Saturday, October 7, 2006

Lies in order to have fun

Jackie told me to phone him at 12pm before i go to Armani Exchange. But he told me that he JUST got home LOL apparently they didnt sleep haha. He said hes not going to work today and that they will be going to downtown so if i wanna hang out then we can meet up. (yea, becaues 3 hrs is alot to kill in downtown by urself... -_-)

But when i finished getting ready i phoned agan, they were at metro so i went to metro instead to meet up with them. (btw, i didnt tell my mom i was planning to meet up with them)On my way to metro a Korean guy named Ryan asked me for directions for stanly park he was quite kind, and we exchanged numbers?

So when i arrived at metro i met up with John and Jackie then Jason came, (wow triple J)we walked around a bit and then we went to lunch. My mom told me to call her at 3 so i did. I told her "Hey, i want to check something out at metro and i ran into the guys i met on thursday, im going to have lunch with them. Then she told me sure, but remember dont go to their house etc. etc. dont leave the mall or something like that" Anyways, we ate at crystal mall, and yea, i only had a 20 but Jason only had a 100 so he paid and the others payed him their portion. -_-ll but i didnt have change, and i was trying ot figure out how to do this and he told its ok, dont worry about it. So i thanked him a couple of times ^_^

Afterwards we went to CHQ, and then walked around the mall for a bit longer. We went into a few shops and they were looking at clothes. Jason and Jackie each bought a jacket. LOL its great to hang with guys who a. have a fashion sense, b. who likes to shop almost as much as i do

Then we went out on the roof of metro to smoke (not me but them). there were a group of 3 idiotic white ppl that sort of pissed us off. anyways, they were talking about thier plans for tommorrow, and they were going to victoria. They said that thier friend Ken asked if he could go but they said no. i asked why and apparently the guy is really bad about lent money lol.. he owes them each a few hundread.

Anyway, we werent supposed to go up there and a cop came. He told us we werent supposed to be up there as we were coming down the stairs but Jackie said but there are 3 kids up there smoking weed. and they cop turned his attention to them "what theyre still there?"

( i phoned Yuji and broke plans, because i wasnt going to go downtown)

We went to starbucks after, and they asked me if i wanted to drink anything. Me not being one to drink coffee said no. When they got thier drinks, Jackie passed me a caramel cappicino. i was like who is this for? he told me that he ordered it for me. I thought he was jokeing, but ok. I tried it and it was really good! he told me its his favorite and thought i might like it.\

We walked around some more after. and then we were gettign a bit bored. So they were going to go to Jackie's house. i was like damn i wanna go~ but mom told me i couldnt. BUT apparently he only lives 2 blocks away from Edmunds. So i thought about it ok i think i shall try.

We went to jackies house and they played a drinking game (with beer can). It was fun to watch. Jackie lost lol. After that, we went out on the balcony and the WOW the view is soo beautiful i could see the entire city from there. (its a penthouse) Jason was talking about a tattoo he wanted and he payed me 25 dollars to design it XD.

We went the main floor to play some pool. We i walked by i was like omg soo pretty, its a swimming pool. then there excersise room and then theres a room where there are pool tables and a pingpong table. John taught me to how to play. At around 8. i phoned my mom and said we went to all you can eat at shu sha ya metro (its good to know your resturants when lying) all you can eat. we played a few rounds til 9. and we went up to put things away. I told Jackie i need to eat something because... when i go home i cant eat anything due to that it wouldnt make sense to my lie. So he gave me some fried rice. I ate it quickly, and they went to skytrain with me so they can meet up with thier friends to see departure ( i wanted to see too but it starts at 10:45 so it was too late)

So when we got to metro station i waved goodbye and stayed on the train, while i called my mom and said" hey im at metro station im heading home now" I arrived at Joyce, and mom was there a few minutes later. She didnt suspect anything ^_^ XD; -_-ll oh wells so i lied quite alot. but its for her, i mean i could tell these guys are nice guys and im not in danger, so her not knowing makes her worry less and gives me more fun. I also didnt tell her that we went karaoke with them last night, just said khea and clover.

I was going to maybe meet the korean guy tommorrow, but i decided against it, because i wanna see my dad, i have seen him for awhile and since his lion dance is in chinatown, it would be convient for me to drop off my resume at Armani tmr.

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