Monday, October 30, 2006


've been pretty busy lately, so i havent had time to write; XD

Basically it was my first week of work last week. I WOULD go into full dept about it except i sort of forgotten LOL. So ill just say the highlights. On the first day Matthew showed us around and we got to serve customers etc. At the end of the day clover and i did icecream duty. (oh yea lots of sampling I loved it) and on our way out briging out hte garbage... i sliped and fell on my theigh =_=l now ive got a big deep bruise there. The most surprizing thing that day was that when matthew was explianing abuot stuff. he knocked over a chocolate witch on purpose it scared me to death! But he explained to us not to worry beacuse we can just remelt it and use it for other things XD; *phew*

While Matthew was explaining the merchandise to us (candy apples at that point) Masa and Khea peaked through the door and it made me soo happy! ^___^ thankyou for cheering us on Khea and Masa!!

On the 2nd day, things went pretty smoothly and i got to learn more about cashier and more used to things

On the 3rd day, it was pretty slow and Clover started to wave at peopel by the window. ^^;; the other girl got her to do dishes " She was just standing there waving at customers freakishly, so i got her to do the dishes in the back " (when i asked where clover was) Also during that day when i was ringing in a customer clover stood EXTREEMLY close to me and was looking over my shoulder. That made me feel quite uncomfortable and then she started pushing stuff for me! i was quite annoyed because i was getting confused and i got her to stop it but made her push something else so we had to error it out =_=ll. I kinda scolded her a bit (sorry about that; just that when one is ringing a customer plz give me some space otherwise i might mess it up' [i didnt even have enough room to move my elbow it was soo close]) When closing I was on mop duty that day. guess what? being a clutz that i am, i sliped and fell on my ass this time -_- it hurt SOO MUCH! so clover took over for me to finish the last little bit infront of the ice cream. She was swishing it from side to side gently wiping the floor. I told her she should scrumb at it and she told me no, this is the professional way! and i told her, it wont get clean like that! and she told me who tell u to do it like this (does it the way ur supposed to). The manager~ well she wasnt trained right this is the professional way. this went on for about 3mins and then i got fed up and gave up. (basically they only time they mop like that is in the movies, or when thier finishing off the floor after they scrubed at it~) so to top off my day; When i get home i talk to some people on msn. I find out that the guy i liked has a gf! oh damn.. ok, but the worst part about it was that they JUST got together a week ago -_-ll that bitez, its the 2nd time that happend in 3 weeks and 3rd time this year.

[insert on how i came to like this guy] Basically hes about average looking, but for soem reason i really like being around him. I also LOVe the way he pats my head. Theres only one other person who patted my head like that (and if u read previous journal entries; its someone whom ive liked alot ) Most people pat my head like a dog. hand in front and pat. Whereas he and _____ pats my head by reaching around from behind my head and patting (kinda like a protective gesture) it was so sweet. Thers lots of other little things that i dont feel like typing cuz im lazy XD But now he has a gf. At first i was fed up of all these guys getting taken and im getting there a week late each time so i said "WHO CARES ABOUT COUPLES I DONT CARE ANYMORE IM GOING TO STEAL HIM JUST CUZ IM ANGERY" but then im a bit over that now, and more of a "see how it goes" attidude like usual ^_^

But around this time; i started to REALLY enjoy listening to Jrock full time again. (i would listen to a 50/50 pop and rock but now im back into heavy rock) Its kinda funny because wiht my appareance; if one were to randomly take out my headphones nad listen they;d be like wtf??? hahaa

Weekend part 5- OMG non alcholic!
Starting on Friday, i went downtown to get an apron. I also peaked into dressew to see if i wanted anything and i ran into Kenta again (the guy i met last time i went to dressew) he was looking for a costume but he couldnt find anything he wanted. I got my apron and i was phoning people up to see whats up for the weekend. Khea had her dads b-day party. Clover has this "person's " b-day party (in which i find out that she was also at Khea's dads b-day party >.> ) So calling Kaz Kaz and Chuping was celebrating Chupings 25th b-day and then going halloween party in whihc was too full to accomadate. On top of that all Vip including Masa goes to Hotsprings so even if there WAS room for me at the kaz and chuping party, i would probally not go because clover and khea arent there and ive only met kaz and chuping once. So Masa had to be at least there for me to consider it but he wasnt so Ok, lets plan something else. I bumped into Mei at Dressew and asked if shes going to FF shoot but she wastn so i was like.. ahh ok, screw it im not going to go richmound and get those silver pens in which i needed to color my wig to go to the photoshoot. BUT after i finished all my calling, i was on the skytrain home and so i decided OK ill go afterall.. nothing else to do and i dont want my halloween sat to go to waste!

