Monday, October 30, 2006


've been pretty busy lately, so i havent had time to write; XD

Basically it was my first week of work last week. I WOULD go into full dept about it except i sort of forgotten LOL. So ill just say the highlights. On the first day Matthew showed us around and we got to serve customers etc. At the end of the day clover and i did icecream duty. (oh yea lots of sampling I loved it) and on our way out briging out hte garbage... i sliped and fell on my theigh =_=l now ive got a big deep bruise there. The most surprizing thing that day was that when matthew was explianing abuot stuff. he knocked over a chocolate witch on purpose it scared me to death! But he explained to us not to worry beacuse we can just remelt it and use it for other things XD; *phew*

While Matthew was explaining the merchandise to us (candy apples at that point) Masa and Khea peaked through the door and it made me soo happy! ^___^ thankyou for cheering us on Khea and Masa!!

On the 2nd day, things went pretty smoothly and i got to learn more about cashier and more used to things

On the 3rd day, it was pretty slow and Clover started to wave at peopel by the window. ^^;; the other girl got her to do dishes " She was just standing there waving at customers freakishly, so i got her to do the dishes in the back " (when i asked where clover was) Also during that day when i was ringing in a customer clover stood EXTREEMLY close to me and was looking over my shoulder. That made me feel quite uncomfortable and then she started pushing stuff for me! i was quite annoyed because i was getting confused and i got her to stop it but made her push something else so we had to error it out =_=ll. I kinda scolded her a bit (sorry about that; just that when one is ringing a customer plz give me some space otherwise i might mess it up' [i didnt even have enough room to move my elbow it was soo close]) When closing I was on mop duty that day. guess what? being a clutz that i am, i sliped and fell on my ass this time -_- it hurt SOO MUCH! so clover took over for me to finish the last little bit infront of the ice cream. She was swishing it from side to side gently wiping the floor. I told her she should scrumb at it and she told me no, this is the professional way! and i told her, it wont get clean like that! and she told me who tell u to do it like this (does it the way ur supposed to). The manager~ well she wasnt trained right this is the professional way. this went on for about 3mins and then i got fed up and gave up. (basically they only time they mop like that is in the movies, or when thier finishing off the floor after they scrubed at it~) so to top off my day; When i get home i talk to some people on msn. I find out that the guy i liked has a gf! oh damn.. ok, but the worst part about it was that they JUST got together a week ago -_-ll that bitez, its the 2nd time that happend in 3 weeks and 3rd time this year.

[insert on how i came to like this guy] Basically hes about average looking, but for soem reason i really like being around him. I also LOVe the way he pats my head. Theres only one other person who patted my head like that (and if u read previous journal entries; its someone whom ive liked alot ) Most people pat my head like a dog. hand in front and pat. Whereas he and _____ pats my head by reaching around from behind my head and patting (kinda like a protective gesture) it was so sweet. Thers lots of other little things that i dont feel like typing cuz im lazy XD But now he has a gf. At first i was fed up of all these guys getting taken and im getting there a week late each time so i said "WHO CARES ABOUT COUPLES I DONT CARE ANYMORE IM GOING TO STEAL HIM JUST CUZ IM ANGERY" but then im a bit over that now, and more of a "see how it goes" attidude like usual ^_^

But around this time; i started to REALLY enjoy listening to Jrock full time again. (i would listen to a 50/50 pop and rock but now im back into heavy rock) Its kinda funny because wiht my appareance; if one were to randomly take out my headphones nad listen they;d be like wtf??? hahaa

Weekend part 5- OMG non alcholic!
Starting on Friday, i went downtown to get an apron. I also peaked into dressew to see if i wanted anything and i ran into Kenta again (the guy i met last time i went to dressew) he was looking for a costume but he couldnt find anything he wanted. I got my apron and i was phoning people up to see whats up for the weekend. Khea had her dads b-day party. Clover has this "person's " b-day party (in which i find out that she was also at Khea's dads b-day party >.> ) So calling Kaz Kaz and Chuping was celebrating Chupings 25th b-day and then going halloween party in whihc was too full to accomadate. On top of that all Vip including Masa goes to Hotsprings so even if there WAS room for me at the kaz and chuping party, i would probally not go because clover and khea arent there and ive only met kaz and chuping once. So Masa had to be at least there for me to consider it but he wasnt so Ok, lets plan something else. I bumped into Mei at Dressew and asked if shes going to FF shoot but she wastn so i was like.. ahh ok, screw it im not going to go richmound and get those silver pens in which i needed to color my wig to go to the photoshoot. BUT after i finished all my calling, i was on the skytrain home and so i decided OK ill go afterall.. nothing else to do and i dont want my halloween sat to go to waste!

So when i got home we went to Asakusa's for dinner and then i went to metro to get those silver sharpies at grand and toy. On my way out metro had a black out! crazy.l i was trying on a coat at that point and it was like wtf. how come the lights turned off?i saw all the shop clerks scrabbling to get thier gates shut so they dont get looted. So i put back that pretty white jacket and left. On my way out i was spotted by Masa's very tall white friend (CHQ masa, not robson masa) we talked for a bit and then i called my mom and they were just finising thier drinks at Asakusas so i ran back ot the resturant and hitched a ride home. I worked on my wig and my apron and bow til 2am.

