Friday, October 20, 2006

Relaxing Pampered Friday

Today we dont have school. So i was chatting away til about 5am in the morning with lots of people while watching teh rest of Ouran. (i was talking to masa til 5am because he came on about .. 3? haha [not downtown masa])

I was talking to Lin for the most part at first and she mentioned to me that she wanted a job. I told her that Robson street is hiring like crazy but to hurry up because they will be finished hiring soon. So she sent me her resume and i fixed it up for her.

At 2pm i met up with her and made some copies at staples. I walked with her catching up on some stuff as we went to store to store. (i stood outside while she hands it in ) i went in to a couple stores with her. One was Armani becuase Jackie might be working there so i introduced her to him. Then the other place was some eye glass store that has a the guy who always helps my mom for her frames. So i introduced her to him too. And then Le Chateau i saw one of my old elementry school friends; Emma. HAHA talked for a bit and yea. There was this beautiful white furry coat i wanted to buy but.. they only had XL =_=;;

Yea this was a real day off for me. Unlike when i usaully go out to robson hanging with Lin is quite relaxing. After resume handing (oh and she got called right away for interview for somewhere... at 6 on sunday soo congrats! ) we went to Mike's workplace; (mike is her bf/fiancie) Elements nail spa. I got my nails done as we chatted some more and made plans for Newyears. ^__^ so i got soo pampered today. and now i have pretty nails~ yays~

Afterwards we ate vietnamese noodles and went home. They got off at 29th and when i left at joyce a couple brown guys said *hey sexy* i kinda laughed and kept walking *they kept whistling but i just walked faster* and when i was waiting for my mom to come pick me up at joyce i saw Sam (shintaro from japanese class) and Stuart (AE stuart ng) apparently he just moved in with his gf and that he actually lives only 2 blocks away from me.

Though i didnt have much sleep, i feel soo relaxed and my fingers feel SOO CLEAN AND SOFT AND.. WOW and they smell like pinicollata. XD hahahaha

* * *

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