So when i got home we went to Asakusa's for dinner and then i went to metro to get those silver sharpies at grand and toy. On my way out metro had a black out! crazy.l i was trying on a coat at that point and it was like wtf. how come the lights turned off?i saw all the shop clerks scrabbling to get thier gates shut so they dont get looted. So i put back that pretty white jacket and left. On my way out i was spotted by Masa's very tall white friend (CHQ masa, not robson masa) we talked for a bit and then i called my mom and they were just finising thier drinks at Asakusas so i ran back ot the resturant and hitched a ride home. I worked on my wig and my apron and bow til 2am.

On saturday; i got ready and went to the photoshootl. Yes there werent many, and yes there werent much ffac T_T made me sad, kadaj isnt much without his posey. BUT anyway, the axel turned out to be a Reno~ yAY~ it was the same awsome reno who judged one of the walk off rounds! ^___^ she was soo cool! shes exactly like him! soo damn cool. we headed out and did the photoshoot in central park. Had lots of fun! and she lent me the org13 cloak and i became riku HAHA! afterwards we went to metro to get food. after that Reno and i went to take purikura and the rest headed off the parade of lost souls early. (while in metro we got a bunch of stares, some who recognized us too; when we walked passed one girl she voiced out the victory melody AHAHA and another person said our costumes were really accurate! yayz) when Reno and i were done, we went to skytrain and Alex and Kuri were waiting for us there. Kuri decided to leave and hte rest of us went to my place as i changed out into something more comfy (alice in wonderland) and got together stuff for my dads. We went to the parade together. As Alex was phoning his mom to help get directions, he got nothing HAHA so we jsut followed the big crowd of costumed people. On our way there, i saw guess who? Kenta! HAHA and his friend was wear really cute pink bunny ears HAHA but with super white makeup etc so physo bunny boy! HAHAHAHAHA when we got ot the parade, it took us awhile to locate Reno's friend. When we did we looked at some preformers. 2 really cool vampires were doing a slow act and one of them stared at me for 3minutes straight i kept staring but i started to laugh HAHA.

They also played some really cool creepy music. Later we joined the parade and marched around for about 20mins and got bored and walked to the side. We ran into a small pod of AE people. we had 2 ShinRa peopel which made me really wanna be kadaj again! XD; damn. Oh wellz, we went to eat adn get out of the rain. As we ate at this really small random place we looked at photos on Alex's computer and exchagned emails. Then Alex, Reno and i went to skytrain, Reno went back to Surry and Alex and i headed downtown to catch the 98 home. (he lives near my dads so he walked me there and bought me starbucks because its cold) so i got home around 11. Thats pretty early considering the previous 4 weeks haha

The next day dad phoned me becasue he was out; to wake me up. I looked at teh time was i freaked out because it was 12:16 and i was supposed to be at 70th and granville at 12;30 AHHHH but i just realized my phone didnt change yet and it was day light savings HAHA; so i got ready and made it on time. Clover didnt come because she had a test T__T; oh wellz more fun for Khea and I haha. We went to richmond and there were alot of little kids dressed up it was quite cute. We took lots of purikura in parker and im soo happy with them. Also Boyang went into the photobooth and did ALOT of photos of me wiht the nice white background ^__^. I bought a skirt in parker. But i had work that day so i had to leave early. Khea also came with me because she was meeting up with someone in dowtown ^_^ but i left my purchuse and 8 dollars by the sticker booth T_T so i had to run back for it and i was in a hurry to get to work. i got there just a tiny bit late and i got changed Phew. not too bad. I had a pretty good day, Our district manager came in and i served him quite kindly so that was good! and i didnt do floors that day so i didnt fall on my ass XD; but i did fall off the icecream bench XD haha. two sets of japanese customers came in and i got to talk to them in japanese it was pretty fun also om my break i talked to the konbinya store clerk in japanese too that was soo cool (of course VERY basic convo) So it was pretty dead so i started to do icecreams early and helped Joscelyne? do restalking. I had to climb up on the counter to get the seafoam =_= HAHA; but yea, pretty successful day. Whne i was on the skytrain i saw this guy whihc i saw before after work last week. I think he works in a resturant nearby. He strangly looks ALOT like kai from eclipsE haha. Anyway i got home and ate my dinner then went to bed.

Today.. uh nothing really happend today AHHA soo here ends my big fat entry XD OH i almost forgot i saw an old elementry school friend of mine today on the bus it was pretty cool! and apparently he works at earls on robson near my workplace we caught up a bit and he told me his expreiences at doomsday ( i was THINKING of going but no i had work the next day and i wanna be 100% normal)


* * *

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