On saturday; i got ready and went to the photoshootl. Yes there werent many, and yes there werent much ffac T_T made me sad, kadaj isnt much without his posey. BUT anyway, the axel turned out to be a Reno~ yAY~ it was the same awsome reno who judged one of the walk off rounds! ^___^ she was soo cool! shes exactly like him! soo damn cool. we headed out and did the photoshoot in central park. Had lots of fun! and she lent me the org13 cloak and i became riku HAHA! afterwards we went to metro to get food. after that Reno and i went to take purikura and the rest headed off the parade of lost souls early. (while in metro we got a bunch of stares, some who recognized us too; when we walked passed one girl she voiced out the victory melody AHAHA and another person said our costumes were really accurate! yayz) when Reno and i were done, we went to skytrain and Alex and Kuri were waiting for us there. Kuri decided to leave and hte rest of us went to my place as i changed out into something more comfy (alice in wonderland) and got together stuff for my dads. We went to the parade together. As Alex was phoning his mom to help get directions, he got nothing HAHA so we jsut followed the big crowd of costumed people. On our way there, i saw guess who? Kenta! HAHA and his friend was wear really cute pink bunny ears HAHA but with super white makeup etc so physo bunny boy! HAHAHAHAHA when we got ot the parade, it took us awhile to locate Reno's friend. When we did we looked at some preformers. 2 really cool vampires were doing a slow act and one of them stared at me for 3minutes straight i kept staring but i started to laugh HAHA.

They also played some really cool creepy music. Later we joined the parade and marched around for about 20mins and got bored and walked to the side. We ran into a small pod of AE people. we had 2 ShinRa peopel which made me really wanna be kadaj again! XD; damn. Oh wellz, we went to eat adn get out of the rain. As we ate at this really small random place we looked at photos on Alex's computer and exchagned emails. Then Alex, Reno and i went to skytrain, Reno went back to Surry and Alex and i headed downtown to catch the 98 home. (he lives near my dads so he walked me there and bought me starbucks because its cold) so i got home around 11. Thats pretty early considering the previous 4 weeks haha

The next day dad phoned me becasue he was out; to wake me up. I looked at teh time was i freaked out because it was 12:16 and i was supposed to be at 70th and granville at 12;30 AHHHH but i just realized my phone didnt change yet and it was day light savings HAHA; so i got ready and made it on time. Clover didnt come because she had a test T__T; oh wellz more fun for Khea and I haha. We went to richmond and there were alot of little kids dressed up it was quite cute. We took lots of purikura in parker and im soo happy with them. Also Boyang went into the photobooth and did ALOT of photos of me wiht the nice white background ^__^. I bought a skirt in parker. But i had work that day so i had to leave early. Khea also came with me because she was meeting up with someone in dowtown ^_^ but i left my purchuse and 8 dollars by the sticker booth T_T so i had to run back for it and i was in a hurry to get to work. i got there just a tiny bit late and i got changed Phew. not too bad. I had a pretty good day, Our district manager came in and i served him quite kindly so that was good! and i didnt do floors that day so i didnt fall on my ass XD; but i did fall off the icecream bench XD haha. two sets of japanese customers came in and i got to talk to them in japanese it was pretty fun also om my break i talked to the konbinya store clerk in japanese too that was soo cool (of course VERY basic convo) So it was pretty dead so i started to do icecreams early and helped Joscelyne? do restalking. I had to climb up on the counter to get the seafoam =_= HAHA; but yea, pretty successful day. Whne i was on the skytrain i saw this guy whihc i saw before after work last week. I think he works in a resturant nearby. He strangly looks ALOT like kai from eclipsE haha. Anyway i got home and ate my dinner then went to bed.

Today.. uh nothing really happend today AHHA soo here ends my big fat entry XD OH i almost forgot i saw an old elementry school friend of mine today on the bus it was pretty cool! and apparently he works at earls on robson near my workplace we caught up a bit and he told me his expreiences at doomsday ( i was THINKING of going but no i had work the next day and i wanna be 100% normal)


* * *

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend-part 4

SOo bored for the first part of saturday! so i hanged around hte house for a long time and ate dinner before I left for the first party of the night in downtown. When i was on the skytrain a group of overweight white ppl and some overweight naitives were SOO loud and obviuously drunk. They started to piss me off alot. But then i definatly wasnt the only one. Everyone around them were either laughing at them or showing a look of distaste. When a bunch of people left the train on broadway, they sat around me -_ll I thought they would leave at mainstreet but they didnt. ok. but then maybe at staduim.. nope.. damn.. haha well they did get off. but guess what? same station -_-ll so i just walked faster to avoid them.

When I met up with Khea and Clover; we went to Masa's house and then we walked to the liquor store. On our way, Khea took Tetsu's wallet because it looked soo easy to pick pocket it. When we were waiting for Masa at the atm we asked of Tetsu had a bank card and he looked for his wallet. Oh-no, its not there! So we were acting as if we didnt know and when he was deciding to walk back to Masa's to check Khea brought it out and told him to be more careful because if she can take it anyone pretty much can. While we were walking we saw a school bus of japanese schoolboys! and we were looking at them and i guess the teacher heard me say "theyre kidna cute" and he said theyre too young for you guys~ (im like wtf, im in highschool too! ) When we got to the Liquor store, khea and i waited outside and clover masa and tetsu went in to buy some champane and beer. Appearently someone thought Clover was 24!! hahaha.After that we got a cab and went over to KJ's. We were REALLY early and there wasnt anyone there. SO we waited outside by the water. While we were there, to pass time we arm wrestled. I beat clover, and khea, and both of them at the same time. Masa beat me after a bit of a struggle and Tetsu beat me.

When we got into Kj's place, there werent anyone but us there for a bit, then they started to trickle in. But about 30-40mins later than usaul. Clover and Khea drank some champane and i had some too but my cup was leaking so i was like -_-ll i give up and clover too it. She started to get drunk @_@; I looked out the window to see my way to the skytrain from where we are. I saw Gm place so i was like YES i can figure out my way from just looking out the window! Anyway to make it easier for mom, (earlier i called and gave number and address ) at 9:37 i told her that im leaving kj's. We ACTUALLY left at 10:26pm. I took clover and we headed to the skytrain. She was tispy but i kept a good hold of her. As we walked we talked about stuff and YES unlike most of my friends im not directionally challenged( i only realized this quite recently; ) and i found my way to staduim station without much problem. Just asked directions 2x just to make sure but i already knew.

