Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I Don't know why but yesturday and today i was soo tierd. Today it was soo bad i couldnt wake up! so i decided to set my alarm to one hr later so i miss my first class; but i was STILL tierd. SO i slept on... i acutally thought i got out of bed and told my mom that im sleeping in so she doesnt disturb me but when i actually did wake up; i asked her and she said i didnt. then i realized i was dreaming it. HAHA

I finally woke up at around 10:30am. I wasnt TOO awake, but i thought i should get up and go to school for the japaense skit. I was planning on getting there by start of lunch but i was moving so slowly i got there right on time for the next class. (almost 5mins late).

We did the skit and it was great ^_^ (hope this shows up; Candy=Roy Mustang FMA, Wendy= Kadaj FF7 Advent Children. And Me= Nana Komatsu NANA/interviewer )

[[Interviewer]] いっらしゃい~!
[[Roy]] ええと、すみません、マクドナルドではたら働きたいですけど・・・…
[[Kadaj]] あ!わたし私もマクドナルドにつと勤めたいだ!
[Roy + Kadaj] *glares at each other*
[[Interviewer]] *sweat drop* そうですか・・・…じゃ、わたし私はちょうかわい超可愛くてきれい綺麗でピカピカの小松奈々で、ここのマナジャーです~!
[[Roy]] マイスウィトハニーなな奈々ちゃん、わたし私はおんな女がたくさんあ会います。でも、だれ誰でもはなな奈々ちゃんほどきれい綺麗じゃありません。わたし私はもうあなたをあい愛しました。
[[Interviewer]] は、はい?
[[Kadaj]] ふん、母さんはよりきれい綺麗だ。
[[Interviewer]] ええ・・・…さあ、インタビューをはじ始まりましょう。みんなのなまえ名前は?
[[Roy]] ロイ・マスタングです。でも、ロイだけもいいです、あい愛くるしいおじょう嬢さん~
[[Interviewer]] はあ、ロ、ロイさん。じゃ、このぎんぱつ銀髪のおとこ男、おなまえ名前は?
[[Kadaj]] むち無知の人間、カダージュだ。おまえ前はカダージュさま様をよ呼んでもいい。
[[Interviewer]] *veins popping* …ええと、なぜマクドナルドにつと勤めたいですか。
[[Roy]] ホークアイちゅうい中尉が “わたし私はむのう無能じゃない” のこと事をみ見せたいです!!!ガーァ!まだわたし私はゆうのう有能だ!ゆうのう有能だ!ハンバーガーをつく作れます!!!!
[[Interviewer]] だいじょうぶ大丈夫か?まだくすり薬をの飲んでいませんか。
[[Kadaj]] *smirk* あたま頭をき切って、すべ全てがよ良くなります。でも…もうい生きていませんよ!*insert evil laughter* 母さん、ま待ってくだ下さい、すぐにせかい世界はおれたち俺達のて手にある!*insert more evil laughter here*
[Roy] ま、ま待って!おれ俺はほのお焔のれんきんじゅつし錬金術師で、だいそうとう大総統になって!もちろんせかい世界はおれ俺のて手にある!
[Kadaj] *takes out sword* ふん、おれ俺のけん剣にもういちどい一度言って!*points sword at Roy*
[Roy + Kadaj] *weee, fight scene?* XDDD
[Interviewer] もう、みんなと止めなさい!あっ、わたし私の…わたし私のみせ店・・・!…!*slaps Roy and Kadaj*
[Roy + Kadaj] あ??
[Interviewer] おまえたち前達は…さいてい最低だ!

It was pretty funny lol My sensei loved it. haha
So basically i went to school for one class, and i droped by for art in my free block because i was feeling like going to school for ONE class was a bit bad. We also got our go-cards today.. i wasnt too happy wiht the angle on my picture; made my face look fatter than it already is T_T. I talked with Kinny while she waited for her mom and then went off to home.

While waiting for the bus, i saw a familer face across the street. We kinda looked at each other with the "i think i know that person" look. Appearently he was taking hte same bus as me so when he came over he asked me "do you remember me" "i think so... you used to live in Rogers house right (hamu roger) " and he said yea, but i moved out. We caught up on some stuff and i found out OMG he lives REALLY near me, one bus stop away from mine. hes been livign there for awhile funny how we never saw each other 0_o (his name is charlie)

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