Saturday, February 23, 2008

Battle of the Bands

YESH I managed to get the day off to see VI'X's first performance. I know the 2nd is more important but this is the first one but I'm glad i can make it to both. The Show was really long. The winner was IO. Anyway it was quite an enjoyable show. VI'X was really awesome I was quite proud of them. I also met some of Tony's friends and yea we hanged for a bit. But afterwards I had to quickly leave to make it to Ruski's party. I ran across the feild of UBC and found there was a fence.. I managed to climb over it and land on my feet.. nearly breaking my shoes. I ran for the bus and got on. There was some cute Japanese guys on teh bus but i didnt bother talking to them. Anyway I made it to Ruski's party and there were ALOT of people again. I met many people there and alot of them liked my height. "Perfect for Japanese man" --apparently. The highlights were Kazuma from Ehime and Satoru from Tokyo

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