Along the way at 10:20 i called mom and said im at Jackies. (address and number given beforehand). On the skytrain I saw a bunch of my old English 12 honnors classmates. They had alot of left over food which was great! because clover was starving and i was like hey a little more food will help my tolorence~ so yea ^__^ we ate on the skytrain.

We arrived at 29th and Jackie picked us up this was around close to 11:00. We ended up going to someone elses house at kingsway and Victoria. Jackie went to pick up some other girl so we waited as the rest of them were playing warcraft. I called mom at 11:28 saying we're going leaving party, then called at 11:52 saying we got to clover's house. When Jackie came back we started to play some drinking games. They were pretty fun. One was a hand predicting game that i learned abuot 2weeks earlier, another one was pick a card and put it on ur head, and add how acohol to the cups and when theyre done who ever has the lowest card has to drink (you dont know how high your card is ), then clover and jackie played 10 rounds of highest card. then we played this very interesting game. We spred out the deck and each card represents something. A-5 is drawer has to drink, 6 is make a new rule, 7 is nothing, 8 is put ur thumb on the table and last to do it has to drink, 9 is bathroom break, 10 is.. i forgot i think its if you swear you have to drink, J- is you ask someone a question and if they answer they have to drink, Q- is pick someone to drink, K- is everyone drinks. That was pretty interesting~

Since clover was already kind of buzzed, she required me to stay sober so she kept taking my drinks. (-_-ll though i wanted SOME~~ T_T i know my limit and its not as bad as it was when i was drinking the first time; increased quite a bit, but she wasnt around for the last one so she didnt know) so in the end she got drunk and i took care of her... no matter how many times she hit me in the head with hers, (its as hard as harry's guitar! ) and how many times she spilled drinks on me, and how many times she asked if she could kiss me haha. It was all fun. Around 3:30ish Clover's friend Benson picked us up. Clover didnt want to go home because she was still quite drunk so we went to Bensons for awhile to sober up; then we went home (clovers home). Her mom was quite mad so clover was best not to go to richmound with me.

Today i kept calling Cindy but she wasnt picking up T__Tl so i ended up staying at clovers and I didnt go to richmound to find a coat. Maybe me and clover go tmr ^_^. and we sat and talked alot ^_^ restful sunday.. So it was a sandwich of boringness/relaxing, hardpartying, then ended off with a soft ending.

Await next week, for weekend part-5 ^__^

Friday, October 20, 2006

Relaxing Pampered Friday

Today we dont have school. So i was chatting away til about 5am in the morning with lots of people while watching teh rest of Ouran. (i was talking to masa til 5am because he came on about .. 3? haha [not downtown masa])

I was talking to Lin for the most part at first and she mentioned to me that she wanted a job. I told her that Robson street is hiring like crazy but to hurry up because they will be finished hiring soon. So she sent me her resume and i fixed it up for her.

At 2pm i met up with her and made some copies at staples. I walked with her catching up on some stuff as we went to store to store. (i stood outside while she hands it in ) i went in to a couple stores with her. One was Armani becuase Jackie might be working there so i introduced her to him. Then the other place was some eye glass store that has a the guy who always helps my mom for her frames. So i introduced her to him too. And then Le Chateau i saw one of my old elementry school friends; Emma. HAHA talked for a bit and yea. There was this beautiful white furry coat i wanted to buy but.. they only had XL =_=;;

Yea this was a real day off for me. Unlike when i usaully go out to robson hanging with Lin is quite relaxing. After resume handing (oh and she got called right away for interview for somewhere... at 6 on sunday soo congrats! ) we went to Mike's workplace; (mike is her bf/fiancie) Elements nail spa. I got my nails done as we chatted some more and made plans for Newyears. ^__^ so i got soo pampered today. and now i have pretty nails~ yays~

Afterwards we ate vietnamese noodles and went home. They got off at 29th and when i left at joyce a couple brown guys said *hey sexy* i kinda laughed and kept walking *they kept whistling but i just walked faster* and when i was waiting for my mom to come pick me up at joyce i saw Sam (shintaro from japanese class) and Stuart (AE stuart ng) apparently he just moved in with his gf and that he actually lives only 2 blocks away from me.

Though i didnt have much sleep, i feel soo relaxed and my fingers feel SOO CLEAN AND SOFT AND.. WOW and they smell like pinicollata. XD hahahaha

* * *

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend part-3

3rd eventful weekend in a row~

Friday just didnt seem like one of those days that would work out but i guess we tried? After school Soh-jung, clover and i went to Robson with Ryan (korean guy i met at joyce) we got really bored nothing to do and it being so cold, we sat at starbucks looking at people.

Afterwards Clover had to go to her friends house for a (really weird reason), and Soh-jung had to go home to prep for her grad photos. I got a call from Rocky Moutain and HMV to shedual in a interview so i had to go home and get some interview clothes. When i was walking to the skytrain, I cant remember if i phoned clover or clover phoned me, but anyway i got to talk to this famous Jenny that ive been hearing soo much about. Then i got to talk to this guy named David who claimed to be Clovers bf, and then i sed to him, no, your lying because IM clover's bf. HE told me that i sounded like a girl and i replied "I find that quite insulting, just because i sound feminine doesnt make me a girl" he asked my name and i sed AKira adn he asked me how to spell it -_-ll and of course i spelt it very casually becuase its an easy one. HAHA this went on for awhile. total nonsese but it kepted me busy while i was walking. When i got to Metro i looked around and i saw this gruop of nammers, i think theyre all younger than me like gr10 or something. But one was SOO CUUTE! lol but just admireing he looks too young, but yea; he'd prolly grow up to be very handsome.I was SUPPOSED to watch grudge2 with Jackie and his friends, but i got to metro they werent showing up. and i kept trying to get through to him on his phone but he wasnt picking up.

