Monday, September 18, 2006

eqlipsE on air

Today, when i was signing out a scratch board tool from art class i noticed the date was sept18th. I was like hey... theres something happening on this day i cant really remember what.

When i got home i saw my note ive left for myself (on my computer screen, apparently thats the only way to get my attention) and remembered why sept18 is important. It was eqlipsE on Air at 7:30. I told my mom and stepdad and they said we can eat dinner at 6:00 so u can finish and listen to it in your room

Appearently we didnt end up eating dinner til 7:20 =_=ll so my parents said well we can turn it on while we eat dinner. I was listening contently as i ate my dinner and sorta minor head nodded? while i ate. My Step-dad was quite tierd today even though he half smiled i know he wasnt enjoying it but what does that matter to me? LOL what was great was my mom was in a good mood and she was acutally enjoying the music (she HATEs rock but today she was open to it) It was somewhat annoying that my stepdad was talkign SOO loud about gossip in our condo complex. =_=;; i had to tell him to be quite a bit because I cant quite here what the host and jin were saying.

I listend from beggining to end. It made me quite happy to see light brought on to vk to vancouver. and XD its soo cool to hear your friends play on radio XDD soo cool. I think jin made a great choice in which bands to showcase to give a sample of vk rock. (dir en grey, despires ray, sadies?, and rentrer en soi). They played my favorite RnS song too. (well one of my favorites).

*sigh* i wish there were more time in the day. because i really want to draw but theres only 15mins left til i have to go to bed T_Tl stupid school starting too early. And ive come to a realization that i only have 18 weeks to finish about 13 paitings (GOOD paitings) and 12 items of various styles for my AP exam T__Tll omg why does it happen in Febuary i need like LONGER time.

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