Monday, October 2, 2006

Weekend Almost Ghost Story

LOL. I've been wanting to write in this for the last 2 days but im sick so i was too tiered to write.

On Friday I went downtown with Clover and Khea. We walked around for awhile looking for Vicky's preasent. Afterwards we still didnt want to go home yet, so we tried to invite Yuji and Roger (not black caramel Roger) to karaoke but they couldnt make it so we went to thier area of town instead and drank some bbt. Later, I slept over at Khea's ^_^

On Saturday, Khea and I went to Clover's house before going to Vicky's Party. We arrived 5-10minutes before Clover because she walks soo slow >.>. At the party we watched Nana, and Clover and Eric had an eating contest. (Clover won? ) Also Eric, Ralph and umm.. this guy i forgot his name LOL. had to wear lolita dresses HAHA. At around 6 we took a walk and we saw Cindy and Berry? ( i call him keita because he looks like keita from LEAD) and i cleared up with Cindy that i wasnt ignoring her i just didnt see her when i went to Eric Hamber. LOL. yea.

We went to bbt, but i didnt buy anything because im short on cash. at around 8 Clover and headed to the fashion show. but we missed our stop so... we wandered around DT for a long time looking for a stop T__Tll then we were an hr late -_-ll. When we acutally got at the appropreiate stop, we decided to take the underpass because i dont feel like walking much more -_-l (to much walking LOL ) but we felt something kinda wierd. When we exited the underpass we saw a flash of light. It was green in the middle but white on the outside. We thought it was a camera BUT there was no one around. Maybe some metal spark>? but no. no metal around, just nature. Clover said it might have been a ghost. When we were walking in the Park we felt something wierd. (in a side note, when im sick im more receptive to feeling "sprits" like the time in the cemetery.. i could hardly breathe because of the heaveyness of "them") # please dont think im weird. But clover protected me with her golden aura. When we got out it was fine but it felt like that feelign like we just got edge out of a bad situation, and that they missed and were sort of upset.

When we got to granville island, it was too late everyone had already left and we couldnt find the location of the afterparty. so we sat for quite awhile singing songs and danceing a bit (well clover danced) We had to go pee..... SO we went to the granville island hotel. afterwards, a man was behind us and invited us to join thier highschool reuinion 0_0l wtf. we went in for a bit so that we MIGht be able to find out the location of the fashion show after party. He offered us drinks but we refused. (i also wouldnt know what to order, i just dont really like alchol) after 5 mintues we left and waited for Bill to pick us up.

When Bill finally came, Khea was there too ^_^. Since Bill had just got a new cell phone, he lost all his contacts. So we couldnt do much.. -_-ll so he suggested theres this scary path he found in richmound lets go for an adventure. We were all like YEA at first. but soon after clover said no. but Khea was like DEFINATELY. As we were driving through a long road without any people i felt like something was calling us to that path, same feeling as the park but hte anticipating strenght of this path was much stronger. Also doesnt this sound like the begining of a Horror movie? LOL on that topic we were joking around saying who would die first. We concluded that Khea would die first because shes the "I want a scare, its just fun, theres no real threat" character type. Bill will last to end or 2nd end because hes the token male. Clover will probally go next in the context of the group. because shes "Most cauticous, and protective" character. Most likely die of saving someone. I'd die 2nd or to the end, because in this case im a mid character. "nothing particular" But in a different larger group id quite likely die before clover, because i can also be classifield as the ditzy stupid type. or maybe not XD LOL

When we finally got to the path, Bill was asking if we shuold or not. (btw, clover wasnt scared it was more that she knows there soemthng there and she couldnt protect all of us) Bill was either way, Khea was for. Clover against. At this point clover was sending me HUGE vibes not to go. I sed so and Khea flicked her fingers and said here good vibes!!~ lets go. but her vibes were sizzled by Clovers Waves. I just put my arms in front of my face and said " i dont care, you guys decide"

Bill said that he will go another time and that if clover really didnt wanna go we wont. So we left. As the car was driving out, i looked behind and hte feeling is the same as the park, the same as the ending of a horror movie where u feel like u just left the house of doom. Afterwards, I slept over at Clovers house and we had a long talk about stuff.

Though normally, i dotn feel so much on this kind of thing, just a little, it hightens alot when im sick and in the wrong place and hte wrong time. This is why i can never go to teh cemetry when im sick or rather on a day where not many people are being visited. Because one time i had the flu, a weird day, black crows lined the sky and painted it black. It was my Grandpa's b-day. as we put flowers on the grave i felt like i was safe in that one square. but as we left the plot and into the car, The jealousy of the other "spirts" were overbearing, heavy and suffocating i started getting a major headache. Which went away completly after we left the cemetary.

On sunday we went to all you can eat sushi with Roger, Shogo and Yuji. LOL i was able to eat more than Clover LOL so i won last days contest in a way (says clover). For some reason i cried a bit later on in the day. I suddenly missed Harry and all his stupid childish gestures. *sigh* it will take awhile to get over it but i thik i can evetually. Even though it was short, it was a huge connection for me. Even though he isnt exactly the strongest guy and probally cant protect me to much of an extent, i always felt soo safe and right in his arms. I sort of.. really miss that, but i shall move on and find someone else. It will just take time as i said. And continuing when i got home, my mom yelled at me for not getting the cheque for child support from my dad. (i couldnt help it i didnt see him this weekend lol)

Today she snapped at me again, i sort of forgot why, shes always like that when it comes to money and school supplies etc. We had a one sided arguement about it. I just sat there and let her rip. Lately Ive been fighting more, but this time i think i just sat back, i wasnt in the mood to respond. She said some very hurtful things. and once again, "You should live with your father" subject happend again. and if she doesnt recive child support after im 18 then she will make me move. -_-ll stupid. But i shut it all out. is just same old same old. Im starting to "outgrow" her a bit. I feel like what she says isnt nessarly teh best anymore. Ive just kinda given up arguing and ill let her just bounce off it. Hopfully i dont have to move out because i need money for education and stuff. yea.. in the meanwhile ill just stick it out

Edit- OH that day was Oct1.. the day that harry and i met for the first time in person.. maybe subcounciously thats why i cried ? i dont know LOL XD;;; im such a weakling..

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