So i went to CHQ to kill some time, and i met this guy named Masa playing ddr; He was SOO Good. He was talking to me keeping me company while i was thinking of how im going to kill those guys. LOL just joking. after a while i started to get worried and less mad. I hope they didnt get into a car accident, its not like them not to call... At around 10:30; Masa, asked for my email; and i went to the movie theater to see if MAYBE there was something wrong with thier phone; and that they were waiting there. But as soon as i got up there they annouced that grudge has been sold out so i was like ok... and i went home

On saturday; i met up with clover and khea, and we hanged out for a bit before my first interview with rocky mountain. The inteview lasted 30mins; and i really liked the manager he was soo kind. After the interview he offered me the job. I asked if i could have a day to decide. and yea, i left off really happy. ^___^ so then i called Khea and Clover to see where they are at. They said Zara "near aritzia clover says; but that'd throw ppl off, because thats on the next block..." So when i got there, Clover was kinda hugging the wall... i was like wha? Then i found out that Clover twisted her ankle on the incline at the entrance/exit.

So she called some friends to get her home, and khea and i were talking to her at the same time, trying to say that we have to get her out of zara's store front because we cant stay there, and we'd have to move to kazu's house or something. It got really hectic til Clover told me to shutup in the same tone she yells at her parents. Khea and i exchanged glaces kind of like wtf? I crossed my arms, in a kind of pissed given up kind of feel. After some more logical reasoning we convinced Clover we have to relocate her at least SOMEWHERE. So we took to a bus stop to wait for her friend (her friend is going through great lenghts to come get her) We waited with her. I went to starbucks and got her a bag of ice. Too bad we didnt have a bottle of fragrance because nearby someone threw up =_-;;.

Around 3:45, i went to my second interview at HMV. This interview didnt go too well... first there was a little quiz in which i couldnt really answer any of hte questions. This is the problem when you've been out of sync with english music for 6yrs... I said ah.. um.. too many times and ended up repeating myself. yea.. didnt go well at all. Afterwards i changed my pants to a skirt and met up with khea. (clover alreayd got picked up).

Khea and i went through our phone books, and tried to find someoen to hang with but no provail... we ended up walking up and down robson soo many times. I kept noticing, OMG EVERYONE is out with thier girlfriends that day, (this is also when i found out that Jackie, has a girlfriend; when i called and found out that he left his phone in pat's car and thats why he couldnt contact me ) Also.. another wierd thing was that i felt soemthing was trying to knock us down by the feet. I kept unexpectingly tripping on stuff, but i caught on and was extra careful afterawhile. But poor clover already got knocked down.

At around 6:30 or so i convinced Khea to phone Masa (now this isnt the same masa as CHQ) and we went to his house. after that, we went to a VIP party (Vancouver International People ) and we got to meet lots of new ppl it was fun. but we had to leave because we had another party to go to. That party was cancelled when we found out we went to Gyoza king to eat. Masa treated us to dinner. Appearently the party was a roof top party and the reason why it was cancelled was obviously from the rain.

We went back to Masa's place to find that there were already a bunch of people in the house along with roomates Chu Ping and Kazu. We ended up playing drinking games all night. It was very fun. There were 11 in total. 3? cantonese guys (i sort of forgot thier names) 1 taiwanese (chu), 3 japanese guys (Masa, Kazu, Tetsu), 3 japanese girls (Mina, Yuri, Natsumi), Khea and I.

We played "Minority, Majority" (im really too lazy to explain each game, theres 3 of them), This one i dont know the name but ill call it Chu Ping Naha Naha, and tako...(something) Ki Ki Ki? (i sort of forgot how it went). They were really fun, at first i was really good at the games and didnt have to drink, but as the night went through i got a bit more tierd and i started to loose AHA. Yuri, Natsumi and Khea were espeically loosing at the naha naha game, beucase they tended to be talking to someone and werent paying attention LOL. i started to loose closer to the end mostly because i couldnt tell where ppl are pointing at. BUt most of all i think i started to loose at the last game haha. But yea,, of course i couldnt go home drunk so Khea and I slept over.

This morning, i went home around 11:30ish, i didnt have an umbrella so when i walked from granville and 10th? i got kinda soaked. Winnie phoned me if i STILL wanted to go to frabricana, and i said i HAVE to. We missed the 407 that appreantly comes once an hr. -_-ll we both didnt have umbrellas.. so i got really soaked.. it was eqlivalent to the time in December when i got lost in the rain LOL. When we finally got there (10blocks later) i looked for a long time to find the patterned i needed and then looked for a VERY VERY long time for the fabric i was going to choose.. i orginally wanted a white and pink plaid but like i really nice one, but i coudlnt find anything, so i though ok, maybe just something with a nice design in pink.. no i couldnt find that either, so i decided with a champange colored cloth.... that was very expensive XD; but in the end i think my 40 dollars spend on materials, will end up looking like something alot more because i didnt skimp on anything.

* * *

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I Don't know why but yesturday and today i was soo tierd. Today it was soo bad i couldnt wake up! so i decided to set my alarm to one hr later so i miss my first class; but i was STILL tierd. SO i slept on... i acutally thought i got out of bed and told my mom that im sleeping in so she doesnt disturb me but when i actually did wake up; i asked her and she said i didnt. then i realized i was dreaming it. HAHA

I finally woke up at around 10:30am. I wasnt TOO awake, but i thought i should get up and go to school for the japaense skit. I was planning on getting there by start of lunch but i was moving so slowly i got there right on time for the next class. (almost 5mins late).

