Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ribbons and Lace

For some reason i was REALLY TIERD today. Even though all my fun was like 2 days ago LOL. I didnt actually feel awake til after i took a 30min nap in my 3rd class. haha

The bags are due next class in textiles, and i finally decided what im going to do with it. Im going to put lace and ribbon on it ^_^ and i also took it home to bleach some parts out and rip it like old jeans ^__^.

On my way to dressew 2 japanese guys passed me and looked at me, when they were at the corner of the street, they started to talk to me. LOL they walked me a couple blocks to dressew and then i said goodbye to them. the one who talked to me most name was Kenta. Though he wasnt cute enough for me to ask for further contact. (also i think i was just still a bit tierd, and didnt feel like conversing as much as usual)

LOL now, my fingers are full of bleach i think i should wash them dont you think?

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