Saturday, October 7, 2006

A Lolita Friday

Today Khea, Clover and I dressed in lolita ^_^. (yes, in school too). Apparently one of Khea's old friends is in my dance class and so i told her that khea is coming to visit. So when Khea arrived i took her to Kinny's class and they caught up on 2yrs of not seeing each other

Afterwards, Clover, Khea, Soh-Jung and I went to Metrotown to take purikura. When we were in the washroom we met a pretty girl named Iris who really liked out dresses and in fact wanted to do lolita too ^__^. so when we got out of hte washroom, we all took purikura together. ^__^

Afer purikura, seeing Jake, getting Khea's pictures developed, we went downtown. We walked around for awhile and ate icecream. At 6, Khea went to look a potiental apt for rent while clover and i sat and talked (Khea didnt want us to see before she decides) While we were waiting around, a ugly hispanic? i ono mix of somesort >.> came by and asked us if we would like to go to have dinner and go to a bar with him and his friends later. He was friendly, but not someone id like to hang with LOL clover gave him a fake number and he went off. When Khea came back she said that she wants to buy it so im realy excited for her.

Not knowing what to do and not wanting to go home yet, Each of us (though mostly Khea and I) looked through our phones to see who we can hang out with. In the end it was one of my contacts; the newest one i made yesturday LOL. As we were walking to the b-line stop to go to karaoke in Richmound, we passed by Boys CO, and there was a man and a couple of ladies in PJ on a Bed posing and looking out from the window, they invited us in to a private event. It was about jay Lennen? (dont know how to spell) apparently it's his b-day. We went in and looked at the photographs, drank a bit of white whine (they gave it to us) and wrote a sticky note about peace (it was encouraged)CLover and Khea ate a piece of cake (i didnt feel like having any).

On the Bus, clover was kinda buzzed. and there were a couple of drunk white guys kinda harrasing a poor asian guy wiht a furry hat. it was soo mean the guy was soo shy and didnt know how to react... For some reason i dont know HOW this happend but clover ended up leaning to the side, and then somewhat pushing me off the seat and she landed on me.. -_-ll i ended up on the floor of the bus, and she couldnt get off -_-ll i was there for like 7mins? -_-lll eww dirty floor! Clover really didnt want to come with us to karaoke becuase she dont like honger guys and that she doesnt like karaoke.

When we got into richmound Jackie gave us directions, and soon enough we were there. We sang some karaoke but not many songs because i didnt know many that was on that machine. But the ones we did sing was something by Ayumi, another random girl, Close to you? W-inds and Last song- Gackt. Khea and I had fun ^_^. The guys were SOO GOOD at karaoke it was amazing!!!

When i got home my mom gave me another lecture on how im supposed to have researched the stupid bus shedual. -_-ll like wtf. and blah blah blah.. i sort of forgotten about 70 of it, all i remember its kinda stupid overprotective junk that a 17.5yr old doesnt need.

So tommorrow, im going to go Downtown, to hand in my resume at Armani Exchange, and maybe meet up wiht Yujirou and Roger for dinner.

* * *

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