We did the skit and it was great ^_^ (hope this shows up; Candy=Roy Mustang FMA, Wendy= Kadaj FF7 Advent Children. And Me= Nana Komatsu NANA/interviewer )

[[Interviewer]] いっらしゃい~!
[[Roy]] ええと、すみません、マクドナルドではたら働きたいですけど・・・…
[[Kadaj]] あ!わたし私もマクドナルドにつと勤めたいだ!
[Roy + Kadaj] *glares at each other*
[[Interviewer]] *sweat drop* そうですか・・・…じゃ、わたし私はちょうかわい超可愛くてきれい綺麗でピカピカの小松奈々で、ここのマナジャーです~!
[[Roy]] マイスウィトハニーなな奈々ちゃん、わたし私はおんな女がたくさんあ会います。でも、だれ誰でもはなな奈々ちゃんほどきれい綺麗じゃありません。わたし私はもうあなたをあい愛しました。
[[Interviewer]] は、はい?
[[Kadaj]] ふん、母さんはよりきれい綺麗だ。
[[Interviewer]] ええ・・・…さあ、インタビューをはじ始まりましょう。みんなのなまえ名前は?
[[Roy]] ロイ・マスタングです。でも、ロイだけもいいです、あい愛くるしいおじょう嬢さん~
[[Interviewer]] はあ、ロ、ロイさん。じゃ、このぎんぱつ銀髪のおとこ男、おなまえ名前は?
[[Kadaj]] むち無知の人間、カダージュだ。おまえ前はカダージュさま様をよ呼んでもいい。
[[Interviewer]] *veins popping* …ええと、なぜマクドナルドにつと勤めたいですか。
[[Roy]] ホークアイちゅうい中尉が “わたし私はむのう無能じゃない” のこと事をみ見せたいです!!!ガーァ!まだわたし私はゆうのう有能だ!ゆうのう有能だ!ハンバーガーをつく作れます!!!!
[[Interviewer]] だいじょうぶ大丈夫か?まだくすり薬をの飲んでいませんか。
[[Kadaj]] *smirk* あたま頭をき切って、すべ全てがよ良くなります。でも…もうい生きていませんよ!*insert evil laughter* 母さん、ま待ってくだ下さい、すぐにせかい世界はおれたち俺達のて手にある!*insert more evil laughter here*
[Roy] ま、ま待って!おれ俺はほのお焔のれんきんじゅつし錬金術師で、だいそうとう大総統になって!もちろんせかい世界はおれ俺のて手にある!
[Kadaj] *takes out sword* ふん、おれ俺のけん剣にもういちどい一度言って!*points sword at Roy*
[Roy + Kadaj] *weee, fight scene?* XDDD
[Interviewer] もう、みんなと止めなさい!あっ、わたし私の…わたし私のみせ店・・・!…!*slaps Roy and Kadaj*
[Roy + Kadaj] あ??
[Interviewer] おまえたち前達は…さいてい最低だ!

It was pretty funny lol My sensei loved it. haha
So basically i went to school for one class, and i droped by for art in my free block because i was feeling like going to school for ONE class was a bit bad. We also got our go-cards today.. i wasnt too happy wiht the angle on my picture; made my face look fatter than it already is T_T. I talked with Kinny while she waited for her mom and then went off to home.

While waiting for the bus, i saw a familer face across the street. We kinda looked at each other with the "i think i know that person" look. Appearently he was taking hte same bus as me so when he came over he asked me "do you remember me" "i think so... you used to live in Rogers house right (hamu roger) " and he said yea, but i moved out. We caught up on some stuff and i found out OMG he lives REALLY near me, one bus stop away from mine. hes been livign there for awhile funny how we never saw each other 0_o (his name is charlie)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ribbons and Lace

For some reason i was REALLY TIERD today. Even though all my fun was like 2 days ago LOL. I didnt actually feel awake til after i took a 30min nap in my 3rd class. haha

The bags are due next class in textiles, and i finally decided what im going to do with it. Im going to put lace and ribbon on it ^_^ and i also took it home to bleach some parts out and rip it like old jeans ^__^.

On my way to dressew 2 japanese guys passed me and looked at me, when they were at the corner of the street, they started to talk to me. LOL they walked me a couple blocks to dressew and then i said goodbye to them. the one who talked to me most name was Kenta. Though he wasnt cute enough for me to ask for further contact. (also i think i was just still a bit tierd, and didnt feel like conversing as much as usual)

LOL now, my fingers are full of bleach i think i should wash them dont you think?

Monday, October 9, 2006

Day of old connections

Today i went to metro with elle to take purikura, there i saw this girl i met on saturday, ( a bunch of ppl from school ) daigo and alex? from my old school, of course shawnna in CHQ, Roger and April at teh food court and then when i went on the 41 bus i saw another 2 people from my old school; Hugo and this girl who also went on the Japan trip2005.LOl cool ne?

(on the side note, April wanted me to hang with her and hamu, but even though i sorta wanted to, i didnt wanna break plans with yuji AGAIN, it woudl be rude. And so when i left the food court, SHE SCARED ME. i felt someone grab my ass. I was like WTF HOLY SHIT! scared me soo much. man, i nearly slaped her that was some tight grab >.<, no, i didnt punish her, but just because u are a girl dont mean i dont mind~ )

Anyways, i went to Yujiroh's house today. Since tutor took awhile longer he picked me up in a cab, and when i got to his place i got to see Roger's (again not hamu)room. Lol lots of chocolate @_@; He had to go out though so after that i went downstairs to Yujiroh's room. We looked over some of his english stuff, and i helped him with the reading comprehension.

