Monday, October 9, 2006

Day of old connections

Today i went to metro with elle to take purikura, there i saw this girl i met on saturday, ( a bunch of ppl from school ) daigo and alex? from my old school, of course shawnna in CHQ, Roger and April at teh food court and then when i went on the 41 bus i saw another 2 people from my old school; Hugo and this girl who also went on the Japan trip2005.LOl cool ne?

(on the side note, April wanted me to hang with her and hamu, but even though i sorta wanted to, i didnt wanna break plans with yuji AGAIN, it woudl be rude. And so when i left the food court, SHE SCARED ME. i felt someone grab my ass. I was like WTF HOLY SHIT! scared me soo much. man, i nearly slaped her that was some tight grab >.<, no, i didnt punish her, but just because u are a girl dont mean i dont mind~ )

Anyways, i went to Yujiroh's house today. Since tutor took awhile longer he picked me up in a cab, and when i got to his place i got to see Roger's (again not hamu)room. Lol lots of chocolate @_@; He had to go out though so after that i went downstairs to Yujiroh's room. We looked over some of his english stuff, and i helped him with the reading comprehension.

After that, we were talking alot. About our exs LOL~ i wont go in depth but as a summary he still likes his exgf and that its hard for him to find another girl (no he wasnt rejecting me, and neither am i going for him; because I too understand its hard to find someone after your first love)

then we took a taxi to 41st and he waited with me for the bus, and i went home. I sorta wanted to go to hamu's bandpratice. but oh wells maybe next tiem ^_^

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