Thursday, October 5, 2006

Robson St on a thursday

Today i was wearing my Fairyland silver SUPER PAINFUL shoes @@;; about after lunch i was feeling a bit sick to the stomache and wasnt sure if i could go with my friends to Downtown. But, I said, what the heck lets try it out (and also because of those shoes.. not sure how long i can last)

So after school, i met up with soh-jung and we went to her house first. We ate noodles afterwards we got on the skytrain to downtown to meet up wiht clover. While we were on skytrain we were talking about exboyfriends and how one (on each side) left a bit of an impact on us. LOL

When we finally got to granville station, we met up with clover and we walked as we browsed through shoe stores. We went to starbucks, and sat there for awhile watching people walk by because clover and i were kinda hurting. (our shoes are horrible for comfort. on a rating of 1-10 its a -5 for comfort though.. a definate 11 on aestetic value) I sorta wanted to go home because i wanted to work on the picture on my computer. Anyways, I called yuji after reciving a textmessage. We talked for a bit, and he told me to call Roger (again, not Hamu roger. Hamu roger i guess will be called Hamu for now on) because hes in downtown, so i did, but he alreayd was home by then LOL ok.. not much to do.. so we kept browsing through stores

When we went to an expensive shoe store, there were this group of guys who had nice hair. A few glances here and there, but yea. strangers, alkward right? they left after we left the store, i saw them smoking outside the store 0_0 oh cool theyre still here, so we starting walking again, and we went into Rench..? something? lol (FCUK) and then when we went out they were outside near it 0_oll ok.. we went into Guess, and looked around and sure enough they went in TOO! (lol this is just like the japanese guys at the bus stop last time) so browsing through clothes i saw this really cute jacket i wanted to try on so we went into the back where there are mirrors.

Soh-jung tried on this really sexy black dress, and clover tried on a short bright red jacket. I tried on this really soft furry white jacket. While contemplating on how WELL it looks on me (SOO PERFECT) and clover being soo mean by tempting me to hell about it.. the 249.00 price tag was just heartbreaking. Anyways, the guys happend to be trying on jeans! 0_0 ok, so there there too. haha. (Also it was hard on the jacket, because i got complements from couple ppl going 0_0 OMG that jacket is soo beautiful on u) so this guy named Pat asked me how do these pants look (he was thinking about them, his friends think its fine, but he think its too long) i said it looks nice, but a little too long.

So talking further, (just basic stuff, like name, what school etc) his friend jackie asked me if i was working. i said no, but im looking for a job. He asked me how would i like to go work at Armani? i was like 0_0 i would love too!!! i love armani. he told me he can help me out because he works there ~ yesh. haha anyways we exchanged phone numbers. XD and ending off with Clover "you are magical"

After that we walked a bit further, and then decided to go home because clover could not last a single step longer LOL. But i was in super pain too LOL. by the time Soh-jung and i were going downt the stairs on Burrard station, my feet were about to give way LOL...... so yea.. not MUCH of an improvement on clover (not to mention she walked more than me) but i was still able to walk. after the skytrain, my stepdad picked me up and we went to catus club for dinner. By then my feet were ok and i can walk again

So! tmr Clover, Khea and I are wearing full lolita so it will be FUN~~~~~

* * *

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