After that, we were talking alot. About our exs LOL~ i wont go in depth but as a summary he still likes his exgf and that its hard for him to find another girl (no he wasnt rejecting me, and neither am i going for him; because I too understand its hard to find someone after your first love)

then we took a taxi to 41st and he waited with me for the bus, and i went home. I sorta wanted to go to hamu's bandpratice. but oh wells maybe next tiem ^_^

Saturday, October 7, 2006

A Lolita Friday

Today Khea, Clover and I dressed in lolita ^_^. (yes, in school too). Apparently one of Khea's old friends is in my dance class and so i told her that khea is coming to visit. So when Khea arrived i took her to Kinny's class and they caught up on 2yrs of not seeing each other

Afterwards, Clover, Khea, Soh-Jung and I went to Metrotown to take purikura. When we were in the washroom we met a pretty girl named Iris who really liked out dresses and in fact wanted to do lolita too ^__^. so when we got out of hte washroom, we all took purikura together. ^__^

Afer purikura, seeing Jake, getting Khea's pictures developed, we went downtown. We walked around for awhile and ate icecream. At 6, Khea went to look a potiental apt for rent while clover and i sat and talked (Khea didnt want us to see before she decides) While we were waiting around, a ugly hispanic? i ono mix of somesort >.> came by and asked us if we would like to go to have dinner and go to a bar with him and his friends later. He was friendly, but not someone id like to hang with LOL clover gave him a fake number and he went off. When Khea came back she said that she wants to buy it so im realy excited for her.

Not knowing what to do and not wanting to go home yet, Each of us (though mostly Khea and I) looked through our phones to see who we can hang out with. In the end it was one of my contacts; the newest one i made yesturday LOL. As we were walking to the b-line stop to go to karaoke in Richmound, we passed by Boys CO, and there was a man and a couple of ladies in PJ on a Bed posing and looking out from the window, they invited us in to a private event. It was about jay Lennen? (dont know how to spell) apparently it's his b-day. We went in and looked at the photographs, drank a bit of white whine (they gave it to us) and wrote a sticky note about peace (it was encouraged)CLover and Khea ate a piece of cake (i didnt feel like having any).

On the Bus, clover was kinda buzzed. and there were a couple of drunk white guys kinda harrasing a poor asian guy wiht a furry hat. it was soo mean the guy was soo shy and didnt know how to react... For some reason i dont know HOW this happend but clover ended up leaning to the side, and then somewhat pushing me off the seat and she landed on me.. -_-ll i ended up on the floor of the bus, and she couldnt get off -_-ll i was there for like 7mins? -_-lll eww dirty floor! Clover really didnt want to come with us to karaoke becuase she dont like honger guys and that she doesnt like karaoke.

When we got into richmound Jackie gave us directions, and soon enough we were there. We sang some karaoke but not many songs because i didnt know many that was on that machine. But the ones we did sing was something by Ayumi, another random girl, Close to you? W-inds and Last song- Gackt. Khea and I had fun ^_^. The guys were SOO GOOD at karaoke it was amazing!!!

When i got home my mom gave me another lecture on how im supposed to have researched the stupid bus shedual. -_-ll like wtf. and blah blah blah.. i sort of forgotten about 70 of it, all i remember its kinda stupid overprotective junk that a 17.5yr old doesnt need.

So tommorrow, im going to go Downtown, to hand in my resume at Armani Exchange, and maybe meet up wiht Yujirou and Roger for dinner.

* * *

Lies in order to have fun

Jackie told me to phone him at 12pm before i go to Armani Exchange. But he told me that he JUST got home LOL apparently they didnt sleep haha. He said hes not going to work today and that they will be going to downtown so if i wanna hang out then we can meet up. (yea, becaues 3 hrs is alot to kill in downtown by urself... -_-)

But when i finished getting ready i phoned agan, they were at metro so i went to metro instead to meet up with them. (btw, i didnt tell my mom i was planning to meet up with them)On my way to metro a Korean guy named Ryan asked me for directions for stanly park he was quite kind, and we exchanged numbers?

So when i arrived at metro i met up with John and Jackie then Jason came, (wow triple J)we walked around a bit and then we went to lunch. My mom told me to call her at 3 so i did. I told her "Hey, i want to check something out at metro and i ran into the guys i met on thursday, im going to have lunch with them. Then she told me sure, but remember dont go to their house etc. etc. dont leave the mall or something like that" Anyways, we ate at crystal mall, and yea, i only had a 20 but Jason only had a 100 so he paid and the others payed him their portion. -_-ll but i didnt have change, and i was trying ot figure out how to do this and he told its ok, dont worry about it. So i thanked him a couple of times ^_^

Afterwards we went to CHQ, and then walked around the mall for a bit longer. We went into a few shops and they were looking at clothes. Jason and Jackie each bought a jacket. LOL its great to hang with guys who a. have a fashion sense, b. who likes to shop almost as much as i do

Then we went out on the roof of metro to smoke (not me but them). there were a group of 3 idiotic white ppl that sort of pissed us off. anyways, they were talking about thier plans for tommorrow, and they were going to victoria. They said that thier friend Ken asked if he could go but they said no. i asked why and apparently the guy is really bad about lent money lol.. he owes them each a few hundread.

Anyway, we werent supposed to go up there and a cop came. He told us we werent supposed to be up there as we were coming down the stairs but Jackie said but there are 3 kids up there smoking weed. and they cop turned his attention to them "what theyre still there?"

