there was a little quiz in which i couldnt really answer any of hte questions. This is the problem when you've been out of sync with english music for 6yrs... I said ah.. um.. too many times and ended up repeating myself. yea.. didnt go well at all. Afterwards i changed my pants to a skirt and met up with khea. (clover alreayd got picked up).

Khea and i went through our phone books, and tried to find someoen to hang with but no provail... we ended up walking up and down robson soo many times. I kept noticing, OMG EVERYONE is out with thier girlfriends that day, (this is also when i found out that Jackie, has a girlfriend; when i called and found out that he left his phone in pat's car and thats why he couldnt contact me ) Also.. another wierd thing was that i felt soemthing was trying to knock us down by the feet. I kept unexpectingly tripping on stuff, but i caught on and was extra careful afterawhile. But poor clover already got knocked down.

At around 6:30 or so i convinced Khea to phone Masa (now this isnt the same masa as CHQ) and we went to his house. after that, we went to a VIP party (Vancouver International People ) and we got to meet lots of new ppl it was fun. but we had to leave because we had another party to go to. That party was cancelled when we found out we went to Gyoza king to eat. Masa treated us to dinner. Appearently the party was a roof top party and the reason why it was cancelled was obviously from the rain.

We went back to Masa's place to find that there were already a bunch of people in the house along with roomates Chu Ping and Kazu. We ended up playing drinking games all night. It was very fun. There were 11 in total. 3? cantonese guys (i sort of forgot thier names) 1 taiwanese (chu), 3 japanese guys (Masa, Kazu, Tetsu), 3 japanese girls (Mina, Yuri, Natsumi), Khea and I.

We played "Minority, Majority" (im really too lazy to explain each game, theres 3 of them), This one i dont know the name but ill call it Chu Ping Naha Naha, and tako...(something) Ki Ki Ki? (i sort of forgot how it went). They were really fun, at first i was really good at the games and didnt have to drink, but as the night went through i got a bit more tierd and i started to loose AHA. Yuri, Natsumi and Khea were espeically loosing at the naha naha game, beucase they tended to be talking to someone and werent paying attention LOL. i started to loose closer to the end mostly because i couldnt tell where ppl are pointing at. BUt most of all i think i started to loose at the last game haha. But yea,, of course i couldnt go home drunk so Khea and I slept over.

This morning, i went home around 11:30ish, i didnt have an umbrella so when i walked from granville and 10th? i got kinda soaked. Winnie phoned me if i STILL wanted to go to frabricana, and i said i HAVE to. We missed the 407 that appreantly comes once an hr. -_-ll we both didnt have umbrellas.. so i got really soaked.. it was eqlivalent to the time in December when i got lost in the rain LOL. When we finally got there (10blocks later) i looked for a long time to find the patterned i needed and then looked for a VERY VERY long time for the fabric i was going to choose.. i orginally wanted a white and pink plaid but like i really nice one, but i coudlnt find anything, so i though ok, maybe just something with a nice design in pink.. no i couldnt find that either, so i decided with a champange colored cloth.... that was very expensive XD; but in the end i think my 40 dollars spend on materials, will end up looking like something alot more because i didnt skimp on anything.

* * *

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