( i phoned Yuji and broke plans, because i wasnt going to go downtown)

We went to starbucks after, and they asked me if i wanted to drink anything. Me not being one to drink coffee said no. When they got thier drinks, Jackie passed me a caramel cappicino. i was like who is this for? he told me that he ordered it for me. I thought he was jokeing, but ok. I tried it and it was really good! he told me its his favorite and thought i might like it.\

We walked around some more after. and then we were gettign a bit bored. So they were going to go to Jackie's house. i was like damn i wanna go~ but mom told me i couldnt. BUT apparently he only lives 2 blocks away from Edmunds. So i thought about it ok i think i shall try.

We went to jackies house and they played a drinking game (with beer can). It was fun to watch. Jackie lost lol. After that, we went out on the balcony and the WOW the view is soo beautiful i could see the entire city from there. (its a penthouse) Jason was talking about a tattoo he wanted and he payed me 25 dollars to design it XD.

We went the main floor to play some pool. We i walked by i was like omg soo pretty, its a swimming pool. then there excersise room and then theres a room where there are pool tables and a pingpong table. John taught me to how to play. At around 8. i phoned my mom and said we went to all you can eat at shu sha ya metro (its good to know your resturants when lying) all you can eat. we played a few rounds til 9. and we went up to put things away. I told Jackie i need to eat something because... when i go home i cant eat anything due to that it wouldnt make sense to my lie. So he gave me some fried rice. I ate it quickly, and they went to skytrain with me so they can meet up with thier friends to see departure ( i wanted to see too but it starts at 10:45 so it was too late)

So when we got to metro station i waved goodbye and stayed on the train, while i called my mom and said" hey im at metro station im heading home now" I arrived at Joyce, and mom was there a few minutes later. She didnt suspect anything ^_^ XD; -_-ll oh wells so i lied quite alot. but its for her, i mean i could tell these guys are nice guys and im not in danger, so her not knowing makes her worry less and gives me more fun. I also didnt tell her that we went karaoke with them last night, just said khea and clover.

I was going to maybe meet the korean guy tommorrow, but i decided against it, because i wanna see my dad, i have seen him for awhile and since his lion dance is in chinatown, it would be convient for me to drop off my resume at Armani tmr.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Robson St on a thursday

Today i was wearing my Fairyland silver SUPER PAINFUL shoes @@;; about after lunch i was feeling a bit sick to the stomache and wasnt sure if i could go with my friends to Downtown. But, I said, what the heck lets try it out (and also because of those shoes.. not sure how long i can last)

So after school, i met up with soh-jung and we went to her house first. We ate noodles afterwards we got on the skytrain to downtown to meet up wiht clover. While we were on skytrain we were talking about exboyfriends and how one (on each side) left a bit of an impact on us. LOL

When we finally got to granville station, we met up with clover and we walked as we browsed through shoe stores. We went to starbucks, and sat there for awhile watching people walk by because clover and i were kinda hurting. (our shoes are horrible for comfort. on a rating of 1-10 its a -5 for comfort though.. a definate 11 on aestetic value) I sorta wanted to go home because i wanted to work on the picture on my computer. Anyways, I called yuji after reciving a textmessage. We talked for a bit, and he told me to call Roger (again, not Hamu roger. Hamu roger i guess will be called Hamu for now on) because hes in downtown, so i did, but he alreayd was home by then LOL ok.. not much to do.. so we kept browsing through stores

When we went to an expensive shoe store, there were this group of guys who had nice hair. A few glances here and there, but yea. strangers, alkward right? they left after we left the store, i saw them smoking outside the store 0_0 oh cool theyre still here, so we starting walking again, and we went into Rench..? something? lol (FCUK) and then when we went out they were outside near it 0_oll ok.. we went into Guess, and looked around and sure enough they went in TOO! (lol this is just like the japanese guys at the bus stop last time) so browsing through clothes i saw this really cute jacket i wanted to try on so we went into the back where there are mirrors.

Soh-jung tried on this really sexy black dress, and clover tried on a short bright red jacket. I tried on this really soft furry white jacket. While contemplating on how WELL it looks on me (SOO PERFECT) and clover being soo mean by tempting me to hell about it.. the 249.00 price tag was just heartbreaking. Anyways, the guys happend to be trying on jeans! 0_0 ok, so there there too. haha. (Also it was hard on the jacket, because i got complements from couple ppl going 0_0 OMG that jacket is soo beautiful on u) so this guy named Pat asked me how do these pants look (he was thinking about them, his friends think its fine, but he think its too long) i said it looks nice, but a little too long.

So talking further, (just basic stuff, like name, what school etc) his friend jackie asked me if i was working. i said no, but im looking for a job. He asked me how would i like to go work at Armani? i was like 0_0 i would love too!!! i love armani. he told me he can help me out because he works there ~ yesh. haha anyways we exchanged phone numbers. XD and ending off with Clover "you are magical"

After that we walked a bit further, and then decided to go home because clover could not last a single step longer LOL. But i was in super pain too LOL. by the time Soh-jung and i were going downt the stairs on Burrard station, my feet were about to give way LOL...... so yea.. not MUCH of an improvement on clover (not to mention she walked more than me) but i was still able to walk. after the skytrain, my stepdad picked me up and we went to catus club for dinner. By then my feet were ok and i can walk again

So! tmr Clover, Khea and I are wearing full lolita so it will be FUN~~~~~

* * *

Monday, October 2, 2006

Weekend Almost Ghost Story

LOL. I've been wanting to write in this for the last 2 days but im sick so i was too tiered to write.

On Friday I went downtown with Clover and Khea. We walked around for awhile looking for Vicky's preasent. Afterwards we still didnt want to go home yet, so we tried to invite Yuji and Roger (not black caramel Roger) to karaoke but they couldnt make it so we went to thier area of town instead and drank some bbt. Later, I slept over at Khea's ^_^

On Saturday, Khea and I went to Clover's house before going to Vicky's Party. We arrived 5-10minutes before Clover because she walks soo slow >.>. At the party we watched Nana, and Clover and Eric had an eating contest. (Clover won? ) Also Eric, Ralph and umm.. this guy i forgot his name LOL. had to wear lolita dresses HAHA. At around 6 we took a walk and we saw Cindy and Berry? ( i call him keita because he looks like keita from LEAD) and i cleared up with Cindy that i wasnt ignoring her i just didnt see her when i went to Eric Hamber. LOL. yea.

We went to bbt, but i didnt buy anything because im short on cash. at around 8 Clover and headed to the fashion show. but we missed our stop so... we wandered around DT for a long time looking for a stop T__Tll then we were an hr late -_-ll. When we acutally got at the appropreiate stop, we decided to take the underpass because i dont feel like walking much more -_-l (to much walking LOL ) but we felt something kinda wierd. When we exited the underpass we saw a flash of light. It was green in the middle but white on the outside. We thought it was a camera BUT there was no one around. Maybe some metal spark>? but no. no metal around, just nature. Clover said it might have been a ghost. When we were walking in the Park we felt something wierd. (in a side note, when im sick im more receptive to feeling "sprits" like the time in the cemetery.. i could hardly breathe because of the heaveyness of "them") # please dont think im weird. But clover protected me with her golden aura. When we got out it was fine but it felt like that feelign like we just got edge out of a bad situation, and that they missed and were sort of upset.

When we got to granville island, it was too late everyone had already left and we couldnt find the location of the afterparty. so we sat for quite awhile singing songs and danceing a bit (well clover danced) We had to go pee..... SO we went to the granville island hotel. afterwards, a man was behind us and invited us to join thier highschool reuinion 0_0l wtf. we went in for a bit so that we MIGht be able to find out the location of the fashion show after party. He offered us drinks but we refused. (i also wouldnt know what to order, i just dont really like alchol) after 5 mintues we left and waited for Bill to pick us up.

When Bill finally came, Khea was there too ^_^. Since Bill had just got a new cell phone, he lost all his contacts. So we couldnt do much.. -_-ll so he suggested theres this scary path he found in richmound lets go for an adventure. We were all like YEA at first. but soon after clover said no. but Khea was like DEFINATELY. As we were driving through a long road without any people i felt like something was calling us to that path, same feeling as the park but hte anticipating strenght of this path was much stronger. Also doesnt this sound like the begining of a Horror movie? LOL on that topic we were joking around saying who would die first. We concluded that Khea would die first because shes the "I want a scare, its just fun, theres no real threat" character type. Bill will last to end or 2nd end because hes the token male. Clover will probally go next in the context of the group. because shes "Most cauticous, and protective" character. Most likely die of saving someone. I'd die 2nd or to the end, because in this case im a mid character. "nothing particular" But in a different larger group id quite likely die before clover, because i can also be classifield as the ditzy stupid type. or maybe not XD LOL

When we finally got to the path, Bill was asking if we shuold or not. (btw, clover wasnt scared it was more that she knows there soemthng there and she couldnt protect all of us) Bill was either way, Khea was for. Clover against. At this point clover was sending me HUGE vibes not to go. I sed so and Khea flicked her fingers and said here good vibes!!~ lets go. but her vibes were sizzled by Clovers Waves. I just put my arms in front of my face and said " i dont care, you guys decide"

Bill said that he will go another time and that if clover really didnt wanna go we wont. So we left. As the car was driving out, i looked behind and hte feeling is the same as the park, the same as the ending of a horror movie where u feel like u just left the house of doom. Afterwards, I slept over at Clovers house and we had a long talk about stuff.

Though normally, i dotn feel so much on this kind of thing, just a little, it hightens alot when im sick and in the wrong place and hte wrong time. This is why i can never go to teh cemetry when im sick or rather on a day where not many people are being visited. Because one time i had the flu, a weird day, black crows lined the sky and painted it black. It was my Grandpa's b-day. as we put flowers on the grave i felt like i was safe in that one square. but as we left the plot and into the car, The jealousy of the other "spirts" were overbearing, heavy and suffocating i started getting a major headache. Which went away completly after we left the cemetary.

On sunday we went to all you can eat sushi with Roger, Shogo and Yuji. LOL i was able to eat more than Clover LOL so i won last days contest in a way (says clover). For some reason i cried a bit later on in the day. I suddenly missed Harry and all his stupid childish gestures. *sigh* it will take awhile to get over it but i thik i can evetually. Even though it was short, it was a huge connection for me. Even though he isnt exactly the strongest guy and probally cant protect me to much of an extent, i always felt soo safe and right in his arms. I sort of.. really miss that, but i shall move on and find someone else. It will just take time as i said. And continuing when i got home, my mom yelled at me for not getting the cheque for child support from my dad. (i couldnt help it i didnt see him this weekend lol)

Today she snapped at me again, i sort of forgot why, shes always like that when it comes to money and school supplies etc. We had a one sided arguement about it. I just sat there and let her rip. Lately Ive been fighting more, but this time i think i just sat back, i wasnt in the mood to respond. She said some very hurtful things. and once again, "You should live with your father" subject happend again. and if she doesnt recive child support after im 18 then she will make me move. -_-ll stupid. But i shut it all out. is just same old same old. Im starting to "outgrow" her a bit. I feel like what she says isnt nessarly teh best anymore. Ive just kinda given up arguing and ill let her just bounce off it. Hopfully i dont have to move out because i need money for education and stuff. yea.. in the meanwhile ill just stick it out

Edit- OH that day was Oct1.. the day that harry and i met for the first time in person.. maybe subcounciously thats why i cried ? i dont know LOL XD;;; im such a weakling..